Morphy Richards Accents Digital Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6 : Good, but too much steam escaping

Great feature being able to fry and sear meat before starting the slow cook. Produces some really tasty meals. Like the keep warm feature and being able to adjust the cooking time( lengthen and shorten depending on when we will be home). Would definitely recommend and worth £40 i paid. Would have liked more suggested recipes – only about 5 or 6 in the info provided.

Works fine but have been disappointed with results – that’s probably me getting used to what it can and cannot do though.

The size is fantastic (i have upgraded from a much smaller one). Delivery was so quick and it was well packaged.

The best especially for a large party and one hour to prepare dinner.

It does the job but why not put some non-slip stuff at the bottom of the pan as it it slips around the hob when you’re cooking in it. Was hoping to slow cook spare ribs in it too but it seems as though everything that you cook in it has to be covered in litres of sauce.

Well made and heats up and cooks very quickly.

Really pleased with this slow cooker – we’ve had a couple of different cookers over a number of years and always had them ruin the food. This seems to work well and we’ve had some really nice meals from it.

Well made and does everything that it said in the advert, easy to use.

  • The quick slow cooker.
  • This is a great slow cooker – really handy being able to put
  • I am making casseroles that serve 6 people easily. I love the lights that specifies low

Morphy Richards Accents Digital Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L 461003 Brushed Slowcooker

Product Description, Slow cooking is one of the healthiest and most cost effective methods of cooking a meal for the whole family. The Digital Sear and Stew, featuring a hob-proof cooking pot, means you can sear and slow cook from start to finish in one cooking pot making the slow cooking process even more efficient. It is really quick and easy to create a nutritious family meal from scratch with digital seal and stew. Once your pot is in the slow cooker base simply select either the high or low cooking setting and set the countdown timer depending on when you want your meal ready for and in anything from four to twelve hours you will have a delicious casserole, chilli, curry or a multitude of other family favourites. With a transparent toughened glass lid you can monitor your cooking progress without disturbing its cooking process, and unlike ceramic cooking pots the Digital Sear and Stew hob-proof cooking pot is extremely light and durable making it easy to take to the table and serve directly from. Its shatter-proof qualities also mean if you knock it on the worktop or drop it on the floor it won’t crack or shatter like standard ceramic slow cookers.

Box Contains, 1x Morphy Richards Digital Slow cooker body power cable attached, sear and stew aluminium pan, toughened glass lid, Instruction booklet including recipes

From the manufacturer

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  • 6.5 litre Capacity
  • 3 settings: low, medium and high
  • Easy to use Digital Interface
  • Separate hob proof cooking pot

Morphy Richards Accents Digital Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

The Digital Sear and Stew Slow Cooker allows you to be in control. The sear function means you can cook your meat and slow cook in 1 pan, while the 3 heat settings and keep warm function mean your meal is cooked to perfection when you want it.

  • * Please note this product is not suitable for use on Induction Hobs.

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Its currently being used for the first time as i write but food smells gorgeous.

Made my first meal today – was delicious and i loved that i could brown the meat in the same pot – very impressed with it.

I’ve had this for a week, so far have; roasted a whole chicken (amazing. So tender, fell of the bone, no wastage at all), cooked sweet and sour chicken, beef stew, jacket potatoes (i’ll never cook in the normal oven again, amazing), soup and king bbq ribs which literally fell off the bone. Love, love, love this machine. I seared the beef for the stew and the chicken for the s&s in the inner pot on the stove which worked brilliantly. Bonus is the inner pan cleans so easily, it can go in the dishwasher but i just wash in warm soapy water and it cleans right up. Only observation is i’m not sure of the benefit of paying the extra for the digital version, i did this but just start and stop which i could do with the manual version which is half the price. Really large, easy to clean and cooks beautifully, highly recommended.

Great product although instructions not very clear.

Really pleased with this product. First thing i cooked was pulled pork just to see if the meat would really fall apart. I’ve cooked curries, beef bourguignon, and chilli. Really easy to use and clean.

It’s a bit bigger than expected.

Very easy to use i love the fact that u can use the hob oven and the slow cooker 3-1 wonderful i will recommend 5*.

Seriously the best slow cooker i have ever hadbeing able to sear meat and stir fry prior to slow cooking in the same pot is just great. Plus food cooks beautifully in it. Loving my chili even more and the gammon joint i slow cooked in a little water was just to die forwell worth buying if you are looking for a new one or a replacement.

  • The quick slow cooker.
  • This is a great slow cooker – really handy being able to put
  • I am making casseroles that serve 6 people easily. I love the lights that specifies low

Morphy Richards Accents Digital Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L 461003 Brushed Slowcooker

This is rather larger than i thought it would be, but cooks nicely and with some useful features.

5l but once opened found it was to small for what i needed. So contacted the seller & asked if i could return it & get the 6. 5l & it was delivered the next day. So glad i have this stews are great meat is so tender just wish i had bought it a long time ago. The slow cooker is great the service was fantastic. Thanks so much life is so much easier cooking with this.

Programmable digital timer, all you can do is set the high/low/keep warm and how long to cook. So min 4 hours on high, 6 on low and keeps warm for 2hours after then switches off. I should have read the reviews, i was thinking you could actually set the times, start, length and end. Cooking time is reduced the less that’s in it. I made a kilo of stew (serves 6) and it was ready in 4 hours (so 2 hours before min setting) on low and had to put it to keep warm for 2. I also did some steaks with peppered mushroom sauce which was ready in 2. To be honest i think i should have purchased the smaller one (but that wouldn’t fit a whole chicken etc). A normal one with a timer cube on the wall socket would do the job better, if you are away for most of the day. It looks like i will have to put a timer on the wall socket to switch it off so my dinner won’t be over cooked.

I am fully satisfied with the supplier morphy richards who managed a mixup in delivery of the pot, deferring another. As for the pot i put it to the test and i’m very happy with the result.

It was a gift and she is very happy with it.

The timing features and the keep warm setting are all great and it’s a reasonable price. The only problem is that the lid does let quite a lot of steam escape which means the food is more likely to catch/burn if you haven’t used enough liquid. I would recommend adding a bit more liquid than in most slow cooking recipes – but it would be great if they could correct this design fault for their next model.

This is a truly family sized slow cooker. I am making casseroles that serve 6 people easily. I love the lights that specifies low, high or stay warm. After the timer count downs to zero it goes to stay warm for 2 hrs. No more dried up casseroles. I did a large joint of brisket christmas eve so everyone could have hot beef sandwiches. Am planning pulled pork for this weekend.

Bit of a mixed bag here but mainly because i am used to having a ceramic insert for a slow cooker while this is coated metal. The upside of this is that for recipes that need items part cooked on the stove, the insert can be used, which saves on washing up and saves the process of transferring from one pan to another. What we are finding is that this cooks hotter and faster than most of the recipes we have – and certainly hotter than the old ceramic cooker. This has meant we have had to adjust the fluid or it cooks things very dry. The book that comes with it does say that the cooker should always be more than 50% full – this is a big slow cooker so a lot of recipes need to be doubled to make that. Some limitations to the timer in terms of the minimum it can be set for that are a pain. Probably wouldn’t buy the same one again, but wouldn’t send it back either.

This is fab for times when you don’t have time to cook. I don’t know how i ever survived without.

The timer is great, keeping my food cooking or hot for the 10 hours i need. I also love the non-stick dish, which looks and feels good, holds lots and can go on the hob. This slow cooker is very big, which means it can hold a large whole chicken, but sometimes i find it hard work to buy and prepare enough food to fill it to the half-way mark as instructed. I wish i’d bought a smaller one for my family of 4. Also, the lid just rests on the top, which means that some steam and cooking smells escape. This is not a problem for me as i tend not to cook food i dislike the smell of, but is not what i expected from my reading about slow-cookers before i bought it.

Love this slow cooker and i have owned a few over the years. Aluminium pot makes it easier to clean as it’s lighter and not so cumbersome and food doesn’t stick. Cooks beautifully very pleased.

Good for big families or prepare meals in advance for the freezer.

Excellent slow cookerwe use it every day, it has 3 heating functions with timer. I leave it cooking at lunch and food is ready at dinner time.

This is a great slow cooker – really handy being able to put the cooking pot on the hob to brown meat first, so its truly a one pot meal. 5 litre cooker and therefore if you fill it under half i find that the cooking time is reduced significantly.

Love my slow cooking and this is amazing.

Works a treat and the food is delicious. Larg enough for a family sized meal and well built. Unhappily it is not really ‘programmable’ (hence 1 star lost). I expected from the ‘digital’ and ‘programmable’ version to be able to have it start with a delay. So that it would be ready at a certain time (something all breadmakers seem to have). This is not possible, the cooking time can be changed, the cooker switches automatically to a keep-it-warm temperature at the end but it is not truly programmable. The analogue version seems a better value option then. Other than that, i can’t fault the cooker at all.

Features and Spesification

  • Lightweight and durable, dishwasher-safe aluminium cooking pot
  • Low, medium and high cooking settings
  • Transparent, toughened glass lid for monitoring cooking