Morphy Richards Premium Plus Breadmaker 48324 Ice Breadmaker – Three Stars

Researched the market before buying this. Having used it for a few months i pass on my pleasurable ownership experience. Best feature and unique selling point (?) is the fold down paddle. Our previous breadmaker (an old bifinet) had 2 paddles and it was a fight to extract them. The single paddle falls flat and almost every loaf has come cleanly out of the pan leaving the paddle inside. One reviewer mentioned that the hinged paddle could fall flat when adding the ingredients. My solution is to place the pan partly on a placemat and this enlists gravity in keeping it upright whilst the ingredients are added. The recipe book is excellent with a wide variety of items. The recipes list milk powder as an ingredient but i just use milk as part of the water measure and it seems to work fine. We also use olive oil instead of sunflower oil and it’s ok.

The breadmaker is a quality item that produces good breads and doughs. You may have to alter your recipies to suit – i found the items came out wetter than anticipated but that’s part of the funi’d recommed this.

This is my second breadmaker but it is far better than my old one for two reasons, namely the fact it makes better bread and also that the mixing paddle retracts before baking to ensure no large holes are left in the bread. On my old machine the paddle would remain in the bread as it was baking, requiring me to cut a huge hole in my loaf to remove it. There are plenty of different baking programs and i’m having great fun trying my hand at different loaves and styles. I like the way that i can select varying crusts as my previous breadmaker baked very crispy loaves and i much prefer a softer style. The seed/nut dispenser is great for a no-hassle method of adding them to my loaves. I baked an especially nice soft walnut loaf the other day and my seeded batch/granary loaves are brilliant. It only takes a few ‘experiments’ to get the recipes right as aside from the basic white loaf, i do find most of the enclosed recipes a little sweet. Adding less sugar is the solutioni am currently experimenting with organic flour and my mum has requested a gluten-free loaf which is baking as i type this review. The smell of freshly baked bread filling the kitchen is divine.If anyone has ever fancied a breadmaking machine but been put off the idea by the thought of it being too much hassle or the finished product perhaps not being as nice as that bought from a shop, let me allay your fears.

Rather larger than expected but works well.

This machine is versatile and wonderful. I mainly use it to make the bread dough which i then bake in my oven – but only because i prefer the shape of an oven baked loaf. The machine itself works perfectly and is easy and intuitive to use.

After reading some comments i first tried some complex bread that other breadmakers failed as it was suggested that this one will fail also. It worked even better than me doing it the traditional way. The main problem with some people using and misusing a breadmaker is often they have never done it without the tool. Once you make things the traditional way you know some signs such as the signs for too much or to little yeast or water, despite of using the same amount, as yeast can differ from batch to batch (that is why i buy a big batch) and the amount of water depends on pressure outside. Only if you do the traditional and compare the bread maker you will see the right comparison. Same is is true for the fact that after backing you should soak all the moving parts in warm water.

Had this breadmaker 3 months now made at least 20 amazing loaves , seriously i’d give it 10 if i could.

Very easy to use and have had excellent results so far using hovis bread mix and the recipes supplied with breadmaker.

Having used this for a while i find it a great asset in the kitchen, fresh bread whenever i want it.

Unlike my previous machine (russell hobbs 18036) the tin locks in position & the paddle goes flat.

We make 2 to 3 loaves a week and are now on our second machine of this make after 10 years of use. This is by far the best bread maker we have used and providing you follow a recipe closely is always consistently good. You can buy spares (replacement pans and stirring arms) which after a couple of years use start to wear out. Other machines we have used produce weird shaped loaves or are not consistent with the baking.

Excellent product, but one thing has disappointed and that is the drop down paddle has yet to drop down, i have tried using cooking oil smeared on the shaft and paddle but alas it still does not collapse, hey ho. Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards Premium Plus Breadmaker 48324 Ice Breadmaker:

  • 19 programmes for bread, pizza dough, cakes, desserts and jam
  • 12-hour delay timer. 5 crust settings- Very light, Light, Medium, Dark, Very dark
  • 70-minute fast-bake programme
  • Drop-down blade for easy removal
  • Breadmaker recipes included

The machine is easy to use and bakes bread as programmed. The manual provided has recipes for quick acting yeast added directly to the mix, but i found it works just as well with yeast suspended for 15 minutes in cold diluted soya milk. I prefer soya milk to milk powder, that is included in some recipes within the manual. It whirs while mixing, but not excessively so, and no more than any other kitchen appliance.

I liuke morphy richards bread machine 48324. It arrived in time and is currently performing satisfactorily. I like it for the number of programmes it has.

Fast delivery and the breadmaker works great.

The first one to arrive was faulty and after a number of e-mails to the distributor we eventually got our replacement. Since when it has been used two – three times a week and produces bread as we always hoped it would on purchasing.

Delivered on time and was exactly as stated. I’ve bread makers in the past which were to say the least disappointing in the bread they produced. This machine produces bread of superb quality even after i’ve messed about with the recipies in fact the bread is so good that for the first time ever my children are happily eating wholemeal and mixed seed breads. So far can’t recumbent it highly enough. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is i’ve only had it a week and want to try out some more complex recipies but if current performance is anything to go by i would unhesitatingly rate this at 5 stars.

So far so good enjoying learning how to work machine and make different breads.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It worked even better than me doing it the traditional way
  • that lasted about 5 years and i am very pleased with it
  • The Breadmaker that produces a correct size and shape loaf.

I has this as a xmas present and i’ve used it almost every day since. I don’t have a lot of experience with breadmakers to be able to compare, but this one has been great so far. It’s made a perfect loaf everytimei like the fruit/nut dispensing option, and the delay timer means i can wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread every morning.

Easy to use,and the end product is great.

Bought one for my son and he is raving about it, so i bought one for myself (and we’ve both had bread-makers before).

Since we bought this we haven’t bought any commercially made bread. We use this nearly every day, the recipes in the instructions work really well.

Excellent a good and easy m/c to use it makes an ideal loaf of bread impressed with it.

Needed a new breadmaker as old one of ten years was worn out. This one does lots and is easy to use, just remember to make sure paddle is standing up not lying flat when filling the pan. You can also use other recepies when confident.

Produced excellent loaves once you have mastered it. Took 4 attempts to get a really good product but they are all good now. I would recommend not using the recipes in the supplied documentation far better to experiment. The instructions on the flour packs work particularly well.

I already owned a bread maker, it produced reasonable bread but the kneading paddle made enormous holes in the bread. The effort involved in getting the loaf out of the baking pan sometimes was more than the bread was worth. I purchased this morphy richards one with the paddle that lies flat after kneading is done. I am in the danger of making too much bread. The recipe book and instructions are very precise. At first i thought it was too fiddly but i stuck to their way and now have delightful bread and its a pleasure to use the machine. Thank you morphy richards and thank you amazon.

Great breadmaker, this is a fantastic breadmaker, i find it is really easy to use and it also can make my gluten free bread etc to a lovely texture. Great quality breadmaker and i would recommend it.

Bread machine is brill love it arrived next day bread is perfect my favourite one is the cheese and onion bread would recommend this product.

This is the best bread machine i’ve ever had, when i first got it, the paddle was still left in the bread. After a few uses, it worked perfectly. I gave up on machine’s because of the hole in the bread. With this fold down paddle, it’s brilliant.

I have been baking bread for many years in the traditional way so i am rather critical of machines. So far i have had some disasters, but i keep hoping that i will master the gadget.

Very easy to use, self explanatory to follow from the programme window. Takes all the messing about from making your own bread.

Lasted 3 months until the timer chip failed. Went back to the cheaper and better version.

Great machine fantastic bread.

Arrived very quickly, makes great bread.

Not used enough yet to make a fair statement about the machine.

Not bought a loaf of bread since.

Great service delivery was so quick really great bread maker i replaced my old one had it for years same bread maker but older model sorry i didn’t do it sooner because so pleased with this one.

Very easy to use, very quiet and good results.

Works well but be aware that the loaves are not so big.

I’m really enjoying my homemade bread and pizza :-).

Love this break maker, our last murphy richards bread maker died after 7 years so we had no qualms about treating ourselves to this all singing all dancing one. Bread comes out well, easy to use.

Brilliant best i have ever bought. Quality of bread is perfect even using my own recipe. Wholeheartedly recommend it.

I previously owned the 48320 model bread maker and had nothing but praise for it so when it needed replacing and i saw this one i had no hesitation in getting it. The machine itself is of a very good build quality, nice and sturdy and just generally well made. It’s also a bit of a beast and will take up a fair bit of roomalong with the breadmaker you get some plastic measuring spoons and two plastic jugs as well as the instruction/recipe book. The recipes in there are pretty good and there are a lot more of them than i had with the previous one which only had about 10 recipes. Your usual white loaf, granary, brown loaf are in there along with things like fruit loaves, malt loaf, pizza dough and hot cross buns. One thing to note is for things like buns and rolss it only mixes the dough for you and gives you instructions on how to finish in the oven. To use is really as simple as pie. You find the relevant program for what you want to cook, throw the ingredients in and turn it on and then just walk away, there’s even a tray at the top to put fruit/nuts in and it will drop them into the mixture at the right timecleaning is simple as the tin just twists out and can be cleaned along with the blade and it’s relatively pain free as it has a non stick coating. The only real criticisms are that the baking tin is a not really a standard loaf shape, you tend to get half loaves out of it so once you’ve cut the crusty end off you’ll only get a few slices per loaf but these slices are much bigger than your average bread slice. The other complaint i have is the actual blade.

Good machine, working properly. What i wanted was baking small breads since we do not eat a lot and it is possible to do so with this one. You can bake about 300 grams bread. The collapsible paddle is perhaps somehow disappointing in terms that it still remains within the bread and you have to dig it out after baking (no tool provided for this). This leaves a small hole in the bread center which could be perhaps avoided if the producer made a small slot in the baking pan and paddle would lay down inside that slot before baking. This is why the rating is 4.

Very easy to use, i make a loaf of medium size every3 days. Takes about 3 minutes to measure the ingredients out and 1 minute to clean after use.

I was torn between buying this one and the one that lakeland sell. I am so glad i bought this one. I have made 2 loaves so far from the recipe booklet that came with it, the wholewheat and the granary. They both came out perfect and stayed fresh for 2-3 days. It is easy to use, just oil the pan, make sure the paddle is upright, put ingredients in in the order listed and leave it to bake. I wish i had bought this years ago.

I purchased this breadmaker as a replacement for another that lasted about 5 years and i am very pleased with it. I only make basic loaves so i haven’t used the more advanced programs. The timer is good for fresh bread 1st thing in the morning,looks well constructed and the little mixer blade folds flat(although im only experiencing a 50% success rate of it doing this)is a good idea.

Great machine, very easy to use and clean.