Morphy Richards Microwave Cookware MICO Toasted Sandwich Maker 511647 MICO Microwave Cookware Toastie Maker : Great buy

Like baked potatoes but not the time they took to cook in the oven. This saves time and gives you crispy potatoes. Even though the inside is metal it’s cooks ok in the microwave.

Toasted sandwiches come out perfect. Once you get the hang of assembling and disassembling it is well worth it. Addicted to toasted sandwiches now.

This microwave toastie maker arrived yesterday and this morning was the first time i got to try it out. I decided to keep it simple with good old extra mature cheddar and nothing else. As soon as i got the bread out of the cupboard i realised this toastie maker had been designed by someone who has never, ever used bread a day in their lives as the toastie maker is square and. Well, if you have looked at, or even just a swift side glance at a slice of bread they are quite clearly rectangular in shape. That said, i thought i have to give it a fair go, although i was thinking at this stage there would be a awful mess in my microwave at the end of this little experiment. So i girded my loins and set to buttering the bread adding grated cheese and putting the toastie back together and popping it in the microwave. The instructions give light, medium and virtually burnt timings for three different microwave oven powers. The timings were 2 mins 15 secs – flip the toastie maker over (using oven gloves) and another 2 mins 15 secs. My microwave works in 10 second increments. So i went with 2 mins 10 secs instead – just to be on the safe side. Really, microwave beeping so early in the morning is a tad painful on the old ears. I put on some oven gloves and flipped it over and set the timer for another 2 mins 10 secs.

Does what it says on the tin, easy to use, easy to clean, just be careful with the clips, they can stick and forcing will break them. Easiest sway is to put the top on at about a 30 degree angle, slip one of the clips on at the closed end then the second clips on easily.

Takes up much less cupboard space than a regular sandwich toaster and is so much easier to clean. Good quality product, seems quite robust but is still small enough and light enough to take to work.

Not had a sandwich toaster for ages since my old one packed up. Saw this on qvc and thought that’s a good idea so i bought one on amazon. Works great, okay for one person would recommend, going to get the jacket potato maker next.

This is the most beautiful thing is ages as i bought this for my mum as a birthday present as she loves poached eggs on toast but only had the use of 1 hand and she loves it.

We’ve been wanting to replace our electric toastie machine, and bought this. It does seem a bit big when you put sliced bread in it like warburton’s, but home made bread fills it up if you like baking your own. So you butter the bread, i used warburton’s medium white sliced, place the butter side down on the metal tray, i put it central and it sealed fine even though there was a gap at either side. Put on your cheese tomato etc then put a slice on top butter side facing up. Then put the top tray on and press down then snap the sides shut, which is very easy. If you can’t shut it you’ve put too much filling on. Stick it in the microwave for the indicated time, flip over and zap it again. Take it out using oven gloves, it’s quite hot, then pop the sides and use a silicon spatula to lift the toastie out. If you wipe it with kitchen roll whilst hot, the excess cheese, butter and other stuff comes straight off.

  • So Convenient!
  • Not a huge success so far
  • Works brilliantly.

Morphy Richards Microwave Cookware MICO Toasted Sandwich Maker 511647 MICO Microwave Cookware Toastie Maker, Orange

Style Name:MICO Toastie
Product Description, If you’re used to microwave cooking then you’re probably used to the compromises that it brings. Our innovative range of microwave cookware by MICO with heatwave technology lets you have perfect snacks in a fraction of the time. MICO – the new method in your microwave! Picture your lunch. Do dry uninspiring sandwiches and disappointing microwaved leftovers sound familiar? for us here at Morphy Richards it certainly did, so we set out to change it. We had an idea; what if you could use your microwave to grill, poach, fry and bake to perfection, delivering the home-cooked taste you love. That is what MICO gives you, lunches and snacks beautifully cooked in a fraction of the time. A delicious toasted sandwich is a perfect meal or snack, melted cheese, coupled with meat, tomato or whatever you fancy can turn the humble sandwich into an indulgent delight. To achieve this, you’ve previously had to use a cumbersome toasted sandwich maker; not exactly something you can take to the office with you. MICO toastie changes this, sandwiched between the cool-touch silicone outer are metal plates with added heatwave technology. This converts the microwaves into conventional grill cooking, meaning your microwave can now beautifully toast your sandwich.

Box Contains, MICO Toastie, Instruction Manual

From the manufacturer

MICO - using Advanced Heatwave Technology

Morphy Richards 511647 MICO Microwave Toasted Sandwich Maker

MICO, the innovative range of microwave cookware with Advanced Heatwave Technology

MICO, Microwave Cookware

Poached or fried eggs done in a pan take around 9 minutes to cook, whereas Mico can achieve the same results in 3 minutes, being perfectly cooked and still retaining a dippy yolk. This is all thanks to HeatWave technology – the microwaves are reflected by the cool-touch silicone outer case, whilst the heat is absorbed into the grill plates inside, thereby cooking your eggs to perfection. Afterwards it can be taken apart and put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

  • Make a delicious toastie in under 5 minutes, cooked to perfection
  • Heatwave technology to deliver homemade taste from a microwave
  • Cool-touch silicone outer for easy and safe use
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • MICO – Completely Versatile, create more than just toasties!

Morphy Richards 511647 MICO Microwave Toasted Sandwich Maker

MICO, Rethink Your Microwave! The only limit is your imagination!

Revolutionise your microwave! Introducing Mico cookware, a quick and easy solution to create tasty snacks straight from the microwave at a snip of the time it takes to cook conventionally. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, at home or in the office, Mico offers convenience and efficiency without compromising on flavour.

Midweek microwave meals often lack the freshness and taste of a home cooked meal but save us time and effort in our busy lives.

  • For Mico cookware it’s not a choice between taste and time but a combination of both!
  • Mico offers a completely versatile snack solution, and the Mico Toastie can do so much more than just toasties!
  • Try delicious Potato Pancakes, tasty Croque Monsieur, crispy French Toast and mouth-watering Garlic Bread and more!.
  • Complete your Mico range with Mico Egg, for runny yolks, and Mico Potato for crispy skinned jackets.

MICO – Microwave Cookware

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This is possible thanks to Advanced HeatWave Technology that harnesses the microwave power to deliver conventional cooking and turns microwaved food from disappointment to delight.

With MICO, it’s not just your microwave’s turntable that’s revolutionary.

Completely Versatile Snack Solution

Apart from just delicious Poached or Fried Eggs, Mico Egg can also create a wide variety of snacks, delicious Buletten (burgers), tasty Apple Strudel, and more! The only limit is your imagination!

How It Works!

Between the Cool-Touch silicone outer are metal plates with heatwave technology. This converts the microwaves into conventional grill cooking, meaning your microwave can now beautifully cook your eggs.


MICO Garlic Bread

MICO Eggy Bread

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Garlic Bread

• Preparation time: 5 minutes

• Cook time: 4 minutes

• Serves: 2 – 4

Ingredients – cake

• 50g soft margarine

• 50g caster sugar

• 1 medium egg, beaten

• 35g self-raising flour

• 15g cocoa powder

Eggy Bread

• Preparation time: 15 minutes

• Cook time: 3½ to 6½ minutes

• Serves: 2


• 3 medium size fresh eggs

• 150g good quality pork sausage meat, seasoned

• 2 rounded tbsp plain flour

• 3 rounded tbsp dried breadcrumbs

All MICO products are dishwasher safe, so you can simply pop your MICO in the dishwasher after use for easy cleaning. All the cooking surfaces are non-stick as well, so even without a dishwasher they are a dream to clean.

MICO Toastie, Microwave Toastie Maker MICO Potato, Microwave Jacket Potato Baker MICO Egg, Microwave Egg Poacher / Cooker
Dishwasher Safe
Cooking Time 5 Minutes 18 Minutes 3 Minutes
Advanced Heatwave Technology
Cool-Touch Silicone

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Makes a good toastie without the fuss of plugging in a machine. But trying to find the right size bread to fit is another matter.

I bought the entire range for work, let’s face it, there is only so much junk we can stomach, right?. I ordered it late last night and it arrived before i had to leave for work. The toastie was the first i tried. Salami, tomato and mozzarella. No mess at all, clean up is a breeze and as for the toastie. Oh my word, crispy on both sides, the cheese beautifully melted. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to try the next one.

Really easy to use, pretty amazing toasted finish. Buy large bread, smaller bread still does the job as long as you don’t over fill. Less hassle than a conventional toastie maker, less messy and perfect toasties in 5 minutes (2min 30secs x2 @900w).

Eggs never seem to cook at same time. Maybe different sizes but i invariable have to remove 1 egg and zap the second a bit longer.

Adjusting the cooking times in alignment with the microwave power settings is key to success. It takes a few times to get the crispiness correct. 18 minutes for two baked, crispy-skinned tatties is worth it. Easy to clean but let to cool first as it retains heat extremely well.

Was intrigued by the concept and could not resist trying it. Handy in small kitchens as there is no need to find worktop space as one would have to do with an electric toaster.

Once you get used to it, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. I don’t have a dishwasher, and it’s easy to clean by hand. It does crisp the potato slightly on the top and bottom but not all over. If you haven’t got a lot of time and need a jacket potato in 20 minutes then it’s a great option, otherwise i’d stick to cooking them in the oven.

I love a cheese toastie, but it’s a faf waiting for the grill to heat up to do them so i rarely bothered. The unit is big enough to get propper full size toastie loaf bread slices in it. Butter both slices, lay the first in the bottom of the mico butter side down, lay your filling on the bread (leave a 5mm gap to the edge of the bread all the way around to reduce sticky leakages), then put the other bread slice (butter side up) on top. Close and lock the top of the mico, then cook. I have a 900w microwave and i have found that 2mins 10 secs each side (you flip it over half-way through cooking) gives me the perfect brown toasty with crunchy outsides and gooey melty middle. Cleaning is easy too, if you’ve had no leaks you can actually just wipe out the metal plate sections to remove the butter residue and you’re good to go again. It does however take apart quite easily to wash it or put it in the dishwasher. I’ve now tried various fillings, cheese n beans, cheese and mushrooms, cheese n ham, cheese and chicken, pulled pork etc. Like with any gadget it’s just a question of using it until you find out the perfect time setting for the microwave you’re using and the bread/filling combo you are toasting. I’ve also taken it to work and found it convenient to do a light lunch toastie there tooit maybe seems a little expensive, but you are getting chunky non-stick metal plates for your money.

  • So Convenient!
  • Not a huge success so far
  • Works brilliantly.

Morphy Richards Microwave Cookware MICO Toasted Sandwich Maker 511647 MICO Microwave Cookware Toastie Maker, Orange

This does toast very well and it really works. Comes apart for cleaning very easily. I am usually sceptical about microwave claims however this does work.

Delish toasted sandwicheseasy to use. Easy to clean ( dishwasher safe ). I was so impressed with mine i bought one for my 24 year old daughter who lives and works in london. She loves it and uses it to toast tasty sandwiches in the work microwave for her lunches.

My toastie maker was hard to clean and took up alot of space. It does good crispy toasties in your microwave. Kinda wish it did more fillings cause if you over fill it you can’t close it. You have to be carefull taking it out cause its really hot. More importantly i cant take it apart to clean so i just wipe it. A great gadget but could do with some tweeks.

This is brilliant i was a bit sceptical when i sent for it but it really works. The instructions are easy to follow but they could do with being a bit larger print.

So glad i decided to buy this, was a little apprehensive re value for money , however the simplicity of use, the quality of the end product and the quickness of cooking outset this. Only down side ,is the re assembly of the toasters silicone edging back over the metal plates, a bit fiddly, however for the most, it only needs wipe down and not a full dismantle.

This is an absolute game changer in the office where we aren’t allowed toasters or grills. 5 mins on each side the toasted sandwich comes out golden brown just like it would from a breville. Cleaning is so much easier too.

Delicious using seeded light brown bread. Just worried the hinges / clasps may break off real soon.

Just love this, use it most days. I put all sorts in it, chicken fillets, steak, fish as well as potato. Have bought another for my daughter. It is very easy to clean as well so glad i bought it.

Just made my first ham and cheese toastie in the microwave at work and it was delicious and perfectly cooked with almost no mess. Just going to order another for home and going to throw our old, plug in sandwich toaster in the bin.

Makes great toasties, works perfectly in the microwave, very easy to take apart all components to put in the dishwasher. Much better than an electrical toastie maker where cleaning it is concerned. Faster toastie cooking time compared to electrical toastie makers.

I was a bit skeptical because of some negative reviews but i’m pleased with the purchase. I used quite a large potato and a paper towel to rub it in oil. The lid didn’t fit as it was too large until the potato shrank with cooking. I’d reckon i cooked it for 30 minutes in total. The result was a nice crispy potato with a fluffy centre. Next time i’ll buy a smaller potato.

I ended up doing 3 straight after one another, although the item was very hot it doesnt reccomend to do more than 4 straight after each other. Straight in the dishwasher, no hassle.

A few work colleagues have now also purchased. I have two so i can have one at work and leave one at home. Only thing that does cause issue sometimes is making sure the plates are in the right way around if you take apart for washing. People cannot believe you get a great crisp toastie from a microwave but you do.

I was sceptical about this toastie maker but actually it works and it works very well. I did a 2 minutes each side and it came out perfect. It’s also great for making garlic bread tooit’s such a time saver and no more burnt fingers it’s a winner.

Absolutely love this: so easy to use, takes seconds to clean and cooks to perfection. Was genuinely surprised to get a crispy toastie out of a microwave but it really does what it says. I have made a few so far and only had one spill out (bread was a little small and i may have gone overboard with the cheese). But it all came away from the plates clean and easy.

I am a trucker away from home 6 days a week looking for more inventive ways to get good grub away from home. Although i have an inverter in my cab and could of easily bought a sandwich toaster for less money, i read the reviews and decided to give this a try. More compact than a stand alone sandwich machine and easy to clean, this certainly ticks all boxes. As i have a lower wattage microwave in my cab, i spent some time at home perfecting the results in a more substantial microwave oven and then adapting the times for my own use on the road. I have not been disappointedthis product gives great results and is an easy clean after use. Toasted sandwiches are well cooked on the inside and crisp and toasted on the outside. Just for information, i use a 700w microwave and 3 minutes cook on full power, turn over the whole unit and another 3 minutes makes the perfect toasted sandwiches. Fyi this unit does get very hot so please use a heat resistent / oven glove when handling the product.

This is a good idea for complete novices to keep things nice organised but it’s over sold, the crispy skin never happened i an ex -chef my kitchen is very small so a easy way to do a few jacket potatoes seemed like a good idea. It still is it’s not a nightmare the do a decent job. Just over priced and over sold. You can just simply microwave jacket potatoes and quite frankly there not much difference with the results. This products sell’s itself advertising crispy skin?. Nah sorry not of that and sell’s itself to be bigger than what it is it fit too average size potatoes in ( a snack basically). It does the potatoes well i don’t think it’s a bad purchase. Just people need a realistic look at it before buying it’s simple and clean and yes easy to clean. If you manage to get crispy skin good for you but not seen any yet. Is it worth the money ( totally not) i would say more like £10 to £15 max.

I genuinely never leave reviews but this little gadget has saved break time at work. We’re not allowed to use a toaster or toasty maker due to smoke detectors (work in a hospital). This made the perfect toasty in under 5 minutes.

Features and Spesification

  • Make a delicious toastie in under 5 minutes, cooked to perfection
  • Heatwave technology to deliver homemade taste from a microwave
  • Cool-touch silicone outer for easy and safe use
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup