Morphy Richards 240003 Aspect Stainless Steel Four Slice Toaster – – Excellent toaster, bought on the recommendation of previous Amazon reviewers

Stylish toaster, easy to use and matches the kettle.

Have had this toaster for a few weeks now, love the simple design and chrome accents. Simple controls and browner dial has a quality feel. Easy to clean, crumb trays click into place which is a nice touch. Cable tidy underneath but cable is already quite short.

I had always refused to have a toaster taking up space on my kitchen worktop, but after years of burning toast, i finally succumbed and my family is very pleased. It is simple to use, with variable browning control and a quick cancel lever if i’ve overestimated the setting. It even allows you to check on the bread by lifting the carriage levers part way through toasting. We like chunky toast, as well as crumpets and teacakes and the toaster is suitable for all of these. The four slots make it really useful for a family, especially when all the children are home. The only thing that would be useful is if the toaster had two sets of controls for toasting different types of bread at the same time. Also, sometimes i already have two slices cooking and want to add two more slices – with only one control, all the toast flips up at the same time.

Nice quality and smart looking. Early days but first toasting very even. Basic controls but it’s a toaster.

Bought as a christmas gift for my daughter (also bought the matching kettle). They look very stylish in her ultra modern kitchen and as far as i am aware she is happy with their performance.

Simply love the look and qualityhighly recommend plus much easier to clean too.

A toaster is a toaster right ?. What’s wrong with my old 2 slice toaster – a 4 slice is unnecessary, isn’t it ?. Didn’t realise how much i would actually use more than 2 slots at a time. I found it really useful when 2 small slices of toast aren’t quite enough, no more hanging around (with something going cold, or burning ) or wasting time for the 3rd slice – perfect . And as for when somebody asks ‘oh, put me a slice in ‘, well both sides can operate independently (so you don’t need to pop up your already toasting slices. Yes it looks nice (actually, it really does) and all that, and yes, it browns toast and other stuff rather well actually. And you you sort of expect that. But i was just so impressed as to how easier this made life – and not just in the morning. Can’t believe i’ve been missing out on this trick all these years.

Very nice looking toast almost hits ceiling when popping up though.

Really good toaster that cooks evenly. Having only had 2 slot toasters before, this was great having 4 slices, uniformly cooked at the same time. Only slight negative is, i have to turn setting down to toast a teacake- or it burns the surface, but now i know it isnt an issue.

I bought it because it’s very stylish. It has been a brilliant toaster. Takes 2 min to toasts to pops up which is the same as my old breville. Very tidy on the back of the toaster. The cord comes out from the centre of the toaster between the crumb trays on the backand the length is 25 inc(64cm), includes the plug 27 inc(69cm) long. I use the sneak peek often to check if it’s ready or not and i think that is very useful. I’m happy with this super stylish toaster.

This toaster is stylish – a little bit retro and very effective. The toast is done to a nice golden brown (if you have it on the right setting, of course) and remains hot for quite a while, there is one thing about it that i find extremely amusing. When the toast is ejected – it comes out with such a force – i have had to catch it several times. Reminds me of morecambe & wise.Seriously – this is a good product and i would recommend it.

My husband uses fresh doorstep white bread, i uses frozen brown bread both toasts perfectly. Tea cakes also toasts nicely. The toaster is taller than a lot of toasters so toasts all bread sizes evenly.

Bought this toaster with the kettle and the bread bin. It looks really sleek, and works brilliantly. It doesn’t bother me that there is only one setting dial for both sides of the toaster, as usually making toast the same for the whole family. Also there is a ‘peek-boo’option where you can slide the toast up without stopping the setting, so technically if you really wanted it player than someone else you could just reach for it. Another thing is that when the toast pops up it flies up. Makes the kids laugh anyway. Lastly and most importantly it doesn’t take a high setting for the toast to be perfectly and evenly brown, and the toast is ready super quickly. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards 240003 Aspect Stainless Steel Four Slice Toaster –:

  • The toaster has crumb tray. Additional functions: automatic centering of toast, browning of browning, thawing, stopping toasting.

This toaster is very easy on the eye fits nice and neatly in the kitchen. Works very well on both thick and thin bread. I noticed the best setting for even browning was no 4. The toast was always nice and crisp and the pop up function worked well if you wanted to check on the toast. On the whole a very good product i would throughly recommend buying one.

Looks stylish in my kitchen and its perfect for making toast from my home made loaf (thick slices) and toasted sandwiches using toaster bags.

A great looking toaster, looks neat and fits in well on the worktop even though my other appliances aren’t white. Simple to use, like how each side has separate pop-up and easy cancel control. Toasts bread evenly and consistently. Has a lip around the top of the slots where crumbs gather. Need to tip the toaster upside down to empty the crumbs but it’s not too much of a problem.

Beautiful looking toaster – have the matching kettle and like to have things matching. This toaster does the best toast ever. The toast come evenly browned and always beautifully crisp. It would have been nice to have 2 separate controls for 2 pieces of toast each and multi-task but only a little issue. I haven’t had any problems and use it a lot and love it for the simple and stylish design.

This looked huge in the box but when i got it out and on the work surface it fitted in quite well. The first weekend of it’s life with us it got it’s trial by fire, well heat. There were 9 of us gathered around the figurative breakfast table, plus my baby granddaughter who has a taste for something different. Normally we would be struggling to provide toast for everyone, not to mention the faddish bagels, but we kept on top of demand and all was toasted to the required perfection. The browning control makes control of the required colour very easy, no matter what the thickness. And that different thing the granddaughter likes?. Well it’s crumpets, she loves them and this toaster copes brilliantlysince then it has seen regular service and the browning setting has coped with everything including currant buns and tea cakes. Make sure you cook the tops separately from the thinner bottoms. One last toasting delight is possible through the medium of that old student favourite, toastie bags.Baked bean toasties have never tasted so good.

This is a very clean lined and shape toaster. It’s easy to use and although simple, does the job well. I liked the how you could raise the toast to check how it is doing. Drawback was that big slices of toast didn’t fit well and therefore didn’t toast all over. Also only has one temperature control.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent toaster, bought on the recommendation of previous Amazon reviewers

  • The toast is done to a nice golden brown (if you have it on the right

  • Brilliant tasting toast

I bought this following the recommendations on amazon – after our beloved, ancient, 2 slot/4slice bargain toaster died. As other reviewers have said, it seemed a lot of money for a toaster – but fortunately, there was a ‘bargainous’ offer via amazon warehouse. Delivery was super-quick and a day ahead of the date given, the toaster is superb, easy to use, easy to clean, does not take up as much space as you’d think. Toast is delicious and the numbers align to how you want your toast done (i know this seems obvious, but many toasters seem to enjoy playing ‘toast roulette’ with whatever number you pick) given my total inability to cut bread to a regular thickness, the wider slots come in handy too.All in all, it’s great, so our thanks to previous reviewers.

Aesthetically pleasing and so far i haven’t got smaller items like crumpets or pancakes stuck in it. High rise action makes it easier to extract my toasted goods. The two sides can’t be set individually which my previous more expensive delonghi toaster did but i still prefer this one.

This is a great toaster, looks good, works well, easy to use and does everything you need a toaster to do. I’ve toasted all sorts of baked good, managed them all very well, no matter the thickness, and the browning control means it is just the way you like it. The crumb tray works well, no mess to clean. All in all, it is a good product and i am pleased with it.

Great toaster with a lovely design and simple functionality with a relatively small footprint for a four slice toaster. The operation and controls are simple and the results are terrific with even browning for all sizes and types of bread. As most toasters nowadays, it has cool-wall built functionality. The browning control is consistent and once set there is no need to re-adjust. It might have been better to have each two slots differently variable but this is an observation rather than an pickup. We like bagels but although i don’t mind both sides toasted some people prefer one sided toasting which this toaster can’t do. Can’t fault the toaster at all and would recommend to anyone.

Having been bought the kettle as a present, i liked it so much that i went out and bought the toaster to match. Products look great together and although expensive, i’m glad i spent the extra money.

Bought this to match the kettle. Nice simplistic design that goes well with the kettle. Its toasts bread and looks very stylish – what more do you want?.

Excellent toaster with great features.

Really good but the toast sometimes jumps right out.

Takes thick sliced bread browns accurarately,and toasts quickly. Very satisfied with this product.

Expensive but well worth the money. Looks great and certainly seems to have the build quality to last.

I liked this until two of the slots lever broke after 3 months from purchase and not used frequently. I cannot find anyway to return the item for a replacement.

The functions are basic and build quality is average in areas but it was for a new modern kitchen so looks the part.