Morphy Richards 400405 Total Control Folding Stand Mixer – : STYLISH

An excellent buy i am so pleased with it.

It is easy to use and has settings for meringues and cakes that make light work of baking. It also looks fab when stored in its cover. The whisk attachments are great for whipping cream and egg whites.

Is easy to assemble and folds down for the lid to cover. Would perform better if the mixing bowl was more rounded as i find having to scrape the sides often when mixing. Other than that it does the job.

I used it a few weeks ago & i am very pleased with the performance & practicality of folding away to store this.

Really pleased with the machine, excellent price too. Does everything you need and if you are short on space it’s ideal, so easy to store away.

Easy to use straight out of the box and easy to clean. The automatic function is great. I have used numerous times with perfect results every time.

Haven’t used it as bought for christmas present but looks the part especially being able to fold it.

Amazing product would recommend.

  • Not suitable for bread dough.
  • I used it a few weeks ago & I am very pleased with the performance & practicality of folding away to
  • Five Stars

Morphy Richards 400405 Total Control Folding Stand Mixer – White

Product Description, Introducing the Total Control Folding Stand Mixer – the simple way to bring confidence to your cooking.
The Total Control Folding Stand MIxer allows you to effortlessly prepare mixes, batters and dough for baking or even homemade sauces, dips and mashed potato, with the confidence and reassurance that Smart Response Technology delivers.
The Total Control Folding Stand Mixer combines uncompromising quality with a stylish design. Robust, versatile and easy to use, with the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre the Total Control Folding Stand Mixer will quickly become your favourite kitchen appliance.
The stand mixer comes complete with a large 5 Litre mixing bowl, dough hook for homemade breads and pastries, beater for cake and cookie mixtures and a whisk for meringues and icing

Box Contains, 1 x Total Control folding stand mixer, IB

From the manufacturer

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The Folding Stand Mixer’s easy to store design and innovative smart technology make it a must have for the cook with big ideas, but a smaller kitchen.

Morphy Richards is your true partner in the kitchen, providing the right appliances, knowledge and experience so that any cook can feel supported on their culinary journey, no matter what level of experience you have. Their products provide inspiration and support to your home cooking giving you good results every time.

Morphy Richards 400405 Total Control Folding Stand Mixer – White

Giving you the power to create with confidence

The Total Control Folding Stand Mixer allows you to create delicious cakes to mouth-watering meringues with the confidence and reassurance that Smart Response Technology delivers. Smart Response Technology allows you to have Total Control of the mixing process with the simple touch of a button. With two programmes for Victoria sponge and whipped cream, so you can sit back and let the mixer do all of the hard work.

  • Smart Response Technology allows you to have Total Control of the mixing process with the simple touch of a button.
  • Two programmed settings for egg whites, whipping cream, Victoria sponge, butter cream, white bread dough and multigrain/seeded bread dough.
  • Six speeds for control when making recipes to your taste and a pulse setting for adding short bursts of power.
  • Folding design for a perfect, compact storage solution.
  • Three sets of stainless steel attachments. Cake beater attachment, whisk and pastry dough hook. All dishwasher safe.

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Smart response technology for total control

Smart Response Technology automatically varies the power, maintaining the right speed for the right mixing task, delivering consistent results every time – this is cruise control for stand mixers.

Choose from either manual or pre-programmed settings, even inexperienced cooks can have confidence in the kitchen.

Simply select the programme you desire and add your ingredients and be in complete mixing control. The mixer will automatically vary the amount of input power to maintain the desired mixing speed no matter of load level. The mixer will also automatically pause when additional ingredients are required and with a simple press of the button it will start from where it left off.

Automatic settings

The product features two pre-set programs for whipping cream and Victoria sponge. It’s also easy to use on manual settings to aid food preparation.

The automatic settings deliver the right amount of power needed at the right time to help effortlessly prepare a wide range of recipes and dishes, from meringues to crusty loaves, all with the confidence and reassurance that Smart Response Technology delivers.

Mix, fold, store

The Total Control Folding Stand Mixer from Morphy Richards combines quality, functionality and an easy storage into a multi-use food mixer appliance.

The Folding Stand Mixer is designed to be compact as it folds to a 1/3 of its height. This product is appropriately suited to kitchens where space is an issue.

Six speed settings

The Total Control Folding Stand Mixer has six speed settings making preparation quick and easy. Different speeds can be applied by selecting the speeds on the easy to use dial.

An integrated pause function helps you create precisely mixed ingredients as you can pause at any time within the mixing process. Simply press the soft touch button to pause mixing, with another press of the button the mixer will start again from where you left off, giving you power to create with confidence.

Powerful motor

The Total Control Plastic Stand Mixer combines quality with a good design. It is easy to use, while benefiting from a powerful 300 W motor.

Automatic Settings

Mix, Fold, Store

Six Speed Settings

Powerful Motor

Beater attachment

Easy to attach beater for making cakes to cookies.

Whisk attachment

Easy to attach whisk for whisking creams to egg whites.

Dough hook

Easy to attach dough hook for kneading dough and pastry mixtures.

Beater Attachment

Whisk Attachment

Dough Hook

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I bought this actually as a replacement for a friends one which i broke. It says not to use for long periods of time (like a few minutes) but i was trying to make aquafaba meringue which takes a bit of a beatingso because i had it one for longer than it suggested, it must have overheated and fried the insides, made so much noise after that i felt awful and bought her a new one. So in summary, good for if you’re mixing small things which don’t take much time. But for heavier use, get something more robust.

Good idea to pause and stir halfway through to get bottom and sides and a little noisy. But for the price i don’t really see the issue with that.

A great compact mixer, that’s ideal for storing away in limited space. It does the job well, mixing and is very easy to use, with excellent results. Making cakes now is far easier than life use to be without.

It is easily and neatly stored in cupboard.

Excellent small cake mixer, just what my wife wanted.

I was given this product to trial. I was very excited to try it as we usually do our baking manually. Firstly i loved the way it looked. Very retro and a nice colour. The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Being stainless steel is also a plus when whisking cream as it stays cool. The product folds up nice and neatly and has a lid. Unfolding the product is easy just press the button and lift. I have made several cakes with this mixer and my first attempt was judged by my kids as the best cake i have ever made. I love the automatic functions as you just put the ingredients in and let it do its magic. I did try pastry in this but i think my recipe was out (it was only my second attempt) and it wasn’t great. But think this was more down to me. I will be doing a few more bits in the next week and will update. All in all a great product and i would definitely recommend it.

Easy to use & comapct to store.

I was given the morphy richards total control folding stand mixer as part of a home trial and asked to review it. It does everything you would expect a mixer to do and the automatic function is great. It’s compact and the fact it folds up neatly into it’s own box means you can stow it away neatly in a cupboard rather than having it standing on a worktop. The fact that only the bowl rotates (rather than the beaters) means that you have to stop it and manually mix in the ingredients that have been missed around the edge. (i’d recommend using a different spatula to the one provided as it’s not very flexible). There is no splashguard so dry ingredients such as flour tend to create a bit of a cloud when the mixer starts, but easily remedied with a damp tea towel over, and it’s a tad noisy but other than that it’s a lovely little mixer.

  • Not suitable for bread dough.
  • I used it a few weeks ago & I am very pleased with the performance & practicality of folding away to
  • Five Stars

Morphy Richards 400405 Total Control Folding Stand Mixer – White

I chose this for being compact for our small kitchen, but it would be great for any sized kitchen. It has useful features and tools and mixes all types of mixtures. It has a powerful motor for its size and even on speed 1 it copes with and needs a decent size portion. I thoroughly recommend it and it’s great value for money.

I have been using this mixer for a month and i like the way it is performing. Very easy and simple to use and more easy to clean. The plus point is it is very compact and ideal for small kitchens. It mixes very well and my biscuits and cakes turned out very well.

This mixer is not suitable for bread dough, only pastry dough. Unlike what the listing saysi bought this specifically for bread dough, and upon checking the manual when i first received the item it states this. Apart from this, it is a well made machine. It really is tiny when folded up and will store well. Sadly having to return to get one that can do bread dough.

My mrs loves it, saves her a lot of time and pain trying to mix by hand.

I was given this mixer by morphy richards as part of a trial and have been asked to review it. The main advantage of this over a standard mixer is that it folds down and is easy to store. The bowl is quite large which allows a good sized cake to be mixed. I tested it with a christmas cake mixture and found it worked well. The only issue i have found is that the beaters do not get to the mixture in the middle of the bowl so you have to stop it from time to time and mix with a spatula. This is a good little mixer and i will continue to use it regularly.

Had one of these for a couple of weeks and i must say i am impressed. I didn’t think it would be ‘man’ enough for real mixing but it coped with everything i threw at it. Of course, being a folding design, it stores away easily and leaves me more space on my worktop. Thanks morphy richards – a winner for sure.

I have trialled this over the past month and am very happy with it. It is very easy to use and cleans easily. The fact that the mixing bowl is dishwasher safe is very useful. My colleagues at work have enjoyed testing my baking. The fact that it folds down compactly into a box is ingenious as it means it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your cupboard.

Absolutely love this little mixer.

For a compact mixer it makes great cakes, with no failures so far. The ingredients are all mixed in well, with no lumpy bits or missed areas. We used a hand mixer previously but due to the brilliant results we only use the compact mixer now. The only issue is although the mixer sits quite nicely in a small space, you still need space for the bowl and accessories. Butter cream is amazing though, so light and fluffy.

I was given this mixer as part of a trial in return for an unbiased review. The mixer was easy to set up, the first thing i made was a banana loaf, it turned out superbly, the automatic function made it so easy to use. I then used the egg white function to make meringues, i did need to turn the bowl occasionally as advised in the instructions but that wasn’t a problem, the spatula provided isn’t the best, i used a more flexible one i already owned. It is easy to fold and the attachments can be stored in the bowl. It has a very small footprint so i have left it out on the work surface which means i have baked more than normal, there is also a manual function if you want more control. All in all a great mixer for the price, hence the 5 star review.

I was given this mixer by morphy richards as part of a trial. This is a honest, genuine review however. I am not great in the kitchen and actually haven’t made cakes for at least the last 20 years. However, i have recently retired due to ill health and the morphy richards total control folding stand mixer arrived at the right time. The morphy richards total control folding stand mixer has two automatic programmes, one for sponge cake and the other for whisking eggs but you can also operate the mixer manually. It also folds very well so only takes up a small space and has a lid to hold it together. The bowl does turn automatically however, the instructions do advise that you assist the bowl and also to turn the bowl anti-clockwise to assist with the mixing. This is necessary and isn’t difficult to do. The first cake i made was a sponge cake on the automatic programme, it worked very well. I followed the instructions and was very pleased with the result.

Very simple to use, more powerful than it looks. I was a bit dubious about the auto settings as i didn’t believe that it could complete the process in two minutes but the results spoke for themselves.

For six months this product was excellent then one of the beaters snapped while i was making cake mix – have tried and failed to find and buy replacements – not impressed, considering the cost, with the quality of the beaters or the ability to buy replacement parts – would buy a different brand next time.

Lovely and compact just what i needed for me and my boys to cook and bake 😁.

I love it much better than old one cos it very old since 1996, so my husband bought me for xmas present i am so happy have new one and it easy fold up and put away in cupboard thumb up.

This mixer certainly does a good job. It beats well and the auto setting turns out. This was made for people like me who have small kitchens.

Really great if you have limited storage space in your kitchen as it folds away into a small box which is great for storage. It has two automatic programs which are great for sponges and whipping egg whites. Both done to perfection when i used them. The bowl is a very generous size and will rotate when the mixer is turned on and is in use, even though they recommend you turn it manually, but that is not necessary. Perfect results each time and so easy to use and put away. No fiddly catches or difficult clips involved just nice big, smooth buttons to press to fold down and open up. Excellent product which is very easy to use. Cake in picture is one of the first ones made with this product and excellent result achieved.

I was given this product to test by morphy richards but this is an unbiased review. I usually use a hand mixer and have toyed with the idea of buying a stand mixer for a long time but having limited space has put me off. This is a great alternative as folds down neatly and can be stored away in a cupboard. You do have to find storage for the bowl and tools separately though. Found very easy to use and automatic functions a bonus. You have to scrape the bowl down periodically but a friend has an expensive branded mixer and has to do the same. L wouldn’t now go back to a hand mixer as this is much easier and quicker. If you want a stand mixer and have limited space you won’t go wrong with this product.

Features and Spesification

  • Smart response technology allows you to have total control of the mixing process with the simple touch of a button
  • Folding for compact storage folds to 1/3 its height for compact storage
  • Two programmed settings for making cakes and creams, giving you total control
  • Six speeds for control when making recipes to your taste
  • Three sets of stainless steel attachments. Cake mixing attachments, whisks and pastry dough hooks. All dishwasher safe