Morphy Richards Filter Coffee : Excellent value

Don’t know yet as it was given as a gift to liverpool cathedral ceo so hopefully it stay working for 12 months as this is normal guarantee. He will let me know if there is any problems. Seem s to be working at the moment but looking on reviews i am bit sceptical nice looking equipment they don’t need paper filters don’t need programmable one. We need more of these with swing out version like braun with permanent filter and funnel with one switch control thank you seller given three stars for arriving and packaging good and value.

Christmas present so not opened yet.

Simple coffeemaker of very good quality and affordable price.

An excellent coffee maker, makes aromatic coffee and looks really nice.

Unfortunately we bought one for a present at christmas and it only lasted around 3 months. This is a replacement so fingers crossed.

I’ve try another supply before but this one is better than all.

Great coffee maker and good value for money.

Works beautifully and makes a great cup of coffee. Love the preset option we wake up and the coffee is ready no more waiting 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Too much plastic in contact with hot coffee
  • An Excellent Machine, Well Worth The Money.
  • Excellent

Morphy Richards Filter Coffee

Product Description, Morphy Richard Digital Filter Coffee Maker features a thermostatic plate and the heat resistant carafe with lid keeps your coffee at a constant temperature. In line with European legislation the coffee machine goes into standby mode after 30 minutes and in this mode the thermostatic plate also turns off.

Box Contains, Instruction Booklet Coffee Maker

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Easy to use, competitive price and great quality.

Keep warm facility is time limited. An override would be helpful.

Nice coffee maker but you can’t get very strong coffee.

May i introduce to you, mr richards. We have one of these lovely machines in our home and he is part of the family. He is the best alarm clock you will ever have. You can add your coffee the night before (and water), set the time you want him to make you coffee and for the added touch, use the aroma setting.This makes the coffee a little slower to allow a deeper brew and you really notice the difference. We use a local coffee producer (not sure if i can mention them or not?) but waking to the most amazing maple and pecan pie coffee is just fantastic. Not only that but the hot plate actually keeps your coffee fresh and hot for 2 hours. And no i don’t mean it keeps it luke warm i mean actually freshly brewed hot. This is actually morphy richards best invention i have seen and used to date (they may feel free to prove me wrong and supply me with new appliances if they so wish) you need to try out this machine to see what i mean. We went for the red option, looks lovely, the pot itself is the same as any other so nothing special there but it works, its really easy to clean, we loves him.

Great coffee machine but would like the coffee to stay hotter for longer. The second cup after say 20 minutes seems to have cooled rapidly.

Very pleased with this makes lovely coffee, easy to use. I do use a paper filter for convenience. If you don’t want fancy timers etc then this is perfect.

Brought it as a gift, very nice looking, and does the job.

Good that you don’t need to buy filters. Drips onto the hotplate when removing pot. Hotplate cuts out after about 20 mins meaning that if you want to make a pot and keep going back for a refill it won’t keep it hot. I brought this for daytimes when my wife is at work so i could make a whole pot and keep coming for another cup throughout the morning. Can’t do that because it get’s cold. Because of that it’s easier to make instant so has become another ‘gadget’ sat at the back of the cupboard, till i get fed up and throw it away. If you want to make a whole pot and use at one time it’s great.

  • Too much plastic in contact with hot coffee
  • An Excellent Machine, Well Worth The Money.
  • Excellent

Morphy Richards Filter Coffee

So much better than a cafetiere. Very easy to use and a doddle to clean. Also no coffee dregs left in the bottom of your cup. I would definitely recommend this coffee maker.

The heating plate can be easily dirty if you don’t clean it immediately. When pouring coffee into cup, the coffee spills all over if you don’t hold the lid carefully.

This is a fantastic, easy to use coffee machine. The price for the product is excellent. It performs superbly, creating excellent coffee and at a very good temperature to, it is also nice and hot, especially if left on the hotplate for a few minutes after filtration. I have tried it out in various ways, with the supplied mesh filter and also with mesh removed and using unbleached size 4 paper filters. Personally i prefer the filter papers, as they can be just dumped in to the bin or on the compost heap with no mess or fuss, job done. Obviously using the reusable mesh filter means a bit more work and mess, but that is the more affordable option, or in my case emergency option if you run out of paper filters. I have also tried making the coffee single strength and drinking as is and also making like in a coffee shop, double strength and diluting with off the boil water, which gives double the capacity of the jug in theory. Both ways of brewing worked perfectly, which was an excellent result. So you can have the coffee as strong or as weak as you like and make your own adjustment to suit your palate. We drink mugs of coffee in our house and this machine makes up to four mugs with one single strength brew at a time.

Really love this coffee maker but unfortunately one of the buttons has popped out – i have managed to get it back in so hopefully it will be ok.

Brilliant coffee machineeasy to set up, to use and to clean.

It did job it was meant for very well.

Coffee maker made people in the office quite please. The only disappointed thing is the timer on the heating plate. It switches off after about 20-30 minutes, which means, if you make a finish the pot and you want to make a new one to be ready for next time, you’ll arrive to a cold coffee pot.

Buttons may be a bit sticky but looks good and makes great coffee. Hope it lasts for four years like my last morphy richards.

Simple to use, makes good coffee, easy to clean.

I see no need for the long plastic tube that pokes into the jug. Not only is is hard to clean, with a horrible slimy residue every time you use it, but even heat resistant plastics should not be submerged in hot water/coffee for so long. Chemicals will leech into the coffee, and even if the taste of the coffee masks it, it is still disgusting. Please be very careful when purchasing these types of coffee machines. If you can’t get a stainless steel coffee machine, at least opt for a machine that has the least contact with plastic as possible. Manufacturers will try and justify putting plastic everywhere by claiming that it’s heat resistant. That does not mean that it won’t corrode and leech chemicals over time. Plastics and hot water/hot anything is a big no. Sometimes it’s convenient though like with these coffee makers, which is why you have to look around and choose one that has the *least* contact with plastic as possible, as at the £20-60 price range i can’t seem to find anything that uses stainless steel inside.

If one morning i found this little machine collapsed into a puddle of molten plastic, i would immediately order another one. This is such a good machine. The pros are: the coffee tastes better than with our older coffee maker; the design is aesthetically pleasing. Very elegant looking; the glass pot slides easily in/out without have to brace one’s feet against the machine; and it is absolutely quiet while going about its business. The cons are few, and mostly insignificant: filling the water reservoir takes a bit of care as it is quite narrow; and the glass pot doesn’t have quite enough fill lines for our use. We usually do five so it’s a bit of a hit/miss trying to get the correct amount of water. It has marks for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 cups. But, in a word (actually four), it’s a grand coffee maker.

When you open the lid condensed water leaks behind the pot.

But, like all the others now, it turns off long before you could drink the jug full. So either you keep reloading it or you put your second mug in the microwave.

Features and Spesification

  • Programmable timer that allows you to wake up to a fresh coffee
  • The fast brew function allows you to make 12 cups of coffee in 10 minutes
  • The hotplate allows you to keep your coffee warm at a constant temperature
  • The permanent filter is easy to clean and there will be no need to buy expensive replacement filters
  • The anti drip device prevents any drips, mess or stanied worktop surfaces