Morphy Richards Accents Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6 – Simple and easy slow cooker

Oh wow, did not realise how badly my old slow cooker was until i purchased this. I also bought one for my daughter as an engagement present and she is very happy too. Would recommend to family and friends.

I’m a big fan of the morphy richards accents range (i also have the 4. 5l version), although i prefer to use a separate pan for pre-frying. I like having three heat settings and find that, unlike another brand i previously owned, low really does mean low, which is my default cooking temperature.

Exactly what i ordered and very useful in the kitchen when i am in a hurry.

I bought this morphy richards slow cooker for our family. As the name and quality, is a good make.

I had one with a ceramic pot, after many, many years the glaze on it cracked but it had seen a lot of use. This one is better as the meat and veg can be browned in the metal pot and the sauce added and all be bought to the boil on the hob (i have gas)thus saving the trouble of washing up a separate saucepan.

We use this to make pulled pork and a few other dishes. This product is neat and easy to use, and is big enough to make really large meals. The metal inside makes it easier to lift in and out, and there isn’t any risk of cracking the base.

A much lighter inner cooking pot than previous models which is definitely a bonus when lifting.

I have not used the sear facility as i have an induction hob. It was a prompt free replacement for a previous purchase that was faulty. The replacement is a lot better but takes far less time than the recipe suggests – perhaps half the time, even so it does a really good job. Almost as good as my old cheapo argus one.

Food has never tasted so good. Gammon and whole chicken taste better than anything i have cooked using traditional oven. Literally falls off the bone. Cooler looks great and removable cooking pot makes cleaning easy.

Already had the smaller version but this is a brilliant size for larger family meals or extra for freezing. Love the light weight and ease of washing compared with the china ones.

Bought this for it’s larger capacity and it has not disappointed. Same deliciously tender meals but more of it.

Very pleased with the product. Have used it for casseroles and once sorted the liquid balance issue with slow cooking (this is the first i have used) very good results. Have sourced recipes for other dishes and look forward to experimenting.

I have a slow cooker already but this new model is so much more. Lightweight, and the crackpot can go on the cooker top. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards Accents Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6:

  • 6.5L capacity, serving 8-10 people
  • Sear and Slow Cook in the same pot
  • Lightweight and durable, dishawasher safe cooking pot
  • Low, Medium and High cooking settings
  • Transparent, toughened glass lid for monintoring cooking

I bought this to replace an old one and was not disappointed. So easy to clean and produces lovely meals. The colour is great, just right for my new kitchen and looks fabulous. It feels well made and i feel confident to leave it cooking while i’m out of the house.

My wife loves her slow cooker and every so often donates it to one of our children thus requiring a new one now and again. This time i bought it for her and in reality made a bit of a mistake because this is bigger than we need. Its massive and you can make a stew for about 12 people in it. See the photos which show a recipe for 8 people – with plenty of room for more. However, like other similar standard slow cookers this works really well. My wife likes the non-stick steel pans rather than the crockery type because not only are they lighter they are much easier to clean as long as you have not scrathed them using the wrong stirrer. Anyway, three heat settings which allow cooking over a coupel of hours to all day. We tend to use lowest setting once bubbling and let it run all day meaning we return to a hot prepared meal in the evening. We have never had a problem with morphy richards slow cookers to be honest in 20 years.

Low setting is simmer and medium is the low setting. Good size, feeds a family of 6. Be careful in the utensils you use as metal ones tend to scratch the inside quite easily.

This is a great slow cooker, we have owned this cooker for about three years. Its lightweight and fits in a dishwasher really well. My only gripe is that the actual pan the non-stick coating comes off. The first time this happened i complained to morphy richards and they kindly sent me out another. I now find myself in the same position. It isn’t just on the bottom of the pan it comes off (i expect this a bit from spatulas/spoons) but at the top too.

Good size nice to be able to sear the food first on the hob then just pop into the main housing for the slow cook.

Excellent product and such an easy way of having your evening meal ready when you arrive home. So many different ways of cooking so many different things, wet (sauces) dry (chunks of lamb, goat etc) soups, vegetables, etc, etc, but just take the lid off and serve up, simple. We’ve got a 3 kilo piece of beef that we are going to cook all day for christmas day. Will repost to let you all know how it went,(if i survive).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not sure this is suitable for ceramic hobs!
  • Its Huge – Really
  • Great light weight slow cooker however nonstick come off the pan

Being able to brown off ingredients before slow cooking is much better. This is a very large capacity. Only warning i’d give, is to make sure you only use wodden/silicon spoons, as the nonstick scores easily.

Really good size, light weight but sturdy. This is so useful for parties when cooking food for a large number of people, made my life easier.

This is our second slow cooker. The main reason to buy this particular one was the pot being made of metal, thus allowing to brown and sear on the stove top before starting to slow cook. The temperature is higher than what traditional slow cookers cook at, therefore, the contents get browned at the edges. I am not sure now if ceramic pots are better than metal ones when it comes to slow cooking. For time being, it’s performing very well.

. Never used a slow cooker before,cooked a 2kg gammon joint in cider in approx 5 hours on medium. Very pleased with the results as it tasted beautiful. The pot itself seems well built,lightweight and very easy to clean. I am very happy with my purchase.

Good size and works well but the teflon seemed to scrape off the side without provocation.

Had this a while now, absolutely love it. Start things off on the hob then lift into slow cooker. Large enough for joints of ham and pulled pork shoulder.

Love slow cooking but the dial came loose within a few uses. We are a family of 5 and wish i got a smaller one. Only paid £20 ish so can’t complain.

Easy to use, this slow cooker has been in operation at least once a week since i purchased it. It’s great that you can put the cooking pot on the stove to sear the meat, and then it goes in the dishwasher later. I’ve never had a slow cooker before but it’s made family life that little bit easier.

Got this as a replacement for my morphy richards 6l slowcooker that had a ceramic insert and i managed to crack it. Thought i would try this with the metal insert and i have not been disappointed. Love that you can sear your meat etc before putting it on to slow cook.

I’ve used this product almost everyday since i received it. Showing no signs of wear and tear so far, and the food has been amazing.

So easy to use, much better than the original earthenware potsthe inner pot can be used on the hob first which is great for the washing up although the handles do get hot. The pot is really light so easy to manoeuvre and cleans up well both buy hand and in dishwasher. The size of the pot means you can cook loads for families or freezing etc. I have noticed that even on low and over half full it does cook quicker than my old earthenware tower slow cooker.

I read the reviews and bought this on the strength of those. I’m pleased i did as it is a very good product of high quality material. The only word of warning i would give future buyers is to make sure that your hob is not induction. This is written in the instructions but it’s easily glossed over when you are reading quickly through the instruction manual.

So easy to use, not bulky so it’s easier to store. The fact that you can sear the meat on the hob then slow cook in same pot is a great idea. It’s also much lighter than crock pot slow cookers and very easy to clean. Everyone should have one and the delivery was fast too,.

Takes an extra large chicken and slow roasts to perfection. The only reason it doesn’t get 5* is because it is so efficient we find if we put on a cook before we leave at 8am it is cooked well before we’re back even on early finish days around 5.

Bought this to replace very old morphy richards slow cooker. The original one had a ceramic crock pot. This one is perfect is a brilliantly big size and i love that i can choose 3 settings instead of just 2. Also my partner loves how easy it is to clean and can go in the dish washer too.

I’d been thinking about buying a slow cooker for a long time and now wish i’d done it years ago. Great size for family meals and also if you like to batch freeze.

This is a family sized sear and stew slow cooker. This was bought to replace my old one and as the best one we have ever had was a morphy richards one decided to buy that make of slo w cooker. A very useful piece of kitchen equipment we have used slow cookers a lot over the last few years and this is by far the best we’ve ever had. Quick delivery so would recommend seller without reservation.

Especially like the new lightweight easy clean crock pot. My original came with a heavy ceramic. These came with a lightweight metal one. Much better and work just as good, but clean in seconds.

This is the first slow cooker i have ever owned and i’m very impressed. It’s very easy to clean, you can sear the meat on the hob before cooking and the flavours are amazing. This one comes with a couple of recipes to start you off but there are loads online. Only downside is no timer on it to start cooking – say if you’re working, but that’s easy fixed with a timer switch.

I absolutely loved this cooker. The non-stick inner pot that pre-cooked on a gas flame was wonderful. (you can’t do that if the inner pot is ceramic)after 1 year and 3 months, the slow-cook turned to fast cook and ruined an expensive recipe which included a bottle of wine.Morphy richards would have exchanged it, but i had not registered with them. They were most amenable by selling me a new one with a 2 year guarantee for £29. It is economical on fuel and makes for mouth-melting meat.

I particularly love the non-stick metal insert that means you can brown the meat on the hob prior to starting to slow cook. The high setting is quite high and cooked a chilli in an hour, but still delicious. This is the best slow cooker i’ve ever had and i’ve been using them for thirty years.

Great, fast, good size and weight. The metal dish is far lighter – therefore easier to handle and wash, so worth getting even if you’re not planning to sear etc.

I am using it nearly every day. I work long hours and it is nice returning from work in the evening and find dinner ready for the whole family. Easy to wash and very practical.

Took a while for me to get round to using this but definitely worth the money. Slow cooking is cheap and produces melt in the mouth meat at the end.

Bought this as my friend said she had one. Having a large family we bought the large pot. Enough for 6 or 7 plus left overs. Love the fact you can pop the pot on the hob to seal or brown your meat, and i think it cools the food a bit quicker than a ceramic pot.

Much lighter and easier to clean than the old stoneware models.

I got this for my mum as a birthday present and have been told it’s absolutely brilliant. She loves it and has cooked a lot of stuff in it. I myself have a slow cooker just a cheep one and most likely get get this morphy richards one for myself as it has an easy to clean bowl. To summarise this is a great cooker and i would recommend it to anyone.

A very good looking cooker and extremely easy to clean. I very much like the facility to cook off ingredients in the removable liner before cooking. The removable liner is also a very useful way of serving up and the oval shape is very attractive. Cooks beautifully and i would recommend to all. You don’t need to be a working mum to appreciate the ease and efficiency of this way of cooking. I am retired and have only had my slow cooker for a short period of time but have used it many times. It is so nice to have a meal cooking safely and being able to get on with something else.

Cooked a large, whole chicken with diced veggies. However, even on low it was bubbling well, so maybe should have reduced cooking time a bit. Read that you should not use for reheating. I think this should be possible especially on medium or high. It is great that you can saute etc, make a proper sauce, all in the one pot.

Love it i have had slow cookers in the past this is the first time with none stick metal pot it is light and easy to use i highly recommend this product.

For a big family, or cooking for big numbers, perfect. Not ideal if just the two of us, but that’s not down to the product.

I like that the metal casserole dish is light enough to lift when it is full. The ceramic dishes are much heavier. You can have a quicker cook on the high setting. Really good size even for two. Meat comes out really tender. Not so keen on the oval lid which can fall into the casserole if you aren’t careful.

It was perfect, until the sixth time we used it and the bottom of the pan used for seer-ing the meat on the hob started to melt off and ruined our ceramic hob. May be a defect in our slow cooker pan, or that the slow cooker is not suitable for ceramic hobs, contrarily to what the morphy richard’s website and the instruction manual mention.