Morphy Richards Soupmaker 48822 Stainless Steel Soup Maker – not as good as the teflon version

Trusted make but i’m afraid i returned it as it’s motor housing that sits in the hot soup while making it is plastic which i don’t agree with heating food with plastics. I’ve ordered the tefal which is completely stainless steel inside and has 2 extra functions. Fruit purée and self clean.

I can highly recommend this because it is so versatile and the soups are simply delicious. You can use up vegetables, leftover bits & pieces of chicken or lamb etc. And it cooks penne (pasta) beautifully. Because there are no preservatives being used, the soup flavours are true to the ingredients you use, which is lovely. I have gone back for a second bowl every time (something i have never done before with soup in my life ever) so this must be very good indeed.

Put in some water before you put in vegetables so that they don’t stick and burn. Very disappointed to find after eighteen months that it just stopped working though – will boil but not chop – and the manufacturer doesn’t answer my complaint. I will probably look for another brand as a replacement, with better customer service.

This is one of the best purchases i have ever made and it is a fabulous price. Many people say that it isn’t worth it, but i can assure you it is. To make soup traditionally you need to chop the veg quite small, you need to boil and then simmer, and then you need to blend. To make soup in this you simply rough chop the veg and add water and stock. Then you select smooth for blended soup or chunky if you want it unblended. (if you select chunky you can blend it to your own desired thickness at the end using the manual blend button). Once you’ve added the ingredients you press smooth or chunky and go. 21 mins later for smooth and 28 mins later for chunky you have perfect soup. It’s a powerful blender so if you want it just a bit blended you literally need to press it for a second. It’s a doddle to clean as well, it’s really a perfect kitchen device.

This soupmaker is brilliant. My favourite austrian resteraunt do a sublime sausage and bean soup, at £8 a serving it’s expensive, made 2 batches of it in this soupmaker so already in 2 weeks it’s almost paid for itself. Brocolli and stilton soup made smooth is like nectar administered by angelstomato and red pepper made smooth is way better than shop bought and near zero calories. Chunky leek and potato was perfect. One warning, first time you make a smooth soup, the blender is incredibly loud – think hammer drill , you get accustomed to it update jan 16th 2019. Made veg curry soup, freaking awesome, 2 chopped onions, 2 chopped peppers, 1 sweet potato cut into 1cm cubes, 400g chopped tomatoes, 400 ml veg stock, 3 generous tbsps of medium curry powder, 1 bag of spinach, salt to taste. It’s what your tastebuds are for, add some cooked chicken in the end if need be.

I’m of that age where i find buying kitchen gadgets exciting (yes i know that’s pretty sad but whatever. ) but i handn’t considered a soup maker until one of my wife’s friends recommended one to her. We are starting the new year health kick so this arrives in our kitchen with perfect timing. I’ve used it three times already and i am very impressed with the outcome. It could not be simpler to use, chuck in the ingredients, turn it on and wait around 20 minutes and you get perfect hot soup at the end. The big supermarkets all have “soup packs” in at the moment, tesco has ones which are actually the right size/weight for this maker (around 700g) so you literally empty the bag in, add water and two stock cubes and job done. Cleaning is not the hardest but you really have to be careful with the electrical contacts (but no more so than a plug-in kettle – this is essentially a large kettle with a built in blender). There’s some real paranoia on some of the reviews over the electrical contacts, they really aren’t that scary. The contacts which join the blender to the main body are protected with little rubber caps and the lower “kettle lead” socket is as i said above no different to a kettle. To wash mine i’ve just been filling it with hot water and a little washing up liquid, leaving it for 10 minutes then wiping with a sponge scoured, rinsing and drying – it’s not that hard (but granted is more difficult than making the soup ironically).

I previously owned the teflon version of this – worked much better. This version – mine either has a fault or, it just can’t handle the heat as well as the teflon one. So, for example, if i add sour cream into the soup at the start of the cooking process – it overheats and shuts down – or even the whisked souped will stick to the bottom as in it wants to burn the soup. Alternatively, if the whisked soup is too thick – not enough water – the machine shuts down until i add some more water.

I do love the product but can’t give it 5stars because of two things. 1) food regularly gets burnt to base and is difficult to get off. 2) the lead sometimes doesn’t stay in so cycle is interrupted. Great for quick, veg drawer clear out soup.

Tried this for the first time today. Made a chicken and mushroom soup, loosely based on the recipe within the instructions booklet. It was delicious (even if i do say so myself, lol). It was easy to use, and clean. It made enough for 4 bowls of soup, so plenty for the family, or to freeze/keep for later. It did make me jump a little when it beeped and made noises during the different processes switch over, as they were louder than i was expecting, but now i know what to expect next time. It lets out a bit of steam, as you would expect if using a saucepan/pot for making a soup, so put your extractor fans on, or open your windows. I’m going to enjoy experimenting.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not for me
  • Must have kitchen gadget !
  • Makes brilliant soup. I do smear a bit of vegetable