Morphy Richards Evoke Jug Kettle Special Edition 104414 Jug Kettle and Rose – Great kettle, though a bit loud.

Looks great in my mum’s kitchen – bought matching toaster and adds a splash of colour.

A good looking squat design. So far, it has performed well and boils quite quickly. Access for cleaning the inside and removing the filter is reasonable. The lid clips firmly so does not fall off when pouring but is easily removed when required. The ‘window’ for viewing the water level is not in the most practical viewing position being under the handle although this gives cleaner lines to the overall visual appearance. The ‘on’ light is a white led – it is bright enough generally but a coloured light would have been preferable as it would be more obvious. All in all not a bad kettle and good value for a stainless steel model as many similarly priced models are plastic.

I wish it didn’t contain so much plastic. I removed the entire scale filter–i’ve never seen anything so huge and that plastic dipped way down into the boiling water. I don’t have much lime scale here and so it’s not necessary. Wish the water gauge was glass. This could be a perfect and nice looking kettle with some modifications by the manufacturer. (when will they catch on that many consumers would like metal and glass appliances?)if you’re not worried about plastics in your kettle, then i would give this 5 stars.

This kettle takes slightly less water than most on the market, because it’s got a 1. 5 litre capacity, whereas most kettles are 1. The fill level indicator is along the inside of the handle which is really annoying. When you are holding the kettle under the tap, you are naturally covering up that area. It’s very hard to check how much you’ve filled it. Since this kettle is not cheap, they could have and led or at the very least a floating ball to tell you how much you’ve filled it. The heating element is flat along the bottom which should mean that you’re safe to put only a minimal amount of water in there, and might help reduce limescale. However it doesn’t boil any faster than my cheap twisty-element plastic kettle. The body and lid of this kettle get very hot when it’s boiled, so it’s not particularly safe.

Expensive but elegant and great shape but a little noisey.

Lovely looking kettle , quick boil, perfect spout but it is bit noisy.

I’ve used it for 3 days now and i have no issues. It’s a bit loud, but it’s doesn’t really bother me. The water level is easy to see in my opinion, but that’s something that would never bother me though as i like to renew the water each time i use the kettle. It’s metallic inside out which is what i wanted as i’ve read so many reviews about water smelling like plastic. The metallic smell still hasn’t gone away but it’s not as strong as it was in the beginning, so i’m expecting it to completely disappear in a few days. I’ll keep in mind updating my post if something changes. Also, it looks nice in our kitchen.

Excellent kettle just right size.

Boils fast and is lightweight.

This kettle looks fabulous boils really quickly. It is noisy at start of boil but does become quieter far better than my last one ( by different manufacturer).

Brought this to go with the toaster and bread bin. Great black /titanium colour. Very light weight, cant wait to put it in my new kitchen when its done.

I have never used a kettle before but since i’ve had this one for about a month i find it use it everyday and sometimes more than once a day. Works perfect and i love that it has a filter inside. You will not be disappointed with this one.

I love the look of this kettle, and as i have graphite grey/black worktops it looks very smart in the kitchen. 5ltrs which equates to 4 mugs making it the perfect size. I personally don’t mind the fact that the lid comes off completely and find the design of the handle makes it easy to lift off and fit back on. It is a circular ring which easily fits a finger and is lined with black rubber inside making it nonslip and keeping the inside cool after it has boiled. The spout is very short and because of the bulbous shape of the kettle’s body you need to lift and tip it quite far to pour which would make it impossible for my mum to use as she has arthritis and can’t grip and lift a kettle easily. The handle is wider than my old kettle and attractively covered in chromed plastic giving a solid grip and large enough for big hands. However, the design feature i really dislike is the water level window. It is positioned right behind the handle, which, because the handle is wide, makes it very difficult to read. It only has 2 pictures of mugs, one with 3 on it and one with 5 on it, 1 dot representing 4 mugs and a max fill line.

I’ve had it for a few months, stays clean and quick to boil, albeit it does sound like a rocket ship heading off to space.

The photo doesn’t do the kettle justice and it looks far better when you open the box and sit it on your worktop. It does look good and is a different shape to other kettles. However,when you feel the kettle,it very much feels as though it’s been made from cheaper materials cleverly designed to give the appearance of a high end kettle. The chrome colour handle,matt black body and the rose gold band on the kettle with the rose gold plastic on-off switch look great but don’t feel expensive. I would’ve preferred a hinged lid too. That shouldn’t put people off as it comes with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind. 5l capacity,a 3kw element,a sight window to see the water level,a limescale filter,a 360 degree base for both left and right handed people and cord storage. It’s part of the evoke collection so you can match other appliances such as a microwave and a toaster.

Really like the shape and design of this kettle, quickly comes to the boil.

I like this kettle very much. It is just slightly smaller than the one i had before. I use a jug to put water in the kettle because i realised that hard water spoiled the outside of my previous stainless steel kettle when filling it under the tap. Also i only put in the right amount of water for tea and so am economical in water and electricity. I wipe any water off straight away and the kettle keeps on looking like new. Yes i like the kettle and it looks good siting on its base, and it pours nicely too.

Easy to fill and looks good.

Too noisy but looks niceit has the side plastic marker which can release chemicals and you cannot remove it. I was able to remove all other plastic accessories as they can be health hazardous.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Morphy Richards Kettle Evoke Jug Kettle
  • Pretty – with some drawbacks if you’re not a fan of plastics
  • Happy with the kettle

Looks good in my kitchen, boils quickly and easy to fill.

I like the design of this kettle. The exterior is shiny and easy to clean and it has a stainless steel interior. I have only given four stars as it is quite noisy.

This is a lovely lightweight kettle, quiet and boils quick. Looks lovely and matches my kettle perfectly.

It is a lovely kettle that does it’s job.

Very good product i’m delighted with the speed it boils water and it looks perfect in my kitchen.

Great kettle cheaper than stores.