Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Sear and Stew 460014 3 : Simple and easy

This is a great slow cooker which is the perfect size for us – 4 adult portions (i usually cook 2 x dinner + 2 x lunch portions at the same time since we both work long hours). I bought it because the inner insert can be used to sear meats which saves having to use a pan then transferring. If i want to reheat it quickly the next day, i can also take it out and place it back on the stove so it’s very convenient. I’ve used it several times and expect that i’ll be using it even more as the weather gets colder. Very happy with the purchase.

This must be the best kitchen cooker ever my old one is so heavy and bad to clean i got this. This is so lightweight i can’t believe it brown on the hob no extra pan to wash. I am 70 made a shin beef stew over night the smell in the morning was great. I’ve got 4 meals for 385 beat that. So pleased with it i got my daughter one. Happy cooking hope this helps you decide.

I have just finished cooking my first meal in this slow cooker, ok, only a spaghetti bolognese to test it out. I must admit, very tasty indeed, surprisingly, the 3. 5l pot hold ample for 2, possibly 3 people, i think this slow cooker will get plenty of use, i am very pleased with this product.

This is perfect for those who have busy households that do longer than the 9-5 days. So often i can bung all the ingredients in, set the temp of either low med or high and come home to a nice meal that is ready to serve up for everyone. I found so many different recipes on line that will make you use this more often than your normal household oven. The bowl is big enough for meal for around 4 to 6 people (all depending on what your cooking). The non stick bowl makes it so much easier to clean up afterwards soak in warm soapy water then wipe away clean ready for it to be use again for the next meal.

Have used this lots and have never been disappointed. Love that i can use the dish to brown or sauté on the hob before slow cooking. I couldn’t do this with my previous model.

Does exactly what it’s meant to do. Being able to use the inner pot on the stove is a boon too, as well as being able to use it for dishing up at the table. It looks stylish, is economical and was good value for money into the bargain. Just wish i ‘d had one years ago.

What a difference browning in the cooking pan makes. Non-stick is superb, fine in dishwasher and so much lighter than my old slow cooker this was bought to replace. No auto button, but a ‘moderate’ temp along with the high and low settings – i’ve had no problems adjusting to not having an ‘auto’ setting. (auto would start on high to get a meal going, then drop to low automatically). I’ve been out with the cooker on high or moderate and not had problems with drying out.

If you don’t have this or are pondering on getting one, just go for iti bought this after looking in lakeland and various shops because i didn’t want a 6ltr one as it’s just for my boyfriend and i. Very lightweight, easy to clean, love the fact the inner dish comes out so you can put it on the hob or in the oven.

  • The best so lightweight it’s a dream to use.
  • Great product, highly recommend.

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Sear and Stew 460014 3.5L Red Slowcooker

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I love the size of this pot. It is a dream to clean, it cleans up so easily. Meat is tender and veggies cook well. The only thing i dont like, is that it does not have an auto setting. It does however get quite hot around the middle of the pot.

This is a modern looking slow cooker. I was a bit unsure as i was upgrading from a trusted crockery plate which sadly after 20 years the lid broke. Pros:cooks to perfectionsee through lidmulti settingvery easy cleanlightweightcons:should have rubber feet to stop slipping on the counter.

It’s lightweight which makes it easy to clean. There’s nothing fancy on a slow cooker, it just cooks, slowly. But i make loads of tasty one pot meals in this beauty and i love the smug feeling i get when i know i don’t have to cook later in the day. I haven’t used the sear facility as i have an induction hob but i don’t pre-sear my ingredients anyway. Highly recommend this bit of equipment.

Best slow cooker ever, non stick, lightweight and so easy to clean. Wish i’d bought one years ago, you can brown meat etc on the hob which definitely improves the flavour, throw in all ingredients, place bowl straight in the cooker so less washing up, set high, low or medium, and in a few hours enjoy a lovely meal. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

I have had a slow cooker for many years, then decided to update to a non-stick one. This one is a good size and i like that you can start the food on the hob in the pot before putting it in the cooker base. You do have to be careful not to scratch the pot with anything metal. I stupidly did that with a fork getting a chicken out.

Since ordering it a few weeks ago, i’ve found i use it 2 -3 times per week. Being able to fry everything in the internal cooking pot is really convenient and saves on washing up, and everything so far has cooked beautifully. As there is such a big leeway in cooking times, i can make meals at any time of the day i fancy up to early afternoon and know they will be ready exactly when we decide we want to eat them and we are now having much healthier meals on a regular basis. The only word of caution – the cooker retains so much moisture, i’m finding i have to add no more than half the stated amount of liquid it says in the accompanying recipe book. Start with half and add more if necessary, or casseroles turn out quite runny.

Wish i had bought one years ago, this is great, just shove it all in the pot, add a stock maybe some wine, lid on forget it for hours then enjoy later, very yummy food.

10yrs ago i bought an almost identical morphy richards slow cooker, a year ago i replaced it with a larger one (different brand) due to growing family. I had to purchase another one so i could have 2 on the go for a family gathering and this seemed to fit what a was looking for. It looks tiny next to my other slow cooker but this is a decent size. The metal ‘crock pot’ which can go on the hob is welcome addition and its non stick. Don’t think i would fit a chicken in it or a shoulder of pork like i do in my big one but it is perfect for a stew, chilli, curry etc. Has 3 heat settings – low, medium, high. Shame there’s no ‘warm’ settingalso, as an additional note, if you’ve never done jacket potatoes in the slow cooker before, you must. Pierce them (important, otherwise they explode) and then either oil or foil.I prefer to wrap mine in foil, leave them for 4-6hours on low and they are perfect.

  • The best so lightweight it’s a dream to use.
  • Great product, highly recommend.

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Sear and Stew 460014 3.5L Red Slowcooker

I bought one of these as a present but haven’t given it yet. I liked it , so i bought myself one too. I haven’t had the need to use it yet but it does look very well designed. I would probably choose a round shape rather than oval another time as it will fit the rings on my stove better.

An excellent slow cooker, nice finish, easy to clean, very light, a non slip mat placed underneath stops it sliding around the work top, the inner pot on the stove does slide around so needs an oven glove or similar to hold it steady whilst searing food in it. So good we bought it twice, one red and one brushed silver, an advantage to any kitchen.

The best cooking appliance i have ever bought. It it just so easy to use and very easy to clean. If you don’t have time or you don’t want to stand in the kitchen on weekends (like me) but still want to provide a delicious meal. Not only for dinner but also desserts. There are a lot slow cooker books out there and this one here comes with a little booklet/instruction manual. Simply simple and energy efficient. Other than that: vast majority of meals are prepared in minutes, just toss everything in and turn the slow cooker on, come home after work knowing that dinner is ready. I would say this slow cooker is something for beginners since it’s operated by a knob, much better than a display with a lot of buttons where you can make mistakes.

Very happy with this purchase.

I wanted a replacement for my old slow cooker which is very heavy especially as i have arthris in my hands. The inside is very light and i seared my meat in it with no problem. The cheap pork and veg were well cooked. I will be using it more often. Some lovely sounding recipes came with it.

I’m really pleased with this. I love that you can sear the meat or onions in the same pot its all cooked in. This pot is super lightweight, which i love, as in previous pots that have been heavy i have slipped and dropped them smashing them. This pot is shatter proof too. It’s actually a good size, and get get so. Much food in it, enough for 5/6 greedy people.

After having a crockpot for many years thought i would upgrade, thank goodness i did. This sear/slow cooker is brilliant. Brown meat or chicken, throw in veggies and brown them off. Put the pan into the slow cooker base and voila. It cooks a lot quicker than my old and weighs next to nothing. If you are thinking of buying one – do it. Highly recommended and very quick delivery.

Love it, i have found my older slow cooker was becoming heavier nd heavier to lift about. This one is so light, nd will obviously be well used. I like the fact that you can brown your meat on the hob in this inner. My now redundant one was well used, but am sure this one will be used even more. I have tried bk8ng cakes in it and they turned out well.

Great for a gammon joint with a can of coke or cider . Does take a medium size chicken. No timer, just low, medium or high and off.

We had a kitchen fire and i had to replace everything including my much loved slow cooker that had a heavy ceramic pot. I got this because the pot can be used on the hob – so i could brown meat, onions, etc. And then transfer to the cooker base. The pot is very light, though, and as i have a ceramic hob top, it slides around a lot. However, since it is light it is easy to handle, wash and store in the cupboard. It also has a tendency to slide a little on the counter top, so i usually put a chopping board under it. That said, i am perfectly happy with it and it performs fine.

Particularly useful to be able to cook meat and onions in it on the hob first and then put immediately back into the slow cooker itself. (saves washing up of course). It arrived yesterday morning and by the evening we were enjoying a gorgeous lamb stew – the meat fell to pieces in the mouth.

Fantastic for stews and casseroles. Being able to sear the meat in the pan is great as you keep all the juices in with whatever you’re cooking, then you can throw in the other ingredients and place the lot back into the slow cooker base and start cooking. Invaluable for cold days, especially if you’re going to be out for hours and coming home tired.

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