Morphy Richards 501012 Soup Maker : Five Stars

Perfect does exactly what it says on the tin.

Query good i would definitely recommend to my friends.

Absolutely brilliant (so far). Only had it for about 6 weeks – and it’s still working. Chop a load of veg add salt, pepper, stock and water, switch on and select program. 21 minutes later – piping hot (and i mean extremely hot – so be careful), lovely, homemade soup. Followed a few recipes and also just chucked a few bits of this and that in it. Not had anything that i did not like yet. It produces enough in one hit to cater for 4-5 people. Much tastier and healthier than any tinned crud.

. Lots of capacity and easy to use for tasty,healthy soups.

Fantastic soup maker, very easy, makes quality soups.

Brilliant, lovely home made soup. Have used it so many times now. No waste from our home grown veg plot.

This is just the most amazing piece of kitchen equipment i’ve ever bought. And believe me , i have a lot of useless stuff used once or twice then abandonedthis is really easy to use and makes perfect soup every time.

Brilliant, delivered within three days. Easy to use with excellent results. Easy to see function controls. Would recommend and good price.

  • So far so good .
  • Best soupmaker ever.
  • Brilliant, lovely home made soup

Morphy Richards 501012 Soup Maker with Serrator Blade in Stainless Steel & Black

The Morphy Richards 501012 Soup maker with Serrator Blade is the fuss-free way to make delicious soup. In as little as 21 minutes, you can be sitting down with a bowl of delicious homemade soup made to your own personal taste and consistency. There are 4 setting that enable you to create your own; blend, chunky, smooth & juice.

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Fab, iv made smooth tomato, lentil and basil soup and chunky leek and potato soup both yummy and cooked in an instant.

Would recommend cant beleave how easy it was.

A presant for my daughter, who is delighted, and constantly sings the products praises.

When my old blender finally broke i bought this primarily with the intention of making soups, but happy to have the option of using it for juicing and blending cold ingredients. After using it for a week, i find it efficient, practical, easy to use and clean, with none of the drawbacks mentioned in adverse reviews, providing you avoid overfilling and lightly grease the base plate before adding ingredients so that they do not stick. This may be a potential disadvantage in future (mine arrived with a warning from the manufacturer: ‘some ingredients can adhere to the base of the soup maker during cooking, this is normal’) but i have not found it to be a problem so far. I have given four stars only because i have not been using the soup maker long enough to give an unqualified thumbs up.

I got one for christmas (2015). The best thing i have ever had. Makes fab soup either smooth or chunky (stew). It has never burned and i do put big chunks of veg in. I do make a bouillon stock (bought as powder) using boiling water. I use it every day and take some to work. Even work colleagues have bought one on tasting the soups i make. Have recipe books but great to put your own combinations together. Sweet potato,parsnip and carrot make a lovely smooth soup. Bought from amazon at a promotional/reduced price.

This is a brilliant piece of kit. I’ve never been a soup lover but having recently made the decision to become vegetarian i have been exploring new dishes and decided to give this soup maker a go. Well all i can say is i’m now a complete convert. Received it, took it out of the box, chucked some broccoli, potato, onion and stilton in, topped it up with some vegetable stock and in 20 minutes i was tucking into a bowl of excellent soup. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and the soup was delicious. It made oceans, so i’m looking forward to a bowl tomorrow with a hunk of homemade bread. Don’t hesitate, get one of these.

Absolutely brilliant but make sure you chop the veg very small.

  • So far so good .
  • Best soupmaker ever.
  • Brilliant, lovely home made soup

Morphy Richards 501012 Soup Maker with Serrator Blade in Stainless Steel & Black

Brilliant makes lovely soup in next to no time.

I find it difficult to adjust the thicknesses , pressing the indicator is difficult for me but i have arthritis. It was recommended to me for its easy handling to clean which i find excellent.

One of the best gadgets we ever bought.

Very pleased with this soup maker. Have made a few soups and they have been very easy to make, and taste good.

It is a brilliant piece of equipment, so easy to use and will quickly make a meal in a bowl. I can’t give it 5 stars as the contents stick and burn on the bottom because of the intense heat. When that happens the soup maker will not work. On speaking to customer services at mr they know there is a problem and suggest that the liquid is put in first and the rest of the ingredients on top. This is not stated in the user instructions and it does not really work as the ingredients sink to the bottom rapidly. In spite of being told to soak in hot soapy water to clean and remove the burnt remains this does not always work depending on how baked on the burn is. I now have a soup maker with some of the base covered in baked on food that will not come off therefore causing it not to work. Apart from that there is the hygiene issue.

Makes great tasting soup very quickly.

Didn’t buy mine from amazon as i spotted one heavily discounted when out shopping for a kettle. I’d researched a soup maker from amazon reviewers and there seemed to be some problem around burning ingredients affecting performance. I can safely say that this model does not have any problems, just follow the instructions. Basically, prepare your ingredients and pop in the maker, press a couple of buttons and 21 minutes later you have a perfect smooth soup. I’ve been using mine for over three months and we make a soup at least twice a week. I was disappointed that the product only comes with a few simple recipes, but realised that experimenting with ingredients gives you the best results. One revue mentions getting the right thickness, well i’ve found that the consistency of the soup can be controlled by how much potato you add (even if a recipe doesn’t mention potato). The more you add the thicker the soup. Thoroughly recommended and when this one finally wears out i’ll be straight after a new one.

Makes great soups very easy to use and clean afterwards ,could do with a better recipe book tho.

Best kitchen gadget that i have bought for years.

One of my freinds suggested a soup maker and recommneded this one so glad they did, it quick and easy and makes great soup with no fuss in around 20 mins – easy to clean – very happy.

Not really used this much yet and i think i need to read the manual (for once) because it didn’t blend the soup at the end of the cooking time so maybe i needed to press a strange combination of buttons. Or maybe there is a problem with my one?i can say the device is quite, sturdy and perhaps most important when you buy a time saving kitchen item, easy to clean.

This is a brilliant soupmaker. Easy to use and makes delicious soup. Pack the veg in, use lots of seasoning,and it tastes so much better if u lightly fry veg beforehand. Add a small handful of pasta/rice/lentils or couscous. A different and delicious soup every day.

Used it for the first time tonight. Sprayed a bit of fry light in the bottom to stop any sticking. Put in a bit of stock first. Literally chucked in some broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and sweet potato, topped it up with veg stock – 20 mins later, delicious soup. Soup tasted delicious, didn’t need any salt or pepper. So would recommend this product whole heartedly. Am going to have a soup making session tomorrow.

I have already made a few different soups and they turned out brilliant.

Exelant very easy to use very good value.

Amazing, we love it, highly recommended.

Features and Spesification

  • Colour:  Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Guarantee:  2 Years by Redemption
  • Type:  Soup Makers
  • Weight (kg):  2.27 kg