Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother’s Day is just one week away and with that comes the worry of, ‘what on earth do I get her?’ I’ve always gone for the usual card and flowers, but with that have also planned a surprise visit to see my Mum. I want to make this intro short and sweet, so below are a few gift ideas I’ve put together for this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide; from the on-trend alcoholic drink – Gin, to beautiful stationery which busy-Mum’s like my own love. Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

1 | Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, Firebox – £39.99
It wasn’t until one of my best friend’s birthday get together earlier this year that I actually tried gin. I always thought I’d hate it, but since giving it a go, I bloody love it and can see why there’s a trend around the drink. Hence why it has managed to make its way into this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. If your Mum is a gin-lover or a simple gin-drinker, turn it up a notch and treat her to a bottle of the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur. Available in both a miniature bottle or this 50cl bottle, this may just be the best gift she’ll get. Why? It has shimmer in it! It really does look magical! Check out Firebox’s Mother’s Day Gifts for more ideas too.
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2 | Grow Your Own Bouquet, Waterstones – £4.99
This is the perfect little gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day if she loves her gardening, or loves receiving flowers as a gift. But, it’s got a twist – she has to grow them herself!
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3 | Illamasqua Best Buys Gift Set, Illamasqua – £35
If your Mum is into her makeup, but perhaps hasn’t delved into the luxury brands, this beauty gift set by Illamasqua would be a great introduction for her. Filled with some of their best buys, she’ll be able to indulge in some luxury beauty products this Mother’s Day.
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4| Metallic Polka Dot Notebook, Harrods – £17.95
I’m a notebook hoarder – I have 10+ un-used notebooks of all sizes and styles just sitting on my desk waiting to be used (and probably never will be), yet I still find myself lusting after luxurious ones like this one from Harrods. If your Mum is also a notebook-lover, then consider splashing out a couple more £ on a stunning one like this.
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5 | Pastel Cactus Notebook, Sass & Belle – £2
If the Harrods notebook is a little too expensive for your liking (or budget), then try this cute one from Sass & Belle for just £2. It’s super fun, gives your Mum the perfect item to jot down her thoughts or the day’s To Do list, plus leaves some extra £ for another gift or two!
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6 | Everyday Ballpoint Pens 3pkKikki K – £6
With a notebook comes the essential pen or pencil – you can’t leave her without a beautiful pen set like this one by Kikki K! I highly recommend browsing through their entire site too – everything is so pretty!
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7 | Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring Set, Lookfantastic – £57 (& free gift)
You can never go wrong with fragrance in my opinion (unless you buy one she won’t like. In that case, that’s awkward). But, I’ve never heard a bad word about Marc Jacobs’ range of perfumes. If your Mum is a fan of the Daisy range, or is prone to purchasing perfumes of a similar scent, then this gift set may just be the ideal gift. Plus, Lookfantastic currently have a free gift offer available with this set, so that’s either an extra gift for your Mum, or a cheeky treat for you!
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8 | Date Night Gift Set, Latest in Beauty – £25
Now, it might sound weird getting your Mum a gift set named Date Night, but I genuinely think I’ve left the best gift idea til last. Latest in Beauty offer a whole range of gift sets like this for different occasions, but their Date Night one featured in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide is the best one for gifting to your Mum – it’s filled with heaps of beauty products for her to try and love, plus she can get glammed up with a whole new product range for her Mother’s Day meal – whether at home or out! The best thing? It’s worth over £100 and costs only £25!
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What are you getting your Mum, in-law or Grandma this Mother’s Day?