Morphy Richards Aspect Jug Kettle 100006 Titanium Kettle With Wood Trim /wood – Five Stars

I have been looking at this kettle for a while, and was reluctant to buy it because the ‘window’ to see how much water is in only starts at 3 cups. I had been coveting the glass morphy richards kettle 108000 as i thought this would be better, but i couldn’t justify the difference in price. The lid needs to be removed to fill the kettle, but it is a wide opening and it is easy to see how much water is in there. The lid is easy to remove and replace, so this is not frustrating (i have spent the last 2 years with a kettle i could only fill through the spout as the lid had become limescaled shut, and this is not bothering me). The kettle is reasonably quiet, and boils quickly. The main thing is it pours beautifully. I’ve not spilled water on the work surface since i got it. The kettle feels sturdy and well made, and looks good. I may still covet the glass kettle, but i have £50 in my pocket to get over it.

Really nice colour shape and designthe only thing i don’t like about it is it takes a while to bring the water to boiling point and appear really noisy compared to my last kettle.

Was an excellant price and received sooner than expected.

Looks fantastic and i love it.

This is the best kettle i have ever known. First and foremost, there’s no funny plastic taste that you get with some kettles. But more than that it is a solid, functional appliance. It pours slightly wider than a standard kettle, but i like the waterfall type effect you get when you pour it. The lid can be slightly fiddly to put on but you quickly get used to that. It is slightly heavy, but the aesthetic that you get outweighs this by far.

Very modern and looks fabulous in my new kitchen a bit noise but boils quickly.

A handsome looking kettle, but quite large and the lid is a nightmare.

Nice looking kettle but difficult to tell water level.

Love this kettle which i got to match the aspect four slice toaster both in black, its very sleek, smart and quick to boil. I don’t have any issues with the lid i think its easy to use and the fact that the kettle can’t be switched on when its empty it may be pricey but i think that you get what you pay for.

I was very pleased with this kettle. Takes a while to get used to putting lid on in the right place, but looks good and works well, just what i wanted.

I love this kettle, been using it for about a month and the romance is still definitely alive. I was replacing a leaky dualite kettle so was looking for something stylish and solid, this seemed to fit the bill so i sent in my order. Definitely wasn’t disappointed when it arrived, it is solidly made, has a good heft to it and looks absolutley beautiful on the kitchen side. I had a few worries, a number of reviews complained about the difficulty of fitting the lid and that spout just doesn’t look as if it should work, also i was worried about the sticking out side switch, i’ve had issues with kettles in the past were these switches are flimsy and easy to break. As a few people have commented, the spout works incredibly well and in my opinion certainly adds to its stylish appearance. As to the complaints about the lid, well i certainly wouldn’t recommend this to a blind person, if however your eyes are in working order you will very quickly notice a discrete arrow on the lid that points forward and a couple of locating notches at the rear of the kettle opening – if you keep your eyes open and spend that fraction of a second roughly lining these two things up appropriately then you really can’t go wrong. The side switch seems exceptionally robust, very solidly made with a good positive action that screams quality. The only slight niggles i would have are that the kettle is quite weighty but as the handle works very ergonomically it practically pivots in your hand allowing an easy pour, but if you have weakened hands or arthritis it may not be for you. Also, the viewing window is small and in an awkward spot for viewing if you’re holding the kettle while filling, but as the lid has to be completely removed to fill the kettle you can just as easily look inside at the filling scale. So, all in all i think this may be the best kettle i’ve ever owned and would have no problem recommending it you if your in the market for something stylish and practical.

Great kettle, looks sleek, large capacity, stylish, would highly recommend.

Its quiet, has a good volume capacity and heats up relatively quickly. The styling is the best feature for it.

Just the kettle i need with no extra fuss. Only two downsides i can think of is, firstly, when pouring the water out, there’s always a tiny amount (approx 1 ml) that doesn’t come out. I deal with that by leaving the kettle without the lid for a little while which allows it to evaporate by itself. Secondly, the cord is quite short. Anyway, a brilliant product overall.

Looks great next to aspect toaster. A longer cable or at least a self retracting one would make it even better.

Matches my toaster and boils water.

Update – after a couple of months of less than average use it’s now not wanting to stay on when you switch it on and all of a sudden very noisy. Not much to say other than that it’s an over priced kettle that matches the toaster.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great looking stylish kettle
  • Does what it says