Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster 220024 Two Slice Toaster Grey toaster – Won’t toast sliced bread.

I don’t understand how people have had issues with not being able to get a decent colour when toasting, maybe not turned it up?. As it toasts perfectly, and browns the bread to the point of almost burn if that is what you like. Not great for bigger slices, but i buy fresh bakery loaves every other day so is perfect for these.

I bought this toaster to replace my old one and what a difference. No under or over done toast, just perfectly browned toast. It looks elegant and classy, clear instructions, i have yet to try the warming accessory but it will be great. There were cheaper options out there, but the name says it all. Great quality, super looks and it works like a dream.

Easy to use, easy to clean, nice detail, great value for money, would definitely recommend.

It’s too small that i can’t fit bigger toasts to it.

I bought this to replace a failed toaster. Seems a quality product which hopefully should last.

Great value toaster fitted all the usual sizes of bread that i like to havevery simple to use & easy to cleanfairly cheap for a good quality toasteri’d recommend.

Love this toaster for a holiday let, looks stylish without costing a fortune, i have the same in white for my own home which i prefer but works perfectly so no complaints at all , great value.

I bought this after reading a review in the sunday times. It was given a good rating, reporting that it toasted evenly right to the edge of the bread. What it did not mention was that one side toasts much faster and gets overdone while the other is still pallid. The inside of the slice is being cooked by it’s own element and that of the adjacent slot. As a workaround, of course, one can half cook each slice, then turn them round to even out the toasting. But why should i have to?surely it is not beyond the design capabilities of the company to specify less powerful elements on the inside walls to allow for this effect????ps. I wonder what induced the reviewer not to mention this drawback?. Do not believe what you read in the papers.

To be honest, it works no better or no worse than any of toaster i’ve owned. However, i love the look of this toaster.

Item bought as a birthday present. Looks good and is excellent value for money. The only disappointment is i would pay more to purchase from elsewhere as it took 11 days to arrive so actually missed the persons birthday. If i had known it would take over the duration originally stated then i would not have purchased. Come on time would have been ok. So if you do not want within a relative rush then everything ok.

Why don’t they make toasters that cover and toast the whole slice theses days.

Bought this toaster to match my already purchased kettle. Great size fits all standard bread sizes. Worth the money that i paid £19.

Great price cheap as chips does what it says on the tin. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster 220024 Two Slice Toaster Grey toaster:

  • Defrost setting – no need to defrost your bread first for ease and convenience
  • Re-heat setting – on those occasions where we forget, your toaster will quickly re-heat your toast for you
  • Variable browning control – perfect toast, just the way you like it
  • Removable crumb tray – easy to keep your toaster clean
  • Cord storage – excess cord can be tidied away to keep your kitchen worktops neat and clutter free

Fits very neatly into a compact kitchen. Unfortunately mine overdoes bagels on the lowest setting. This is partly because bagels are thick and the slots aren’t that generous. I called the manufacturer and was told that it sounded as though there was a fault on the setting, and that i could return it (which i haven’t had time to do) and also reminded me there was a 1 year guarantee. However we seem to be managing so overall i’m relatively pleased with it.

Bought as i wanted a delonghi kettle match but didn’t want the huge 4 slice toaster they sell. The size of the slots for bread seems pretty standard and i haven’t found that bread is too big so that’s good. Temperature control also good. I’m yet to burn or overcook toast. It looks good and functions well. I’ve had it for 3-4 weeks so can’t speak for reliability but i can;t see it causing issues. I’d recommend this toaster if you like the appearance.

I love the toaster as it looks lovely and stylish in my kitchen, what i thaught was good about this with most toasters you normally have to turn the toast as they are not deep enough to fit a whole slice of bread in but with this toaster i dont find that a problem, i also ordered the matching kettle that i am just as happy with, both items arrived withinn 48 hours of ordering i def rec both.

Toasts fine but bread not always even on both sides. Have it on lowest setting and that toasts fine. But any higher setting and it’s burnt. Cheap toaster and nice and lightweight and small so does not take up too much space.

Goes well with the other items.

Very disappointed with this toaster. After using a cheap toaster we bought in a supermarket which worked impecably for many years we had high hopes for this more expensive toaster. Unfortunately the wide slots, which might be good for thick bread and buns, are absolutely hopeless toasting normal or even toaster sliced bread. We’ve had to toast thin sliced bread twice at the highest setting just to get it to brown at all. Thin sliced brown bread doesn’t toast at all, it pops up when the bread is just slightly warm. Toaster seems well made and looks nice but we’re not prepared to mess about just to get it to make ordinary toast so returned it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love the toaster as it looks lovely and stylish in

  • Won’t toast sliced bread.

  • Inside of slice darker than outside.

Lovely faceted modern toastertoasts nicely – crust is not as brown but still lightly toasted. Cord can be neatly wrapped in clips underneath.

Disappointed though that ordinary sliced bread doesn’t fit all the way down into the toaster, you have to keep an eye on it when it’s browned at the bottom and pop it out and flip it over to brown the other end . Which kind of defeats the purpose in a way.

Great toaster but i have not given 5 stars as the control for length of time to toast are not very good. Even on lowest setting it still burns. But it’s cheap and i can’t be bothered to return it.

I hate to mention the moon landing but, i can’t help but think that if a toaster had been required for that mission, our toasters today would be a lot betteras for this one, well, crumpets stick to the bars, it won’t toast a thick sliced warbutons evenly because the bread slice is too tall and, possibly in keeping with every other toaster, it requires user intervention to get the job donethat said, it doesn’t cost a fortune, it’s compact and easy to clean. Manage your expectations with this item and it will get the job done.

Unfortunately the toaster is too hot and so as not to burn the toast you have to keep an a watchful eye on it even on a very low setting.

Not entirely happy with this toaster. I have to keep an eye on it because it doesn’t always pop up. I feel it is a little flimsy.

I am very happy with the toaster nice looking and design.

I needed to get a new toaster that wasn’t too pricey. I looked at various reviews and settled on this one. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much i like this toaster. It works great, and it looks great, and it wasn’t too expensive.

This toaster is lovely looks great in my kitchen and does lovely toast ,great value for money.

Really like the shape/styling. Toasting can be a bit interesting as the inner sideof toast is less brown than the outer side.

I wouldn’t say any toaster is very easy to clean but it’s no worse than any other. Fits toastie bread and it does stick out the top a tiny bit like most toasters but still seems to toast all the slice. Have only used it turned up half way so far an that seems plenty – but i dont like it toasted so you can snap it or burned. Overall it looks good and does a good job and for the price you really cant go wrong.

I bought this toaster to replace my old one which just stopped working, this new one looks really good and toasts just right.

Does what is needed and looks good. Toasts the bread perfect and i haven’t had any trouble with bread size. Bread can go in on the side and it covers all the surface. Easy to clean and simple to use.

It works as well as we were expecting, but it looks a lot nicer than in the pictures. I was not fully convinced based on the pictures but now i love it. I’ve not tried to clean it so far, but i guess it shouldn’t be difficult (taking into account that it’s a toaster and it’s not the easiest thing to clean). Does the job perfectly, highly recommended.

Looks good in most kitchens and easy to remove crumbs. My only point to note is that thicker slices can burn as they are closer to the element so you need to watch, pop-out and rotate.

However, slices go in longways and some sliced bread stick out at the top, so needs flipping for a complete toast.

Love that this is bright white (some places advertise white and its cream) this is a gorgeous white with solver detailing. I ended up gettint the whole set.

I was really impressed with the stunning looks of this stylish toaster but unfortunately, it didn’t deliver the performance as one expects from a high-end product. Owing to wide slots, the standard thin sliced bread failed to fully toast at first attempt on full setting. Disappointed with the results.

It’s a toaster, not sure what to say. Bought as a replacement for my last toaster, same brand lasted 19 years.

Very nice toaster for a good price. I have used it for a month now and it works great. I recommend starting with the shortest time as this is almost enough for normal bread. It does not feel cheap like some plastic toasters do and it is easy to keep clean. Looks great in a modern kitchen but it is probably not bad in a traditional kitchen too. Looks great with the matching kettle.

Lovely looking toaster to match our kettle. Only slight problem is we have to cut off the crusts on some loaves to get them to fit. Otherwise it is really good.

Toaster works fine and looks smart. . The defrost function dries out the bread surface which is ok for toast but not for sandwiches. The reheat works slightly better. Overall its fine , delivery was earlier than expected.

I don’t know what the other reviews are saying, my bread fits perfectly fine in the toaster, warburtons – brown and white (sideways aswell). Love the toaster, looks stylish, toasts bread perfectly for me on setting 2. And the breadcrumb tray is perfect too, makes cleaning out the toaster super easy and effortless.

This toaster is so stylish and is working perfectly. I have it for 4 months now and use it almost every day. Each time it gives me good vibes and warm crunchy bread 😀.

Happy enough durability well don’t know. Not to bulky and not lot space taken up. Great price for a morph richard’s.

It’s a nice little toaster that toasts reasonably evenly (better than my last one, at least). Longer slices will stick out slightly, but i can put them in sideways. Bread like the warburton toastie needs a bit of a push/squeeze to get it in, but after that, it’s fine.

I had to return another make of toaster which was faulty. After reading several negative reviews of all the toasters in my price bracket this one seemed to fit the bill and it does .

Great toaster – toasts evenly and i purchased the kettle to match which i am also very pleased with.

Found this model on amazon and have found it to be a nice toaster which is quite compact and does not take up too much counter space. Toasts well and looks decent which is all one needs from a toaster.

I only wanted a two slice toaster and it was difficult to find a nice one, that did not look cheap and nasty, this one looks and performs great. I would certainly recommend this to anyone and i would also, if needed purchase again.

Have to have on minimum if toasting one slice and sometimes the toast is propelled into the air when done.

Time will tell as the product is obviously not top of the range. Works well on the different temperatures and toasts very evenly for a cheap product.

Get lots of compliments on this toaster. Looks so modern and contemporary. Only slight niggle is full size bread sticks out a little so i turn it half way through to ensure even toasting.

Looks expensive, lovely and high quality. Would match better with the beige toaster.