Coffee & Blogging Monthly Favourites | No. 2

I did my first Coffee & Blogging Monthly Favourites post towards the end of September as a bid to start talking about my actual favourite, must-have beauty products that I use day in, day out. I don’t switch up my makeup bag often enough to stick to the whole ‘Monthly Favourites’ ordeal, but it seems I’m off to a good start! Instead, these series of posts will be posted whenever at least two new beauty favourites make their way into my everyday routine. I’ve switched up the products I’m using more often quite a bit this time around, but all of these I can see my self continuing to use for quite some time.Current Beauty Favourites 1

The Balm Voyage Travel Palette | I got this one in one of the Cohorted Beauty Boxes a couple months back and I’m obsessed with it. The only reason I’ve not featured it until now though, is because it was only ever the highlighter I used to dip into. But since trying the eyeshadows a couple weeks back, I’m in love. They’re all so pigmented and easy to blend! Better yet, this really is the perfect travel palette; 9 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter, 2 powder blushers and 2 lip & cheek stains. All in a slim A5 size palette.

The Vintage Cosmetics Co. | Simply put, these tweezers catch even the finest of hairs. I’ve tried some pretty rubbish tweezers in my time, from high-end ones to cheap £1 ones. But these ones definitely come out on top!

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleanser| I recently raved about this dry makeup brush cleanser and all for good reason. Now I’m dipping into shadows on my eyes a little more, but with a limited supply of makeup brushes suitable for the eyes, this little tool has come in rather handy.

Benecos Mono Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz | I believe this was in my previous Current Beauty Favourites post, but it still is my go-to eyeshadow. This is so pretty on its own and I think goes with any skin tone. It’s subtle, shimmery and just so pretty!

Benefit Gimme Brow | Everyone raved about these miniature versions of Benefits newest arrivals, which were being given away for free in the likes of Glamour magazine. But the Gimme Brow is my favourite by far. I love brow gels, as my brows do tend to stray sometimes, but the brush is really small and tapered which makes working with it a doddle.

HD Brows Palette in Foxy | I’ve loved HD Brows palettes for years! I first had their smaller compact, square palette in the same shade (Foxy) and loved it. However, I then remember travelling back from my Mum’s one weekend, to find it had completely smashed! I was absolutely gutted! Nevertheless, after a short while of sticking to pencils – I just don’t get on with them – I then found this beauty. I love how you can use these for brows and eyes, as it makes it the perfect travel companion!Current Beauty Favourites 3

Kat Von D Ink Liner | I’ve already raved about this in the past in my post which features the top Kat Von D products you should try. I still stand by this eyeliner, but at the time of me writing this post, it’s sadly coming to the end! It was a deluxe mini as her prices are sky high! Nevertheless, my next eyeliner to become obsessed with will be the new Rimmel Scanadaleyes Liner – a great dupe I’d say!

Revlon PhotoReady Mascara | This is another product I swear by, but again is coming to an end and in fact had to be thrown away this morning. Why is it everything runs out at the same time?! I’m a bigger fan of soft bristles rather than plastic ones, because I feel it doesn’t tug at the lashes. However despite this one being the plastic version, it was a long brush head and slimmer than others and just worked perfectly! It was the best design for bottom lashes without them look too long and scary, but also grabbed the lashes well enough to coat them all. What should my next mascara be? Any recommendations?