Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Vintage Apple Travel Mug


Image Source: Dotcomgiftshop

As we all know, or as you should know, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. We’ve all seen the big advertisements for that ‘perfect’ gift for our Mum this Sunday, but what about all those little gifts that can be just as good in their own way?

All gift idea advertisements I’ve seen so far for Mother’s Day involve hig-end beauty sets, with the little free gift bags you get when you purchase the product. For me that just gets too expensive and becomes more of a gimmic for a ‘free’ product, rather than a thoughtful gift. I’m someone who likes to buy gifts that will actually be useful, that I know the recipient would definitely like, otherwise it sometimes looks like you’ve just gone, ‘Here you go, I just saw this in the shop window and thought why not.’

Dotcomgiftshop have been a firm favourite of mine for the past couple years when it comes to the little gifts. For me, they are the perfect place to shop for my Mum but for anyone who loves dressing up their home in quirky and cute accessories, baking, fashion accessories and more!

Every year I happen to buy my Mum some sort of little gift that involves drink. I’m not talking alcohol, as my Mum doesn’t drink, but quirky mugs and glasses are something she loves! So when I saw this Vintage Apple Bamboo Travel Mug*, my eyes just saw cuteness galore. During my travels to work every morning, I see so many people with travel mugs as they’re stood waiting for the bus, but I even seen children these days holding them! I’m sure it’s just hot chocolate or a weak mug of tea in there, but travel mugs are something many people love!

I personally love having my little Starbucks one with half my name written on; I always just say ‘Kay’, as they never understand me when I say ‘Kayleigh’. But when you have a travel mug that has a cute design scattered all over it, it looks even better, and you feel slightly cool. Or is that just me?

This is a biodegradable travel coffee cup that comes printed with Dotcomgoftshop’s very own Vintage Apple design, plus has a¬†matching red silicone lid and sleeve to avoid burning yourself. It’s re-usable and environmentally friendly, and is perfect for your commute every morning, or even if you want to sit outside with a hot drink during spring time without the worry of flying bugs.

It’s got a 400ml capacity, which means you can enjoy a large-sized mug of your favourite hot drink. But it is also easy and safe to clean in the dishwasher (top rack only!) or in the sink as normal.

What are you treating your Mum to this Mother’s Day?
*Gifted Product

*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.