Monster NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones Candy : Spot on but are hardwired without mic

If you’ve got a large head, maybe give these a miss. It feels like geoff capes (in his 1980’s prime) is trying to crush my head. Other than that, amazing sound.

I think this is worth to buy.

Firstly, my headphones arrived 7 days ahead of schedule and in a box that made me feel unworthy. Genuinely, the box is so snazzy that i’m going to keep it. It seemed a shame to even take the headphones out of their home but i had to just to test the incredible sound. It says to break them in which i will be doing but as a massive d&b and dubstep fan, i had to try a sneaky bassy tune for my first experience. The sound is gloriousi have no idea how beats are any better than this and at a 5th of the price these headphones are the ones to buy.

Very powerful sound from such a small headphone.

Very comfortable the sound very clear and the base touch ur heart and make u feeling it.

Lovely sound from these top cans, was looking at beats but couldnt justify paying £130 or over to listen to music, got these for £49 delivered, bargain.

Brilliant sound for the price. Very flexible, you can best these till they are almost straight. Also cable is choice as it has on ear socket.

Item is wired and not not the jack with mic on it and to swap around to eat her side theses are hard wired to the one side which is the wrong side for me at the gym and when phone is in my pocket. But saying that the sound is as to be as expected spot on.

  • Excellent quality headphones
  • Spot on but are hardwired without mic
  • Buy these now!

Monster NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones Candy Red

Colour Name:Candy Apple Red  |  Customer Package Type:Standard Packaging
Product Description, On-Ear, Control Talk Universal – Candy Red

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Very good sound quality and well made headphones.

If you are familiar with monster, you’d like this product.

Great set of headphones and a great price £58 and what a terrific sound, i was well shocked. Bad news is my kids keep on taking them off me to use so i know what there next present will be.

I bought the refurbished headphones from el-marketplace. Although these are listed as refurbished, they appear to be new. The box is brown and labelled as ‘refurbished’ but also has the monster branded and states ‘demos station headphones’. I also own the full retail version of these and the sound quality appears to be identical. The only visible differences are that the lead is fixed, there’s no remote for any connected mobile ‘phone and the packaging is plainer. Good quality headphones whether refurbished or full retail.

  • Excellent quality headphones
  • Spot on but are hardwired without mic
  • Buy these now!

Monster NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones Candy Red

Features and Spesification

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  • Control Talk Universal controls your phone and your music
  • Delivers the punch you want from your music
  • Share your music with your friends with included Music Share Cable
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired