Morphy Richards MyPot Multi Cooker Review

Since moving into our home, I’ve never been so excited to buy so many appliances and gadgets for the house. More specifically, the kitchen. Funnily enough, most appliances in my kitchen are from AO; my dishwasher (thank god for dishwashers is all I can say), washing machine and even my brand new Kitchen Aid which my Fiancee gave me for my 25th birthday! Nevertheless, I finally thought it was time to buy myself a slow cooker. I got one from ASDA for just £14 and it does exactly what I wanted; creates tasty casseroles or slow-cooked meats. However, that’s pretty much all it can do. I once tried to create a slow-cooked dessert in it once, and it failed. Miserably may I add.Morphy Richards MyPot Review

Morphy Richards MyPot ReviewThat’s where the new Morphy Richards MyPot 4 Litre Multi-Cooker comes in.

Morphy Richards MyPot Review

This little machine (which looks like some sort of futuristic space pod) is the ultimate multi-cooker. It’s a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, pressure cooker and probably more. You can create succulent pulled pork, perfectly steam your vegetables, produce fluffy rice, pressure cook meats, make curries, but also produce a multitude of desserts! Within the manual that comes with it, you’ll even find various recipes to try and trust me, they all sound amazing.

I thought the first thing I’d try, is making a dessert. Despite loving my current slow cooker at the cheap price of £14 (was on offer for £10 at the time I purchased it), it just wasn’t made for the dish I wanted to create. Therefore, I was excited to see if this cooker could make it and more. I opted for a simply sponge cake with lots of syrup, served with ice cream to finish. It was delicious!

First things first, ensure you wash the bowl etc. thoroughly before your first use. I wiped my down quickly before use, but it became apparent that a simple wash with some bubbles just wasn’t enough. A good run in the dishwasher was better. My first attempt tasted like new plastic, but second time around was A LOT better.

Morphy Richards MyPot Review

All in all, it’s a brilliant multi-cooker for those who enjoy cooking and want to try new dishes where all that is required is one pot. However, my only downfall from trying this out, is the slow cooker function. For some reason, it’s only timer setting is 6 hours. Yes, most slow-cooked recipes take approximately 6-8 hours on low, but there’s nothing telling you whether the slow-cook function is on a low or high speed. I followed a recipe where it only need 3 hours on high and it seemed to be done after 3 hours…so maybe that’s my answer right there. Therefore, I’d advise periodically checking the food as it cooks, to ensure it’s cooking correctly.



Despite this, it’s a great cooker that’s worth the money. Although I may have priced a small fraction of the £60 price tag for my slow-cooker, this one comes with a lot more ability. It can cook in a number of ways and it can cook far more dishes too.

Available at for £60. Buy here.