Morphy Richards Intellichef Multicooker – Five Stars

Non stick coating has peeled off. It’s the best equipment for my kitchen i’ve had. Except for the coating peeling off.

The morphy richards intelicchef multicooker is very good for the money i paid for it, used it a few times knowno problems with steaming the kitchen up and the food when cooked is very good so i would say this is a goodproduct and worth every penny, and instead the oven and pans you save on energy bill.

Love this kitchen appliance. You can do loads of things with it – not used the deep fat fryer but as trying to be healthy but its so easy to cook in and you can regulate the temperature quickly.

Yes,i think this multicooker is good value. I have cooked stews and casseroles(bulk cooking 4meals). When fast cooking ,continually add liquid as it is a very fast boiler. I don’t use it for frying or steaming.

My dad asked me to order this, as the slow cooker they had, had gone bang, and well, he’s happy with it.

Bought as present – they love it.

Excellent value, fast delivery, would use again.

Great, deep sides prove it to be better than other multi-cookers, i have had. No overflowing and still compact.

Would have given it a five star review, as i have one and bought this one for my mother-in-law for christmas. But it will not hold the temperature and keeps clicking and overheating. Nee to find a way to replace or return, but online says 31 january was the latest date.

. But nanny was displeased as it didn’t roast. Another friend bought it from me for her dad. Would be great for one person living alone. Very smart and does everything.

Great kitchen appliance has been used regularly since it arrived. Still experimenting and learning what i can do with it. Anything that avoids using the oven is good in my book.

I bought it to use it as a chip fryer as it doesn’t require so much oil as my previous one. But this is beyond my expectations. . U can do everything in it and i just love it. The look of it is nice and stylish it’s lovely to clean and this heavy lid. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards Intellichef Multicooker:

  • The Intellichef multi cooker has 8 in 1 functions for all your cooking styles so no need for multiple appliances
  • The five litre bowl capacity is large enough for a full meal for the whole family
  • The toughened glass lid makes it easy to monitor your foods cooking process
  • The clear temperature display makes it easy to cook with precision
  • Accessories include a steaming rack and frying basket

I particularly like cooking my bolognese in it. Very easy to clean too and looks smart on the work top.

We took this camping and managed to make several meals for a large family heats up quickly and keeps food hot.

This is ok but like some reviews have mentioned you have to keep referring to the book for temperature settings- because the all though it states what is does on the side, it doesn’t say the temperatures for those things, steaming, stewing etc.

This is worth buying very good item, very useful.

Well packed and arrived very quickly. I have used it twice and the results have been excellent. I have yet to try all of the functions but so far so good. It is easy to use and easy to clean what more could you want.

I really enjoy having more functions and the product is what i normally expect. However, the thermostat clicking on and off drives me nuts.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great addition to a kitchen.
  • Big but useful
  • Would have given it a five star review, as

Love this multi cooker it does everything i want, fry, stew, roast, etc. I would recommend this to anyone.

Daughter pleased with what i gave her.

We had no kitchen for over three months and no microwave and this really made life a little easier. I still use it now for frying chips and making casseroles. Easy to use easy to clean just what a mother wants.

Due to kitchen refit decided to buy multicooker it’s great heats up fast and you can cook a variety of foods. Even boils potatoes and pasta. Not used deep fry function due to cleaning involved but have made many nice one pot dishes g.

Bought for my daughter and she loves it and has used it lots.

Great for cooking items like sausages, bacon, chicken nuggets etc and so handy to leave in it and will stay warm. Would be ideal if you did not have an oven or if you were going camping to a place that has electric supply. I got it for usefulness to have food ready for hungry children no matter what the time. It holds food safely inside andkeeps the food as warm as you want. It comes with a basket for deep fat frying but have not used that yet. So handy, even to have for childrens parties or on a sunday morning.

Would recomend to everyone so easy to use.

A very good kitchen gadget even better than the slow cooker i had.

I have just had a brilliant risotto using this. My granddaughter cooked it using the multicooker. Theres no limit to what she can cook at university now so i neednt worry if she is eating well. Its so well made and easy to clean so i know it wont be back in its box thats for sure.

Use it for cooking most things. Done stews, curry, deep fried fish, and rice in it amongst other things. Would miss it if i didn’t have it now.

Only used it twice was quite happy with the outcome beryl.

Arrived much sooner than expected which was a nice surprise has been most useful and an excellent product so far is light and easy to clean takes up less space on worktop and no bending down to lift heavy cooked hot items of food a very good barain buy.

Great everything you would need in the kitchen.

Superb quality works like a dream. Wife calls it a great toy and is very impressed with the speed it cooks at, yet still gives the same results as slow cooking, thereby saving a good deal of electricity.

Purchased for our static caravan as i hate the cooker in there and this comes up trumps. I’m learning to cook with limited ingredients and space and this has helped.

Bought for my daughter and she has been using it for a short while now without any problems. She is very pleased with the cooking results and we can recommend it.

Absolutely great i do all my meal in it is perfect wouldn’t be without it love it.

Very good for stews and casseroles, combine it with a timer plug and tea’s ready when you get home.

Non stick coating degrades very quickly. This is a shame as otherwise it’s great.

Helps if you use a multi-cooker recipe book like or until you get the hang of it. I only have two hobs so it is a real bonus for larger meals or quantities. I use as a stockpot and boil it daily. Two turkey carcases and vegetables fine stock after christmas.

Non stick coating keeps coming off.

This is a large piece of equipment – it takes up a lot a space in my kitchen. My biggest niggle is that there is a steam vent to the rear of the unit which causes two problems: a) when using as a slow cooker the level of liquid needs to be regularly checked to prevent drying out – a normal slow cooker is a sealed unit – therefore i am reluctant to leave this to cook unattended whilst at work. B) the steam comes out directly under my kitchen units because of the size of the cooker and condenses/drips as well as potentially damaging the units. Notwithstanding that, this is an excellent cooker for large amounts of food. I make a large batch of porridge in here to last me several days and have cooked batches of stew as well.

Bought this for self, and then as a gift. Never bothered using chip pan bit of it, but as a slow cooker that can brown meat first, it’s a winner.

I’ve fried chips and onion rings. I’ve cooked stews, casseroles, steak, pork steaks, and rice pudding. This device is great, but there’s occasionally an annoying clicking noise when the device is warming up and in use; however, it seems worth it.

I would not be without mine now i have bought one i cook everything in it fry boil roast stew so so easy to clean great product.