Morphy Richards 102779 Stainless Steel Jug Kettle Rapid Boil : Robust kettle

This is a stylish kettle, which holds 1. 7l of water to boil, which is the equivalent of a 6-cup capacity. It looks much more elegant than your average kettle, but it doesn’t have any unusual features. The kettle sits on a 360 degree base, which allows you to pick up or put down the kettle from any angle. The switch to turn the kettle on lights up when it is on, but you can of course hear the kettle when it switches on as well. It boils reasonably quickly and is neither noisy nor quiet – it sounds very similar to my last kettle. You can see how much water is in the kettle through the water viewing window at the side, which is handy.

Looks lovely in our kitchen. It’s quiet, large capacity and easy to pour, and best of all it’s not made of horrible plastic. Replaced our previous kettle made by a competitor that failed in less than a year (and was more expensive to start with).

Really like that this kettle has a large 6 cup capacity, is super speedy and is not made of plasticlove the colour and it looks great with the matching toaster. My husband also thinks it’s quieter than our old kettle :).

Really like this – compact, well made and finished, and it boils quickly and quietly. With a swivel base and a concealed element it’s good for my hard water area (there’s a filter thing on the spout too), and it pours and performs well. A quiet no-nonsense kettle which ticks all the boxes – impressed.

The kettle received had the black pearl finish. The kettle is stainless steel with a stylish paint finish and looks like its name suggests, black and pearly. It has a 360 degree base a removable limescale filter, 3kw for a faster boil and boil dry protection. The kettle holds up to 6 cups. When full it takes approx 3 minutes 20 seconds to boil from cold which is reasonably quick. Like most metal kettles the outside gets too hot to touch. Obviously the handle stays cool so it’s safe to hold but you could burn yourself if you touched the side of the kettle. Pressing a button to open the lid and closing it by pushing it down until it clicks closed. The cable is 70cm long and can coil away in the base. I found it difficult to coil the whole cable easily into the base. Leaving out about 40cm worked well. Base stable and not too much cable cluttering up the side. A good little kettle with a year guarantee.

It’s got a grippy handle, a bright ‘on’ light, and a clear water level indicator. Being cordless it’s really easy to use, and it’s quick to boil as it’s 3kw.

Bought this as the updated replacement for the previous, now obsolete model. It’s cheaper, not as well made, and the new design loses good features to flawed design thinking. Perhaps the designers should go on a usability course. Inferior in every way to the old model. Just have to put up with a flimsier new model.

Well it’s a kettle and what can you say about a kettle?. Yes it does what it says on the tin,it boils water for your cup of tea and coffee but it’s so much more. Firstly the design,it’s modern and quite trendy looking but also very well thought out no little ridges or gals that are hard to clean it’s so streamline. The silver accents on kettle are easy to keep shiny ( no need for special stainless steel cleaner have to use on most silver items in kitchen). The kettle has a hidden element so again simple to clean ,i live in hard water area and therefore get a lot of limescale forming which used to be so hard to clean from behind/under element in previous kettle why did i never get hidden element kettle before??. It has filter to ensure just water pouring out as anything else ( ie limescale) will be caught by filter. When you turn kettle on to boil it is remarkably quiet. Its very easy to operate,sits on base has on off switch under handle and auto cut off when boiled or if not enough water in kettle ( something my teenager does often. Forgetting to check there is water in kettle ) there is water gauge above on off switch so you can boil just amount of water you need.

  • Delivery driver not doing job properly

  • Looks great, is quiet and easy to use

  • Not so good.

Morphy Richards 102779 Stainless Steel Jug Kettle Rapid Boil, 3000 W, 1.7 liters, Brushed

Product Description, The Morphy Richards Equip stainless steel jug kettle has a stylish finish and is available in 4 stunning colours. With illumination, easy view water gauge and a 1. 7L capacity to make up to six cups at once, This kettle has all the functionality you require. It also features a 3kW concealed element for rapid boil, a 360° base for right or left handed use, and a removable lime scale filter for clear water. For safety, the kettle also offers boil-dry protection and cord storage.

From the manufacturer

Morphy Richards Equip Stainless Steel Jug Kettle Brushed 102779

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Morphy Richards Equip Stainless Steel Jug Kettle Brushed 102779

The Morphy Richards Equip stainless steel jug kettle has a stylish finish and is available in 4 stunning colours. With illumination, easy view water gauge and a 1.7L capacity to make up to six cups at once, this kettle has all the functionality you require.

It also features a 3kW concealed element for rapid boil, a 360° base for right or left handed use, and a removable limescale filter for clear water. For safety, the kettle also offers boil-dry protection and cord storage.

Key Features

1.7L capacity

Easy View Water Window

Limescale Filter

cordd storage

1.7L Capacity

With a 1.7l capacity, the Equip kettle makes up to 6 drinks at a time.

Easy View Water Window

By being able to see the exact quantity of water in your kettle, you only boil what you need.

Limescale Filter

Stylish look with an integrated limescale filter that makes your drink taste as good as it looks.

Cord Storage

Cord storage features keep your worktop neat and tidy.

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Had this for a few months and have no complaints. Nice design and works well in our area – we have hard watergood for the price 😁.

I wanted to pair a kettle and toaster that look well together and are understated in a modern kitchen. So i have this and the 222058 toaster from the same brand. Both are reliable, mid range products that are a step up from the basics ranges but without being too expensive. The kettle is perhaps slightly less well designed than the toaster in that the fill scale is hard to read and not particularly revealing and it’s possible to make the spout dribble if you pour too fast. However it is generally a decent kettle at a sensible capacity for a family home. It’s also at the top end of power rating for a uk mains 13a fuse so it boils as fast as most (the only quicker design i’ve seen is when the walls of the kettle are insulated for ‘cold touch’). It can be easily wiped clean but in our hard water area it does accumulate limescale which shows up in contrast to the colour of the plastic. Just need to keep it cleaner i supposethe value is reasonable and it looks good paired with the 222058 toaster.

This kettle is much sleeker than our previous kettle and does not seem to catch lime-scale either (though i haven’t checked the filter yet). The other important thing is that it is a lot quieter so it doesn’t outweigh the sound of the radio if we have this on at the same time as the kettle (they are close to each other). There are only two of us normally so the fact that it holds six cups is ample. I’m very happy with this kettle.

Good kettle easy to hold and poor boils quickly and good alround.

* i love the brushed finish. Very smart looking* swivel base is great. Can tidy cord away* water level gauge in handle is really useful. My old kettle didn’t have this and it was a pain. * hinged lid – so you don’t have to burn your fingers taking off a hot lid.

I like this simple black cordless kettle, which looks good and functions effectively. My one issue with it is that, unlike my old kettle, the gauge showing you how much water is in the kettle is positioned on the side rather than on the front, so it’s not as easy to see when filling the kettle from the tap. Otherwise, this is a good mid-range stainless steel kettle.

5 stars for this, rounded up to 5. I’d love to give it five stars, it’s a gorgeous kettle, but it has proved very slightly temperamental in switching on. For some reason that i have yet to work out, the on switch doesn’t always activate. When pressed down, it sometimes pops back up. At first i thought this was because the kettle had just boiled, and the water was still at optimum temperature, but this isn’t the case. This doesn’t splash or spill at all, it’s extremely safe to use. The rapid boil genuinely is a rapid boil.

Really good kettle but i am a morphy richards fan. The only gripe i do have is the water level starts its measurements at 3 cups so it’s quite difficult to tell how much water you have in the kettle. If you want to be eco friendly and boil one or two cups you’d have to literally pour it in from the cup. Apart from that looks good, great colour. Cleans up well and a friend commented it was really quiet when it boils, but a noisy boil isn’t something i’d have marked it down for lol.

  • Delivery driver not doing job properly

  • Looks great, is quiet and easy to use

  • Not so good.

Morphy Richards 102779 Stainless Steel Jug Kettle Rapid Boil, 3000 W, 1.7 liters, Brushed

Does what a kettle needs to do.

Like it nice colourboils quickly as moist as all quick boil kettles.

It works as it should and is a good size at 1. It has a cool and functional look and other than that it has a pretty standard boiling time and noise level. You can get cheaper kettles that can do the same for much cheaper, but you pay for the brand and the look – both of which are good.

Quick========first off, it’s called a rapid kettle. Well, i’d say it’s pretty quick. Looks======the finish is pretty and the brushed stainless steel looks rather stylish. Well made==========looks nice and feels quite solid. Pros:=====nice swivel base, full 360feels long lastingcomfortable in the handclear measures on the gaugechic designeasy click operationhigh capacity 1. 7 litresimple to use:fast to boilquite lightweightcons:=====no temperature control (for some teas this is useful)overall========it’s a stylish looking kettle.

This is a good, basic kettle from morphy richards not sure if it justifies the current price of 29. 99 as i can’t see that it has any special attributes or styling that take it to that next level. 7l capacity so boils all the water i need to make drinks. It boils in a reasonable amount of time, though it is a little noisy and does vibrate somewhat as it reaches boiling point. My mum likes it because she can see how much water is in it through the water window and it has a nice large handle which she doesn’t struggle to get her hand through (she has osteoarthritis in her hands, she does wish it was slightly lighter though). My main niggle is the flimsiness of the switch, it is very plasticky and i can see it giving way at some point. I don’t think it is sturdy enough for the product. (we’ve had similar switches break on jug kettles before). Overall – good basic kettle, on the expensive side for what you get.

This is a very sturdy kettle that is easy to hold, pick up and pour. It is mainly made from stainless steel and that is what i like so much: far less plastic to end up in landfill. This kettle is largely recyclable. It fills easily through the large lid which pops open with a touch. The on / off switch is excellent – no popping back off, it simply stays on. The water boils very quickly and the kettle looks very attractive on our dark grey worktops.

Very good, good capacity and seems to boil quicker than our old kettle and the water stays warm too.

Slightly noisy but doesnt bother me.

This product was very good but unfortunately the delivery person left it on my back door step. I had been out all day and it had been left in the pooring rain all day not good as it is a xmas pressy. The box and the kettle where both soaking wet,and the driver put on comp. Parcel handed to resident not true. He went past a green house and shed that where both open and on my door there is a sign which says please leave parcels in g. I hope this gets sorted thank you.

The kettle works as expected and is fairly quiet when switched on.

Really nice cordless kettle with a cool blue light. It’s classy because it’s metal (stainless steel) not plastic. I’m impressed with the quick boil time for such a large amount of water.

Made to complement granite worktops perhaps, this straightforward kettle works perfectly. You can’t easily see how full it is, as the dark plastic window is a little shady. The push-down on switch feels a tad flimsy but does light up with a blue light. As it is stainless steel this kettle seems more robust and hopefully non-tainting. Boiling is fast and the tea tastes good.

This kettle will boil your water, not your blood, because it works perfectly. The sleek design fits in with most kitchens and it is very easy to use. The lid opens up almost fully, so no messing about trying to get water in the spout or a partially closed lid.

On first appearances this seems an excellent kettle, sleek and elegant with a black finish and stainless steel interior. It certainly looks the part and it boils a full kettle very quickly. However, its aesthetic design hides a few flaws that bring down the overall rating. Firstly the measuring level is virtually hidden behind the handle making it very difficult to read; this seems bizarre when it could be placed anywhere on the outside of the kettle for maximum visibility. Maybe the morphy richards design team didn’t think that it looked as good?. When you try to look at the level you notice that apart from the maximum fill level of 1. 7 litres there are no other graded levels such as 0. There are pictures of a cup with the numbers 3, 4 and 6 but there isn’t even a line to indicate what level you should fill these up to – to the top of the picture, the middle, the bottom, the number?. What about if you wanted just 1 cup or 2 cups?. Furthermore, everyone has different cup sizes and people will quickly get to know the regular ml they need to boil for their usages. With this kettle you have to guess each time leading to boiling too little and having to refill or boiling too much, wasting both water and energy.

I was drawn to this kettle because it has a lime-scale filter and not many have that feature. Otherwise you could say it’s ‘just a kettle’. However, when a kettle lacks a feature you don’t half get irritated by that lack. Can you see if it has water already in without lifting it to feel the weight?. Can you pick it up easily right or left handed?. Does it have too large a capacity, encouraging over-filling?.(i have seen some people get a nasty shock when their wrist can’t take the weight of a full boiling kettle. ) the kettle feels almost too light when empty, but that is because its made of stainless steel – not plastic as the low weight might lead you to believe. My other big bug-bear has been the difficulty with cheap kettles to a) tell which way the switch goes for on, and whether it is heating up or not. Here, a nice blue light – on the big switch itself – makes all nice and clear.

The kettle was advertised as being a fast boiling kettle but it is not as raid as my previous kettle of a different make.

Features and Spesification

  • Large 1. 7L capacity, so you can make up to 6 drinks at a time
  • 3kW element for rapid boil, so you can have your hot drink as soon as possible
  • Easy view water window, so that you can easily view how much water is in your kettle
  • 360 degree base, so that you can easily use your kettle whether left or right handed
  • Cord storage, so that your kitchen work top stays neat and tidy