Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie Maker 501016 / Soupmaker and Smoothie Maker – Worth it if you like soup. Good for coeliacs

Brilliant easy to use wish we had got one sooner.

I wish id bought the saute and soup version but this was cheaper and i wasn’t sure if i would use it. The advantage/disadvantage is that it makes a lot, even the minimum level. So i purchased some freezer pots to keep a handy supply of fresh cheap soup.

Very good product worth the money.

I’ve been after getting a soup maker for a while and after reading reviews decided to go for this one. I recieved it today and absolutely love it. I’m already thinking up what soups i can make with it. It’s really easy to use, and easy to clean after use.

I loved making soup with this machine. I bought a book of recipes as all my soups usually taste the same, and after an initial hiccup (i’ll go into that later), we were cooking on, well. . Soupmakerhowever, it was not to last and after just 5 months of a beautiful friendship (and me 8lbs lighter, delightfully), the display went crazy and it stopped working. I rang morphy richards who did a brief diagnostics with me, and then they told me to phone amazon to claim on the guarantee. Amazon were great and i got a refund or replacement offered, but here’s the hiccup i mentioned earlier. When i first ordered the soup maker, a used one arrived. Again, amazon were amazing and replaced it no quibble. Looking at other people’s reviews, the electrical fault seems common on all mr soupmakers.

I am really pleased with with it. I was a bit concerned in case the contents stuck and burnt so called customer care. I asked if they had a non- stick soup maker but was reassured that if i oiled the pan before use it wouldn’t burn and besides there wasn’t a non- stick one.

This is my3rd soup maker recently due to faults and poor quality. This one is everything i need and more, easy to use, easy to clean hassle free love it.

I love this soup maker, don’t know how i ever managed without it.

Seriously though, you can have chunky, smooth, you could make milkshakes, smoothies, really great product.

Fast and effectively makes soups that are healthy with excellent flavour. A little noisy but the results are amazing.

This is amazing was a bit worried that lentil soup would not be cooked but it was fantastic cooked to perfection.

Bought for my newly married daughter, but she wanted something else so had to return, but i have one and love it. Just make sure vegetables are soften before placing in the kettle and filled up to the maximum.

Fantastic can’t believe how easy it is.

I love using a soup maker, it saves a lot of time, and it’s a lovely feeling to be able to chop some veg, plonk it all in and then 21 minutes later you have soup. I usually get around 4 generous portions which does me for the week, you can also freeze it if you make too much. I have given 3 stars because although i am a fan of morphy richards and i love my soup maker, the design makes it somewhat stressful to use. You can’t submerge the unit in water- which is fair, and you have to make sure no water gets in the connection points. The main issue is that the lid which has the blade attached also has a connection point on top. Now when you’ve ,made the soup, and you take the lid off, there is a lot of condensation, so you have to have a cloth ready to try and stop any stray droplets from getting in the connection point. Sadly, i wasn’t quick enough and i got a tiny bit of water in (seriously a tiny bit) and it broke, the machine would just cut out every couple of minutes after that. Luckily i had a birthday a week later and i was gifted a replacement ( i am extremely careful now)apart from the design flaw it is a good product, i wouldn’t buy it at full price, usually the are discounted to around £40.

Empty ingredients into kettle, replace lid and wait for your soup. Blew fuse on first use but i replaced and has worked perfect since.

Bought this for my wife, she’s now made several batches of soup and they’ve all been delicious. Haven’t used the smoothie making function yet so can’t comment on that aspect.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A good product but massive design flaw
  • Great soup, but it broke!
  • This soup maker definitely makes soup.