Morphy Richards Prism 4 Slice Toaster 248109 Four Slice Toaster – I love everything about this toaster

Beautiful modern design, makes great toast just how i like it, easy to use controls, looks fantastic on my worktop, so happy with this toaster.

Great addition to the kitchen. The first thing that struck me was the design, the prism design is striking and modern. Very easy to clean, especially with the crumb tray. Our old toaster did not have this function so this helps out big time. Defrosting function works nicely and does the trick every time. I’m surprised with how well the browning effect setting works, i’ve found my perfect heat settings with ease.

The first thing that struck me about the prism toaster was the sheer size. Initially i thought there must have just been lots of packaging, and i will say that it was well packaged with almost all materials being recyclable which is nice, but when i got it out it felt like it almost grew. It looks pretty impressive, my wife likes the style, and would sit very well in a large kitchen where a regular toaster might get lost. Moving past the dimensions, it toasts well, the backlit buttons feel nice and it generally does what it should. One big bonus is that it really does lift the toast etc high, alleviating the need for my wife to try and electrocute herself retrieving stuck items leading to the death of a previous toastermy reasons for marking it down are due to two design flaws, and unjustified question marks over the durability of the finish. My comments on the design relate to every toaster i have ever owned, why on earth are the crumb trays only accessible from the back?. This means you have to pick the toaster up, dislodging crumbs, before pulling them out. They are also a bit small, again, surely it would be just as easy to have one large pull out tray the full width of the toaster rather than the daft little ones?. There must be some reason that escapes me though as every toaster we have ever owned has been this way.Second minor design flaw is that crumbs that land on the shiny stainless steel inner top can go down the sides just as easily as in to the slots, meaning they are either stuck in the body or come out on to the worktop with a good shake.

We get lots of compliments from visitors. So glad i bought it and we have the matching kettle too.

Great toaster, looks really smart and well, makes toast. I’ve had no issues with burnt or unevenly toasted toast. But i’m more of a ‘just past warm bread’ kind of girl.

This toaster has everything – it toasts well, and the whole slice of bread evenly, and it has the features of cancelling, reheating or thawing with easily pressed buttons, takes a time saving 4 slices of bread and on top of that, looks subtle but interesting.

Works very well, toasts evenly for most of the time, makes me laugh because the toast shoots out rapidly when done.

Really like the design of this toaster. The outside is a matt black finish with glossy triangle indented. The bread slots are deeper than my last toaster so you get a nice even browning. Plenty of browning settings, so you can get the toast you want just right. The addition of illuminated buttons is a cool feature.

Compact for a 4 slice toaster easy to use controls and even toasting all over no matter if it’s 1 or 4 slices good looking contrasts very well with our new grey kitchen.

Great toaster and great price.

Here are the specifications for the Morphy Richards Prism 4 Slice Toaster 248109 Four Slice Toaster:

  • Auto high lift function to easily remove your toast when it’s ready.
  • Variable browning control so that you can choose your preferred browning level.
  • Illuminated cancel, reheat and frozen function buttons.
  • Removable crumb trays to easily clean your toaster.
  • Deep variable width slots for even toast, thick or thin.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Very good product, fairly compact
  • Sleek and stylish!