Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor : acceptable

I haven’t used it yet but it is compact and easily stored. The power seems good enough.

This processor collapses down quite small for storing away in a drawer. Each accessory such as blade, whisk slicer etc has its own designated storage space, keeping everything contained inside, so no more searching for that lost piece.

First of all what a fantastic product. This machine has made all my food prep significantly easier. I now spend less time chopping ingredients with a conventional knife and more time blitzing through the work thanks to this machine, and the storage unit is a lovely touch.I can’t believe i never got one of these sooneras always top quality, reliable product from morphy richards.

This compact device is a food prepper’s dream. It has a tiny footprint on the counter with intelligently designed storage so all parts are stored within the mixer. It’s straightforward to use and incredibly simple to clean. I’ve used this for making purees and for bulk grating cheese – yes it’s that diverse in range of use. Parts are incredibly sharp so do watch yourself, but they all come with protectors, and a useful set of cards indicating which attachment is good for what purpose. Brilliant and necessary bit of kit.

My only mean was fiddly trying to get it to work the motor conecting with bowl. Once i’ve madtered it (i still fall foul occasionally) i live it it’s very versatile.

I got this product hoping it would make my prep work quicker and easier and it defiantly does. The machine is easy to clean due to the parts being easy to assemble and detach. As well as this due to the internal storage system it allows for the parts to kept together and means the machine is easy to store and doesn’t take up loads of room. Overall the product is easy to store and clean and is excellent when doing any recipes that have a lot of vegetable prep.

This is a fantastic food processor it also has the added bonus that all the accessories fit neatly in the unit, so no more rumbling around the back of the cupboard looking for attachments. The unit itself is well made it has significantly reduced my time prepping veg for soups etc. I find this has encouraged me to make more food from scratch as you can blitz through the veg super quick. The unit was easy to set up it also has useful safety features so that if it’s not locked in place the unit will not work. All in i’m extremely pleased with the food processor.

I am still finding it a challenge to set it up correctly, so not using as much as i should. Perhaps it should come with a link to a youtube page going through all the different ways to use it.

  • Slicing attachement catches bottom of lid, shaving plastic
  • Top quality
  • Brilliant All Rounder

Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor for Innovative Meal Prep with All in One Easy Storage Solution, BPA Free Mixing Bowl, 350 W, White

Product Description, Our busy, hectic lives are often so demanding that many of us struggle to find time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. Coupled with the daunting Prospect of using a whole host of kitchen gadgets to create one dish, quick and unhealthy meals then become the alternative. prep star is about to change that, prep star is uniquely compact at half the size of a conventional food processor, but with double the capacity. prep star fits perfectly inside a standard kitchen cupboard, overcoming the disadvantage of other food processors which are too tall to store away neatly. Inside the 4L mixing bowl is a storage caddy with Specialised compartments to house 6 interchangeable attachments when not in use. prep star has the versatility to create an array of delicious finished meals and ingredients by simply attaching the desired accessory. If you’re looking for vegan meal inspiration or just trying out veganuary, prep star can chop, mix and Whizz up a variety of vegan friendly recipes to last You the week. Try out a spiced black bean burger, falafel and chunky guacamole recipe to put prep star to the test. Prep star allows you the freedom to organise and prepare your meals in advance and store in convenient containers for later use. Prep star – one kitchen machine, multiple possibilities.

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Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor, All in One Easy Storage, BPA Free Mixing Bowl

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prepstar customer generated recipe content

prepstar customer generated recipe content

Cheese Cake

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Buddah Bowl

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Spiced Black Bean Burger & Falafel

Quick and Healthy Dishes Our Customers Made

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Stir Fry

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Good concept but very difficult to use almost cut my thumb trying to click it in n very difficult to put parts back in the bowl.

Love the compactness of this, the fitting of the blade correctly can be fiddly til you get used. Happy with the choice of tools n storage, fits into a cupboard easily.

Very pleased with this food processor. Looks great and all parts store inside neatly and the unit itself fits in cupboard easily.

I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets so when a friend recommended this to me, i thought i would buy it as i haven’t had a food processor for a few years and used to love making my own coleslaw but find it a nightmare with a grater. The unit is very compact unlike most food processors and another big plus is that all the attachments slot nicely in their own places within the unit for storage so no risk of losing the small attachments (grating/slicing blades etc). After a couple of tries (i am not one to read instructions), it was easy to assemble and use. Grating carrots and cabbage for coleslaw was easy. I am yet to use all of the machine parts but i am sure they will also save me time in the kitchen.

Everything stores in one place.

This is a fairly well thought out food processor with a modular design for ease of various prepping tasks and storage in the kitchen as everything required fits in the main unit. Inside the mixing bowl is another bowl for storage which holds all the different accessories for neatly (the whisk is held underneath); this keeps everything together nicely so you don’t have to worry losing the odd bits and pieces. The included instructions i personally found to be easy enough to get it set-up first time; i would highly recommend giving the instructions a read as it also includes the tool type and speed recommendations for specific foods for the optimum results. The mixing bowl has an decent enough amount of grip on the grip and there are several safety measures put in place so that if everything isn’t properly locked in place, it will not work. I was really impressed with the slicer attachment which did a fantastic job at making even slices, however the food chute i personally found to be a little small in the sense that it won’t fit a cucumber through, you’ll have to slice up half segments. The fine grater on the other hand, whilst what was grated was nicely find, it did struggle with cheese, so i would recommend going for the larger grater or simply leave the grating to a manual cheese grater. On the much higher speeds, there were a couple of times where the vibrations would knock the lid mechanism away from the lock position which would mean the process would stop until you re-locked it, so that’s something to bare in mind could happen; best to support the lid when in use on certain tasks. As for cleaning, it’s very simple as there’s not much parts that are exposed and it’s all easily disassembled.

Have not used all the features on this yet but like the way it all packs together for storage. Took a few attempts to work out how to fit all the different bits together but please with it so far.

Took me awhile to work out how exactly to fit the attachment, but once i did i like the compactness of it. The blades are very sharp and so you have to be careful not to cut yourself getting them off the stem and cleaning them. Also make sure the pillar is set in the right position before locking it on as it can get stuck, but once i got used to it i like it.

  • Slicing attachement catches bottom of lid, shaving plastic
  • Top quality
  • Brilliant All Rounder

Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor for Innovative Meal Prep with All in One Easy Storage Solution, BPA Free Mixing Bowl, 350 W, White

Overhaul it a great bit of kit, but it can be a fiddly to match up the power unit to the bladeit can take few tries, by turning the blade slightly and re-fitting the power unit. With this in mind it best to feed the food through the slot, don’t take the top off and add more as its even harder to line everything up to process again.

This works well, but a real hussle to fit the motor in the correct place. Got the motor stuck once because you cannot see where to line up. But to be fair, once i mastered it. It works very well, and is very versatile.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks and i’m really pleased with it. The storage for all the attachments is brilliant. No more losing track of them and running risks of cut when rummaging for bladesi found it a bit difficult getting the motor and lid into position, but im getting the hang of it. It’s easy to wash, although the bowl is the storage so things hang around in the kitchen while waiting for drying. Its powerful, i’ve whipped egg whites, mixed various energy ball type mixes and chopped nuts. It does quite well with small amounts, which is unusual in such a large bowl. Overall i think it’s a great machine.

A great food processor and excellent value for money. All the accessories for chopping, whipping, grating, slicing etc store neatly in the bowl for easy storage.

All the bits are stored inside so saves on space. Makes light work of prepping the veg for coleslaws and casseroles.

I love that this food processor saves space in my kitchen, all the attachments fit neatly in the bowl. It’s super stylish, the colors are very similar to joseph and joseph and it’s good value with all the attachments you’d expect. It feels like a high-end piece of kit.

It’s a bit fiddly however works really well once you’ve got it sussed. Easy to clean, packs away really neatly so not going to lose the accessories, well designed, however i wouldn’t have paid full rrp for it.

Pleased with processor but find it very complicated to use.

I couldn’t wait for this item to be received and get using. Took a little to understand how it all fits together to work but the biggest issue was no where in the instructions did it say push down to operate this caught me out. Once i worked out how to operate, i’m in love with this, made genaro 5 ingredients pasta sauce which i use to hand grate all ingredients, this unit made this easy as apple pie, half the time and also so easy to clean afterwards. Putting everything back into the holder you need to line everything up to allow the bowl to fall down further to fit everything in. It’s now in the cupboard taking up a little space. Love love just love this item.

Bought this mainly to slice onions – does the job. Bowl holds more than my last considerably more expensive processor and it really does store much more easily in the cupboard.

Easy to use, and makes a whole range of dishes. My new favourite kitchen appliance.

I love it 💜, replaced all the devices i used in the past, really ingenious arrangement.

Very easy to use and very useful.

This a an all round good product. I use mine 2/3 times a week and find it simple to use as well as being a powerful helpful kitchen aid.

My morphy richards 401012 prepstar food processor came without instructions, so my initial use was a little trial and error and it’s not immediately intuitive, however once i got the hang of inserting the motor correctly (more than one way to insert) it worked well for regular chopping. Large bowl worked well, and didn’t usually leave too much content along the side of the bowl like some processors. One reason i purchased was because of the space saving this offered, which does work well but in the end i fond i was using daily so inserting everything into the bowl daily became tiresome, so this feature in the end was less of a feature. But if you want a processor that you use rarely, this space saving unit would be perfect. The bowl and attachments can go in the dishwasher, but the lid can’t which is often sprayed with food, so that needs to be manually wiped or washed. The bottom of the motor sometimes needs wiping too, although not so often. Problem i found was with the slicing attachment. The blade protrudes high (be careful, i sliced my thumb) and the problem with that is, because that sits just under the lid when the unit is rotating the blade catches the bottom of the lid and the first two occasions mine shaved plastic from the bottom of the lid into the bowl. I don’t know if that is just bad luck on my part having a faulty blade attachment or a design flaw, hard to tell. But for that reason i have chosen to return.

It’s storage facility is great and even though twice the capacity of my last processor it takes up less space. For someone who loves cooking but with a v small kitchen it’s really very good. It does take a few uses to get used to putting it togeather (motor up / down) but it’s worth it to be able to store all the plates /whisks etc together along with some really sturdy credit card instructions. I did read reviews that cleaning the motor was awkward. I’ve not found this even when making hollandaise sauce or pesto. I’ve just wiped down with hot soapy water. As i say i’m a fan and would recommend or buy as a prezzy for others.

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a superb all round alternative versus my usual mixer, chopper, grater etc. Love how compact the unit is and how easy it is to store taking up much less space than all the individual kitchen gadgets that i have. I’ve now tried using this unit for lots of different recipes where i needed to use lots of the attachments including pasta, bread, finely chopped veg, grated cheese. It’s also brilliant for preparing food for my 9 month old baby. Best of all, it’s really easy to use.

Features and Spesification

  • Grate, chop, mix, whip and slice with the 6 included attachments, in one, easy to use, easy to store, electric compact food processor
  • Unique storage – all the accessories store neatly inside This food processor, putting an end to lost parts
  • Easy to use – prep star has 6 speeds and a pulse mode, allowing you to take Total control of your meal preparation
  • Easy to store – this compact food processor fits neatly inside your kitchen drawers, with no compromise on capacity
  • Generous capacity – the large 4L mixing bowl which has a working capacity of up to 1. 6L, doubles up as a storage caddy for all the accessories
  • Time saving – Enjoy the things you love, all without having to compromise on nutritious diets
  • Perfect for gifting – perfect for fitness fanatics, foodies or the time poor
  • Bpa Free mixing bowl. Jug material: plastic; blade material: stainless steel