Morphy Richards 162008 Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker : As expected – 4th Machine

Comes with a reusable ‘plastic filter’ (at least, the phrase i’ve been using for starbucks grinding :p) which is easy to wash. Set the coffee brewing whilst you sort out the rest of the breakfast, and come back to a fresh pot a couple of minutes later. The system has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm (you can configure how long the plate stays hot) and you can also customise how slowly you want the water to flow through the grounds (how strong you’d like the resulting coffee to be).

Love this coffee maker – super easy to use. The timer is a lifesaver for early starts, coffee is all ready to go when you get up. Only downside is having to guess how much coffee to put in per cup. One spoonful per cup definitely isn’t enough, but once you figure that out, it’s perfect.

I’ve used it almost every day since i got it and it’s been great. I set the the timer every night and when i get out of the shower in the morning i can smell the coffee brewing downstairs. It has a basket so you don’t have to use filter papers, which i like, and it’s easy enough to clean. I hope it proves to be long lasting too.

This is a great coffee maker. The shower spray inside seems to make a great difference to the flavour along with th cupcake shaped coffee basket. I also love that i can change the strength with the buttons, this means instead of one scoop of coffee per cup/person you can reduce this by almost half so you can save money and not need to buy coffee so often anymore. There is one downside for me though, the longest the warm plate stays on for is 25 minutes, but i like to make a bigger pot and drink throughout the day when i need it. This is apparently a regulation now in the eu so most others may be the same. Due to the design of the coffee pot being surrounded with the actual unit it does help keep it warmer a little longer. I would recommend this to any coffee lover.

Great filter coffee machine that makes really good coffee, although be careful in your choice of coffee as i found out when i first used it. Not all coffees make a good filter cup (i’m probably stating the obvious here). At the present time i’m using sainsbury’s decafe and it tastes really good, but i’m sure other coffees will taste just as good, it’s just that i haven’t got around to them yet.

Delighted with this product. So easy to use and makes delicious coffee every time. If making only a small amount of coffee then pre-heat the pot.

Nice addition to the kitchen. Makes a good coffee, and being able to set the strengths is helpful when using different beans to get the best from the flavour.

I’m no coffee aficionado but i do enjoy a full, flavoursome coffee. I’d been reasonably satisfied with my tassimo machine right up until i had a coffee at ikea. The taste hit me like a ton of bricks and i realised that my tassimo hadn’t been able to provide me with anything like this. I yearned to make coffee like that at home, so decided it was time to treat myself to a new filter coffee machine. The last filter coffee machine i bought was over twenty years ago. It was as basic as can be and cost me about a tenner. I set out to buy a cheap and basic replacement. I had not realised that all coffee machines in the. This machine consistently beat machines of similar price in reviews in terms of taste, which is why i purchased it. It was a little more than i had set out to spend but the reviews convinced me that it was worth it.

  • Best Coffee Machine in it’s price range
  • Absolutely love it!
  • Not bad, but could be improved

Morphy Richards 162008 Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker, 1.8 Litre, 900 W, Black, Morphy Richards Coffee Machine

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Neat coffee maker with simple instructions. Easy to fill with water and brews a good filter coffee. Downside, it doesn’t retain the heat in standby without remembering to press the ‘keep warm’ button, which lasts 25 min. On the coffee maker, the lid has twisted slightly after only a few uses, this stops the lid from clipping ‘shut’ without an extra push. Without this being sealed, steam escapes. The colour is rich and the glass jug is easy to pour.

Simple to use and clean, not too large either. Materials for the outer shell do feel a tad cheap however. Hard to say if its the best for your buck, some of the cheaper options look like they can peform the same.

Disappointed that it does not fit under the overhead cupboards when lid is raised. Also find filling with water tricky. My dear old filter looked sad but was easier to use. However this one looks great on the counter top.

I am really pleased with this coffee maker. I drink coffee all day and make one or two pots a day. Coffee machines seem to last me about 18 months to two years so i’ve got through a few in my time. The unit looks more expensive than it is and feels solid. It is shorter than most others with the same capacity possibly because the square shape holds more than a cylinder of the same height. The controls are largely self explanatory and easy to use. The reservoir can be filled from either the left or right side and the opening is large enough that you rarely miss. It has a “cupcake” shape filter to hold the coffee grounds and includes a reusable filter. Personally i find reusable filters are a pain to clean and the coffee is “grittier”. So i put normal 1/4 paper filter inside the reusable filter which makes cleaning easier and improves the taste.

Love this – it looks good on the counter, easy to use and makes beautiful coffee without bitterness. The timer function is fantastic – live waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning.

Bought this over a year ago and it gets used everyday. It looks good, it’s a great compact size and it’s really easy to program. Haven’t found any downsides to this machine, especially at the price. I can honestly say, for somebody that needs a practical machine to give me fresh coffee on a morning, this is the best coffee maker i’ve ever owned.

Fantastic, no sludge or grinds in coffee cup (unlike a well known brand) lovely hot coffee first thing in the morning, i use 2 spoons of ground coffee instead of the advised 1 spoon ( i like my coffee stand your spoon up in it strong) easy to clean the filter with a weak solution of milton, easy to use instructions ( the first time only with water and a lot of steam comes out, but not when making coffee) easy to fill with water, does not take a lot of room on the work top, recommended best buy.

It was a gift for my partner and he seems to like it. I’ve tried setting it up so that the coffee is ready at a specific time in the morning but it hasn’t worked. Like others have said the coffee doesn’t stay hot for too long because the hot plate goes off after a while.

  • Best Coffee Machine in it’s price range
  • Absolutely love it!
  • Not bad, but could be improved

Morphy Richards 162008 Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker, 1.8 Litre, 900 W, Black, Morphy Richards Coffee Machine

This was purchased to replace a 2015 morphy richards accents machine, which gave up the ghost when we recently had house guests. First impressions – i like the overall shape and design of the machine. It’s neat and tidy, fits into the designated area much better than the machine it replaced. I like the way the carafe fits in its space. The machine lid design is much better as it is tight fitting and there is less steam escape. Also, filling is easier since the spout arm swings up when the lid is raised. One word of caution – because of the shiny, pseudo chrome finish on the handle of the carafe, make sure it and your hand is dry when handling, otherwise it will be very slippery. Performance – before using it for the first time, all removable parts were hand washed in warm, soapy water and rinsed. The machine had a pot of vinegar and water run through, then three pots of cold water. There was no plastic smell or taste in the first pot of coffee.

The flex could do with being longer as it doesn’t reach the plug i want it to – not that it’s miles away either, so has to be pretty much in front of the socket. Looks really good, no external water gauge to fur up but can be hard to see where to fill to so use the coffee jug to avoid mistakes. Is a little noisier than my previous one.

If the power goes out, even briefly, you’ll be resetting both the clock and the program timer – no battery back up. Also, the timer defines when the program will start, not when it finishes. There is a 25 minute max keep warm function. The eu regulations allow for 40 minutes, which would be more suitable, for me, in the morning.

1- no coffee filter to replace ie paper reuseable2 -alarm to wake up to ready made coffee. 3-looks good4- sleek and stylish good form factornice colour.

Plug in and go, program function extremely simple.

This is a fab filter coffee maker. I’ve not owned one before but so glad i chose this one after reading a number of reviews. It is very easy to operate and i love the keep warm feature. I have no complaints and easy to wash up the parts and keep clean. Would highly recommend to anyone considering a filter coffee maker. No paper inserts required either for the coffee so that’s a bonus too.

I was a little bit worried that it would be a bit complicated to set up (i get lost easily in such things) but it’s not. You really don’t even need the manual, it’s just self explanatory. The coffee comes out very nice, you just need to find your favorite brand to go with it. The timer works really well, and it’s brill to wake up to a fresh, warm cup of coffee every morning. It’s fantastic in smaller kitchens as it really doesn’t take up much space on the counter. Very happy with this purchase.

Very pleased with the coffee machine – it looks very good and makes coffee with a good flavour. I find the measuring steps inside very difficult to manage and can’t understand why this was done. I use the jug to measure the water every time which is ok. In all i am very happy indeed with the coffee maker.

Bought this as a present for my mother, she is very happy with it. One thing to note though is that the coffee does not come out boiling hot, it is more like drinking temperature. Not really a problem, but you do have to drink it right away and it would be no good if you like it scalding hot.

Please with look and overall performance. Metallic taste took a long time to disappear and the water reservoir is almost impossible to read. Have to rely on the jug for the water measurement.

Bit disappointed with this one which is a newer version of my old one – it is difficult to fill – sometimes if you catch it wrong you end up with water everywhere – i have trouble filling with the jug too as this can spill out of the side. My previous machine was much better i’m afraid – it stayed warm for up to 2 hours – this one is 25 minutes and although you can turn it back on – it is inconvenient. That said, the coffee made in it is perfectly tasty.

As expected – 4th machine – nprmally pack up after about 15 months – but we are 3-4 pots a day people.

I was really looking forward to getting this after all the positive reviews. However i am disappointed because the coffee is not hot enough. I drink my coffee black and the coffee is just about ok to drink immediately – after a while in the cup it’s too cold. One would have to heat any milk to add. After 25 mins on the ‘hot’ plate i guess it will be far too cold and so need a microwaving. The clock is staggeringly inaccurate so if you really did want to set a time for it to start brewing automatically then you would get probably dome to it to find cold coffee. It gained 30 mins overnight. It is nice looking, i like the design and it’s easy to clean but i will be going back to cafetieres, the only really good way to make coffee. I’ll be trying to return this though the filter is little stained now.

Good coffee machine, it has a timer to start the machine so you have coffee when you wake up, you can change the strength of the brewed coffee, only negative is the keep warm only lasts 25 mins.

This would get a 5 star review, but the twenty minute shut off feature can be annoying. It is a sleek looking coffee pot and very easy to use. I love the fact that i can choose the strength of my coffee as well as put on the timer to have coffee ready for me in the morning. The only drawback of this pot is that it shuts off twenty minutes after it brews. I am never done with all my coffee in twenty minutes, so i have to remember to push the button again (to keep the heater on) or just microwave my cup when i go for the second or third cup. Otherwise, it is a great machine.

Its a modern sleek coffee machine. Looks great in the kitchen and takes up less space than my old one. It lost one star because it doesn’t have a water fill indicator. I fill the coffee machine from my brita pitcher. Now that it has no water fill line i have to fill/measure with the carafe and then put in the machine. It’s annoys me as all coffee machines i’ve ever had had this. Other than that it’s a good coffee machine.

I’ve had this for about a month and i’m perfectly happy with it so far. Easy to use, good temperature coffee. It uses slightly less coffee grounds than i used to brew with a cafetiere but once you figure out the right quantities, the coffee is nice. I bought it for the timer feature, which is great and does exactly what i want it to.

This is a great machine it’s body is plastic but decent quality and the finish is very good. The coffee is not too warm when it’s made so no burnt coffee and the warming plate beats it up a treat although it stated 45 mins but mines is 25 mins instructions aren’t the best but it’s very easy to work and very quick to fill and dispense. Overall i am very happy with this machine.

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