Morphy Richards 48415 Easy Blend – – easy to use and easy to keep clean

Love this blender so easy to clean, no problems with ice and really crushed everything- the cleaning factor is massive for me as so easy.

When i first got this product it worked amazingly well i was very happy with it. It’s been 2 months since i had it and all that’s been blended in it is soft banana and strawberries and it’s now broken it won’t work anymore. It’s a real shame as i loved it and it was great value for money.

This is the best thing i ever got on amazon. It was a great price, it works perfectly and i have it for almost 3 years now.

Wouldn’t be without it-where can i get another one from?.

This is cheap as blenders go but it is very good at blending down food. It is extremely easy to use. The downside is that the internal seal stretches easily and i have had to replace it already.

Brilliant product, can blend a multiple items and always comes out smooth, nice small sleak design which is easy to keep stored in a kitchen side so you don’t need to keep getting it out of a cupboard, only downside is can get quite loud but what more can you expect from a spinning blade.

We’ve been using ours nearly every day for 3 months. So pleased, and feeling very righteous with our morning smoothies. Had a bit of a burn-out last week, but it just needed to cool down. Will probably upgrade to the ninja when it packs up, but its been excellent in establishing that we’re firmly aboard the personal blending bandwaggon.

So easy to set up, use and does the job. However can’t leave on too long as it makes a burning smell like when a hair dryer overheats. Great for juices though which is what i wanted it for and so cheap too.

The fact that there are two drinks containers both with lids makes this really good value for money. So good i’m buying another for someone.

Understand from other reviews there is a smell but it’s nothing compare to how well this works,however if you gave weak hands do not buy as it can be a bit tricky to slip in to , but it does blend the perfect milkshakes ( straw berry sauce,milk,ice cream and blend ).

I have never wrote a review before but i am absolutley over the moon with this product, i have seen similar products for £99 so for the price it is amazing. Also to my suprise my order was delivered the very next day. Also i thought it only came with one bottle and i was happy to find it actually came with two. I usually drink very thick lumpy protien shakes but this blender mixes them up perfectly into a smooth milk shake. Cant wait to experiment further with it.

After reading some of the reviews written i was very dubious about purchasing the blender but i can honestly say it is one of the best i have ever owned it’s powerful and works a treat. So easy to clean and it’s very easy to store away as it’s not big and chunky. Only took 20 seconds blitzing my soup on what would take me 5 minutes with a hand held device. 110% recommend this worth every penny.

I bought this on recommendation from several friends. I like the two goblets and two sports tops but what i don’t like – and was the reason i got rid of my previous blender – is the noise and the hot smell when using it. Not sure it’s supposed to be like that but my last blender was too. So i am assuming it’s something i have to put up with if i want to make smoothies. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards 48415 Easy Blend –:

  • Comes with two 750 ml measuring marked beakers, two lids and blades, ideal for drinks on the go
  • Features two speeds, pulse and off, means that you can get consistency whatever you are blending
  • Stainless steel ice crushing blades for mixing frozen fruit smoothies or ice cocktails
  • Compact unit with cord tidy to conserve kitchen space
  • Easy clean – once you have blended your drink, unscrew the blades and rinse under the tap

I bought it to replace one where you had to stand there holding the button to blend. This one blends on its own, once you set one of the two speeds. The blender, two cups, two drinking lids and a blade lid, good deal for the price.

Yes it works well with ice fruits to make smoothies (what i used it for) and it does it job. Considering the price of it i think its well worth the money as it even includes 2 cups with it. The downfalls would be that it gives a rubbery smell when using it (nothing big) and bits of the inside of the cup broke off into my drink the first time i used it. (i guess its from the frozen mango hitting it).

I could not do without it now. It’s changed my eating habits and makes it easy to get my 5 a day fruit intake. Other than that, ice coffees, ice cream even soups.

Makes me my breakfast everyday. Pretty easy to clean apart from right at the bottom of the cup if you have big hands. Seals seem to pop off under very hot water so be careful. Doesn’t always cut banana up perfectly, but i don’t always leave it on for long. Two shaker bottles is ideal so i can be lazy and not wash up :).

Pretty small, but works better than my last one. It also doubles up as a shaker, so ones you’re finished blending you turn it upside down, open it up and it’s already in the glass. It can’t handle anything too hard, but it does the job for smoothies and shakes.

You always have to have either water or milk in. I tried making a sauce which was basically just, mint leaves, olive oil, avocados etc and a little coconut milk. This didn’t blend it all so i had to add a lot of water for it to blend and i ended up with too much sauce.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes great smoothies, blender on the budget! However the spares are very expensive
  • This has been soo great – I got it two years ago when I
  • Good product

I bought it two years ago it is working good but the silicon seal at the base is fragile & breaks in operation. I have replaced it twice and now i have been using it without it, it does leak now but motor still works.

Does the job and haven’t struggled with any fruit to blend, i’ve used ice in it before and it blended it perfectly. Have the container you blend you food in as a bottle/cup is extremely useful. However, one slight problem is that some liquid does leak out of the lid but only if it’s filled to the top completely.

Perfect to blend my smoothies.

Not overly impressed with this product. Didn’t blend as well as what i thought it would and also had a bit of a burning smell when using it. Didn’t know if this was just because it was new and would go away, however just wasn’t overly impressed with the quality so sent it back. Not a bad product but simple case of ‘you get what you pay for’ – i just wanted something a little more substantial.

However it didn’t work at first, so i banged the base a few times and it’s worked perfectly ever since. The two cups are great for two busy people on the go. We even put terry’s chocolate orange in our smoothies and it has no problems breaking it up. For the price it’s a bargain, lots of happy smoothies made.

I’ve had this product for a little over a year now and it is worth the buy. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is because if you’re like me and you make smoothies or use the blender daily. After a while the liquid starts to sip through the bottom of the lid while it’s blending :/but despite that everything works fine 👍🏾.

Amazing value for the price – i’ve used it every day since i bought it, it really does a great job of making smooth drinks out of frozen and fresh fruits.

I use it pretty much every day and it is still going and i got this pretty early last year. There was an initial burning smell but that was only because it was new and only lasted the first couple of uses. As of now, it is still going strong and doesn’t show any signs of giving up on me.

Great little juicer for the price , works a treat.

It’s so quick and easy to use. Cleaning takes 20/30seconds. The spare ‘beaker’ is so handy also. You can make 2 good size drinks and store them in the fridge or take to work/gym. It’s easy to consume 5-10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day with this. I purchased a smoothie recipe book too. Really pleased and totally recommend.

Really great smoothie and juicer. Having the two huge cups is so good because you can share with a friend.

Economical but got fried in 6 months.

The shaker broke recently but other than that worth the buy.

Seals on the measure broke down and ended up in the blender.

I was a bit skeptical about buying this as its cheap compared with the bullet at £100 – but its perfect and does the job just as well. I have stuffed it with all sorts and it blends beautifully.

This has been soo great – i got it two years ago when i was going through a smoothie phase in summer, and it saw me through that. Apart from that it helps puree just about anything. Be warned, however, that if you put anything harder than a raw carrot in (or ice or frozen berries), it begins to give off a plasticky smell, and you’ll see the (small) marks on the base when you open it. However, any fresh fruit with milk works beautifully, as do avocadoes, tomoatoes etc. The sealed cup with it is also a nice touch.

Haven’t used it yet as i am moving out next month but i turned it on and made sure it worked. It’s a must have, love the colour and the size.

I have used mine every day for monthly, with the exception of the o rings a very robust piece of kit. If you are not careful the o rings can get entangled with the blades. Also, it is not supposed to be used for linger than 20 seconds at a time, which can limit what/how much you try and blend.

I don’t know how i managed without this. I love making smoothies during summer as much for the health benefits and the reduced cost. I recommend his to anyone it only takes a few minutes to prepare but the results are worthwhile,.

Does just as well as the expensive blenders. I’ve been looking for a smoothie maker with the cup attachment for a while and have friends that have the expensive make ones, this does everything there’s does i have crushed veg, ice, frozen fruit and it blends perfect. May take longer to blend but worth saving the money for .

I bought this as a gift for my partner and she uses it every day, so handy, easy to use and easy to keep clean.

The item was delivered in good time and looks exactly like the picture. Although this item is a lot cheaper than other smoothie blenders it definitely does a very good job. It blends the fruit perfectly and there are different speed settings to help break up ice if use it in your smoothies. Would highly recommend this item as it is very good value for money.

Have used this a few times, and it works brilliantly as a blender, but the first few times there was a faint smell coming from the motor. I used this on pulse and tried not to be to harsh, but i can still smell the very faint burning smell. Have followed the instruction booklet, but cannot seem to find what the problem is.

Just the job – no messing about with different knick-knacks – just fill container and affix to appliance and you are away. Very very simple to us and very efficient for diet drinks and smoothies etc. ‘takes very little room up and i i leave it out on the side – looks good, does the job and i just love it.

It is a small, but powerful blender, came with two cups and it was making great smoothies for about an year. After one year of use (used it like once or twice a week), the seal at the bottom where the knives are, gave up and the blender cup started leaking black greasy substance both outside and inside the cup while blending. I though, things break, right?. But why the heck a replacement part costs more than 2/3rds of what i paid for the whole blender, i wonder?.

This is the second time i buy this. Got this item for my home abroad then like it so much got a second one for the uk.

Seal got shredded up on 3 use; continued using without and all working very well. -use it every morning without fail for smoothies. It doesn’t do warm drinks though.

I really liked this product, but after less than a year of using it, it started to have a burning smell and was having a really bad noise when turned on, so i was scared to continue using it. Amazon dealt with the problem great though, as i received a year warranty with this product so i was able to get a refund, but i’m a bit disappointed that it stopped working because i really liked using it.

This is great for the money. Really easy to use as there isn’t much to it. It’s not big and bulky in the kitchen, but my only criticism is that the jugs are a bit big for what i need them for but some people might like them bigger to hold more in them.