Monzana Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Machine 500W Cold Press Whole Fruit & Vegetable Extractor Reverse Function BPA Free – Brilliant juicer

It’s ok but it wastes a lot of fruit left unjuiced in the mechanism. It’s very difficult to get the last of the pulp out of the outlet. It does not handle celery well as you have to push it sideways to get it in the mechanism and the long fibres get really jammed in the pulp outlet.

Used it to juice both fruit and vegetables. So far i’m really pleased and the juice has been a really good quality.

I am happy with this juicer. It is important that it is assembled correctly or it will not operate. It is also quick and easy to clean. I would recommend it to others.

Can only be put together one way with the help of dots on the machine. If it is assembled wrong it won’t switch on so easy to re-do.

This is my dream juicer, i love it.

I have been forever pleased that i chose this juicer which, although not anymore expensive, was far superior to my previous ones. It is easy to assemble and extracts every drop of juice from the carrots and apples that i love to juice with lemon juice. I would heartily recommend this juicer.

Works perfect, looks pretty. Follow manual and tips for best results. 5 kg carrots i got 550ml juice. Also i highly recommend this seller. Excellent servos and communication.

Very good and powerful machine to juice fruit and vegetable.

I love this slow juicer, it’s so easy to assemble, clean and use. Not noisy at all and the quality of juice is so good. We use it every day and so happy with the purchase, i’m going to order another one for our house in the uk as we currently living overseas.

It was easy to assemble straight from the box with the instructions easy to follow. You simply reverse the assembly to dismantle it for cleaning. I am new to juicing, so had to buy a book of various recipies; so now with this thing there is no stopping.

I luv this juicer, it is easy to use and clean and produces great juice, and a great price. I have juiced for year and have spent a lot of money for juicers, but this one is great value and amongst the best for quality of juice.

I have bought this juicer and managed to do so far three attempts to make some juice. So far i am very happy with the product. It is so easy to put together, even easier to dismantle and cleaning just take 5 minutes. This machine is dishwasher safe, however i did plenty juicing recently (around 12 l of juice) from fruits and vegetables and each time just rinsed each part in the sink and put back together again. Obviously, if you leave it dirty for longer you will have to put it into the dishwasher. Pulp goes to one container and juice goes to another. Recently tried juicing cabbage and even this went through making full jar of juice. Each time i make like 3-4 liters of juice which last me and family for two days, and then make some more. The juice is really delicious, consistent taste and color. This is excellent product and definitely worth money spent. Comes from germany, and yes, this is high quality product. No need to buy more expensive brands. Delivery was quicker than expected.

Easy to assemble and easy to use. Cleaning it can be a bit of a chore. I find soaking it in warm soapy water helps. Overall i’m happy with it.

This product is easy to assemble and produces fantastic juice. I am in love with this slow juicer.

Juicing fruits, veggies and greens. Not sure if can juice nuts too. Worried about some rubber parts and wonder how long they would last.

Thankfully saw this machine at the last minute having spent much time perusing over all the various makes & models. So glad i did as it was just we gather i was looking for. Great quality & reasonably priced. Nearly didn’t buy due to few reviews & not being aware of brand. Reviews though were all very positive & german technology paid off.

Very good machine does the job.

The filter need improvement to reduce particles of fruits in the juice however it is not so bad partly because of the high watts which will enable the machine last longer.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very well made extractor.
  • Highly recommended
  • Excellent.