Morphy Richards Microwave Accents Colour Collection 511512 23L Digital Solo Microwave : Good quality!

Good looking appliance bought as a gift and recipiant very pleased.

I have been testing this for 4 weeks for morphy richards and i would highly recommend this product, for a standard microwave this has all the features you need, very simple to use, quality build and easy to keep clean. With the presets there is no need to work out setting, just put in and away you go and in a range of colors to suit your kitchen.

Love my new microwave it blends in well with my kitchen and i have the kettle and toaster too. I wonderd if it was going to be a tad big but its not its like a tardis smaller on the outside but seems bigger on the inner which is good as it doesnt steam up on the ceiling like my old one. Its easy to use and has preset menue too. Its also quieter than my last one so wont wake up the dead.

Excellent microwave, clear features/buttons for easy use. Brillant sized microwave with internal light. Door handle also good for easy grip.

It’s big, it’s red, it heats up your.

Great looking oven, looks good in my kitchen. To set cooking timer, you have to count down on the dial from an hour every time. Quite frustrating when you only want to cook for a couple of minutes. I can’t see any situation where this would be a good feature, seems a bit of an odd idea to include and a real pain.

It’s easy to use with a simple console, easy to understand instruction manual and it sitsnicely in my chrome and black kitchen, my kitchen bling. Good size oven, even for a family, interior light,choice of power levels and useful auto functions – well worth the price, i have no complaints and would recommendit as good value for money.

Disappointed with colour as more of a white than cream and did not match my kettle.

  • Microwave
  • Really good
  • Efficient

Morphy Richards Microwave Accents Colour Collection 511512 23L Digital Solo Microwave Red

Product Description, Introducing the range of Accents microwaves from Morphy Richards, in Red, black and Ivory cream. Bring your kitchen to life with the Accents range of matching kitchen appliances. The easy to use digital display is integrated within a classic design, providing exceptional Usability within a premium package. Aside from looking great, the Accents microwaves are able to cook delicious meals with the press of a button. With 8 pre-set functions; pizza, chicken, meat, vegetables, fish, pasta, soup and porridge you can be sure of making a delicious meal every time. Also an integrated defrost function means you can have food ready to cook in minutes!

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Morphy Richards 511512 Accents Red 23L Microwave

The new Accents Microwaves from Morphy Richards offer a stylish yet functional solution to microwave cooking .

Offering a selection of power levels and 8 automatic programs, this easy to use microwave is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

  • Accents Colour Collection – Extensive range of colour co-ordinated kitchen appliances
  • 8 Automatic Programs – Cook meals easily with the press of a button
  • 800 W – for all your cooking, re-heating and defrosting needs
  • 20L Capacity – that comfortably fits a standard dinner plate
  • Automatic defrost – simply select time or weight and let the microwave do the rest

Bring Your Kitchen To life

The Accents range from Morphy Richards offers a cost effective way of adding touches of colour and personality to the hub of your home.

Choose from a wide selection of appliances including; Microwaves, Kettles, Toasters, Slow Cookers and Coffee Machines, all available in red, ivory cream and black.

Whichever colour you choose, you can be sure that the Accents collection from Morphy Richards will bring your kitchen to life.

Easy to use

Each stylish Accents microwave features a clear and easy to use digital display.

Using just 5 buttons and a dial, cooking has never been so quick and convenient.

Delicious meals at the press of a button

Enjoy your favourite meals at the press of a button, using the 8 automatic programs.

Choose from either Pizza, Chicken, Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Pasta, Soup or Porridge.

Convenient defrost

Forgotten to take a meal out of the freezer? The Accents microwaves have you covered.

The integrated defrost function allows you to defrost by either time or weight, quickly and conveniently.

Perfect for the family

The 23L capacity, comfortably fits a standard sized dinner plate.

Both the exterior and interior are a dream to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

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Very good matches kettle toaster and slow cooker.

We bought this to batch the colour scheme of our kitchen. We’ve had much more expensive all singing/dancing microwaves in the past and never used half the functions. This does all you will need for 98% if the time.

An efficient little machine with scores of features hidden in the multiuse buttons. The most useful feature is the quick 30 second feature that also goes up in 30 second increments every time it is pushed. It has auto defrost, and auto cook, although because this has muliuse buttons, i have to look up the instructions every time as i can’t remember the code to cook, for instance, fish or potatoes. There doesn’t appear to be an option for autocooking food from frozen – you have to use auto defrost, and then auto cook, or just cook for a little longer. I sometimes cook large quantities, and sometimes the weight causes the turntable to wobble off the wheels. It is not easy to see how to use it at first glance – but if a visitor wants to use it, the 30 second button is normally all they need anyway. The microwave is well designed and looks very good in my country style kitchen.

Wife liked the colour,nice size,overall very good.

This was a gift for a ward the local hospital. I have been told that it is what they wanted and they are very pleased.

A great microwave, looks great, easy to use and great price too.

Very pleased with the microwave, easy to operate, user manual is quite straight forward otherwise just go on youtube there are a lot of videos showing how to use the controls. It added a blend of complete morphy richards excellency to my kitchen. Very happy with it, besides it has a locking function as well where you can lock it by pressing and holding the power start button for about 1 or 2minutes repeat the same sequence to unlock it.

I have been testing this microwave for four weeks and it is just a dream to use. The program selection covers most cooking and reheating. The defrost selection works very well. The style and colours will match any kitchen. Well done morphy richards on a brilliant product.

  • Microwave
  • Really good
  • Efficient

Morphy Richards Microwave Accents Colour Collection 511512 23L Digital Solo Microwave Red

This is a great microwave – simple to use and does everything you would want a microwave to do.

Needs suction pads otherwise ok.

Love this matches everything else i have in my kitchen.

Easy to use,works perfectly.

I have trialed this microwave over 4 weeks and used all the functions. It delivers exactly what it promises. The ‘quick cook’ is very good, in that you can time food in 30 second increments at the turn of the dial. The preset function allows food to be cooked at a later time. So dinner can be freshly prepared and cooked for when you arrive home. However, i found the model somewhat small for a family of five. The product also allows food to be defrosted by weight, which is a great feature. . As is the multi stage cook feature which allows you to defrost and then cook in one continuous process. There are 5 power levels which covered all my needs. I think that the auto function is brilliant and the first time that i have had this in a microwave.

Only issue is timer dial must be turned right to 99 mins then left till the desired time is reached.

Love this microwave so much.

Its a basic model and does every thing i want it to do. Does not do 101 things you don’t ever use and takes a long time to sort out how to use. Its easy to use, easy to clean and good results. The red colour and design fits in with the other tools in the kitchen.

Unable to comment on this item, it was purchased for a gift.

Love the design and colour and it’s just a lovely microwave.

The colour is exactly what i wanted easy to clean the white inside is much better to see if it needs cleaning.

Look fantastic microwave, colour is great and easy to use, i really loved it.

I have been testing this microwave oven for the last month and am very pleased with it. The oven is very stylish in a lovely cream colour with silver trim. Cooking is easy – i particularly like the quick cooking option where pressing the start button repeatedly increases the cooking time by 30 second increments for each press. The auto function is also handy.

Features and Spesification

  • Bring your kitchen to life- part of the Accents range of matching kitchen appliances, available in Red, black and ivory cream
  • 8 automatic programs-cook a variety of delicious meals with the press of a button
  • 5 power levels-alter the Strength of your microwave to ensure all food is cooked perfectly
  • 23L capacity-able to fit a standard sized dinner plate and cook full meals in minutes
  • Defrost function-make sure your food is ready when you are by defrosting by either weight or time