Coffee & Blogging Monthly Favourites | No.1

I used to be on the ball with creating Monthly Favourites themed posts, and they’re still a series of posts that I love to read by other bloggers too, but I found I was repeating myself month after month, so I stopped. However, I do still have some firm favourites which I love to rave about, so figured I’d start up a new series to suit me; Coffee & Blogging Monthly Favourites. These won’t take place on a monthly basis, but will just occur when I find myself switching up my most beloved products from time to time.Current Beauty Favourites 1

Benecos Mono Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz
Benecos are a natural makeup brand and have recently launched a few new products for their Autumn collection, which can be found in my latest natural makeup post. This is one of the new products for the collection and it is the prettiest eyeshadow to suit anyone! It’s not extremely pigmented, but it gives off this beautiful shimmer onto the eyelids and the colour payoff you do get is enough to brighten up the eyes. I wear this all over the lid on its own on the daily as it has the nicest finish and look – I just love it!

SOIGNÉ Nails in Ikat
This nail polish is also fairly new to me, but this brand of nail polishes is now a new favourite all together. I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that Revlon have always been my go-to brand when it comes to nail polishes; the finish, the colour range and the chip resistance to top notch! But, SOIGNÉ Nails are now on par with them but their packaging and bottle design does push them to the top ever so slightly! Ikat is one of the three colours I’ve tried and in all honesty, it’s not a very me colour (because it’s pink) but I still find myself reaching for it week after week!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss in Magick
Ever since this landed on my doorstep, I’ve been wearing it non-stop. This is the deluxe mini version of the Kat Von D Studded Kiss, which you can buy (with 2 other KVD beauty products) for just £13.95! My latest post on Kat Von D Beauty tells you exactly how to get it, but be fast! The packaging for one is just amazing; it’s edgy and luxurious all at the same time. But the formula is second to none; creamy, velvet finish with amazing colour payoff and longevity on the lips.

Necklace by Mood, Jon Richard & Gold Ring from eBay
This necklace has been my go-to accessory, despite the fact that it’s not exactly a subtle piece of jewellery. You can view some other pieces of Jon Richard jewellery in a recent style post of mine too. I love the statement jewels, but the best part for me is the chain tassels that hang down. The necklace would still look great without these, but I love tasselled necklaces! As for the ring, this is just a simple ring with a turquoise stone and a gold moon which I bought from eBay, but I’ve been wearing it non-stop!

No7 Instant Illusion Airbrush Away Primer
I’ve been using this stuff since it first came out and I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it. I switch between this and The Body Shop Wanderblur primer, but I love the hydrating formula this one has. I have dry skin, and with dry skin often comes dull-looking skin. So, this primer adds a little radiance without looking too dewy, but is also hydrating for the skin too. As for the finish, well, my skin looks so healthy afterwards and it really does help to make my base makeup last for longer.

Luxie Large Angled Brush
I’m not necessarily one to contour, but when applying bronzer I absolutely love this brush. Its design means chiselling those cheeks is effortless, but I just love how soft it is too. Luxie are a new brand to me, but I highly recommend checking out their other products!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Beauty Balm

Although BB creams are designed to give a little bit of coverage, none provide as much coverage as this one! I got this in a beauty subscription box a good couple months ago, and I love it! I don’t use this all the time, as it’s only a deluxe mini, so I’ve been switching between this one and a Seventeen BB Cream I currently need to finish!