Motorola Pulse Escape : Amazing sound quality

The first headphone i bought was faulty and the second pair i got as a replacement are great.

Incredibly straightforward to pair these and get started. Good quality sound and the fade for notifications interrupting music works well and isn’t too irritating. Good noise cancellation in general and comfortable to wear, even with ear piercings. Reasonable battery life for the time it takes to charge. A good solid well-manufactured product.

Whilst these aren’t the best headphones i have used over the years they certainly aren’t the worst and at the current price i think they represent good value for wireless, foldable on-ear headphones. They are light and fit me comfortably on the smallest setting with the pads fitting my ears well and they do cut out surrounding noise well when playing music on them. The foam padding is generous and doesn’t make my ears feel sweaty like other headphones i have tried in the past have. I really like that they are foldable to be portable but i don’t know why motorola decided not to include a carry bag for them to keep them as dust and dirt free as possible as one trip at the bottom of my handbag without a bag has made up my mind not to do so again without getting a small drawstring bag for them. The sound quality is good but a little fiddly to use the controls on the outside of the right ear plastic casing and i find the volume controls a little annoying to use. A good pair of headphones and i actually like them a lot but do wish they had come with a bag to store them in inbetween uses or when transporting them and the volume controls would have been better as a dial or twist function.

Great set of wireless headphones. Had them over 5 months now and still in great working order and the noise cancelling feature is amazing.

These headphones are lightweight, but feel reasonably sturdy. The battery life is good, except with usage in cold weather (which is what you’d expect). Both bass and treble performance good, unlike some cheaper phones where you get one but not the other. The ear foam is comfortable and the fit is not too tight, so they are ok for extended wearing. I haven’t tried these in the wet, but from looking at the build they should withstand a shower. On the downside, the charging port feels a little flimsy, and for this price you would expect a somewhat better finish overall. As i listen only to classical music and old-fashioned rock, i asked my son to test them on something more modern. He found them acceptable, commenting only “the bass can be a little crashy on busy dance tracks, but some tweaking of graphic equaliser helps balance it out” (this will mean more to younger buyers)they are fairly good value for the price (currently on amazon at £35. 50, down from the rrp of £50), but even for this you should be able to get something slightly better.

An excellent set of headphones. Sits very comfortably on the head and ears, very lightweight. The basses and the trebles coming through very well, sharply and rounded when required. They attach to my phone quickly and easily. The buttons on the headphone are easy to use and easy to find. When taking a call the microphone seems to work very well. No problems from the person on the other end, who can hear me very clearly, with no interference or other problems. I’m not sure how they will go with the yoof – i’m in my early 50s – as they are a wee bit bulky.

Near identical sound quality to a pair of beats studio 3’s 100% recommend.

The connection issues some reviews mention are overrated. If the battery is low then it sometimes very sporadically loses contact, but at least in the last month of using these that hasn’t even happened anymore and i use these at work pretty much all day. With the 2 phone connection both my mobile and the office lan phone connect and i can receive calls simultaneously. At initial connection of both devices sometimes the music does not want to play. The work around i found is to call my mobile from my lan line whilst both connected and don’t ask me why, but that solves it. I needed a the head phones to connect to 2 particular devices, with a reasonable microphone and music playing capabilities. 4 different brands were sent back to respective stores before trying these. They feel a little light and the durability might be an issue, but that’s a bit premature as i’ve not had them that long. I’m quite careful with them, since i like them so much, though on occasion i’ve dropped them etc and they’re still working and in one piece. They don’t have an actual noise cancelling function, but they’re naturally already noise cancelling.

  • Really good value for money
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  • Amazing sound quality

Motorola Pulse Escape+ Over-Ear Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone – Black

Product Description, Motorola Pulse Escape+ lets you feel your music with powerful speakers, providing rich HD sound thanks for 40 mm drivers, while enjoying the freedom of a light, over ear design up to 60 feet of wireless Bluetooth range. The built-in mic also lets you take calls hands free. Motorola Pulse Escape+ pairs with most Android and iOS Smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth enabled computers. The convenience of having a wired and wireless option is great because it means that if your battery runs on wireless Bluetooth mode then you will always have access to your music with the 3.5 mm jack connection Bluetooth mode offers up to 20 hours battery life. The Motorola Pulse Escape+ is made to travel, thanks to the lightweight and fold-able design and soft ear cushions provide hours of comfort.

Box Contains, 1 x Headphone; 1 x 3.5mm Jack Cable; 1 x Micro-USB Cable; 1 x Quick Start Guide

From the manufacturer

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Studio quality performance. Wireless freedom

Motorola Pulse Escape + offers studio quality performance and wireless freedom. These over-ear headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, allowing you to listen to music or podcasts wire-free. There is also a 3.5mm AUX jack in cable supplied for a wired experience.

Premium finishes and a water resistant design let you take them wherever you go, worry-free. Powerful 40mm drivers and noise isolation provide superb sound, while the 20 hours of playtime and foldable ear cups get you through your day. Plus, a built-in mic allows you to take and make calls hands-free, making Pulse Escape + perfect for all-day use.

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Water Resistant, Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Headphones for a wireless generation

Nothing should get in the way of the music you love. So enjoy your tunes, and enjoy the freedom that comes with a wireless experience. All from an industry leader in wireless technology.

Listen like a pro

Noise isolation helps block out the world around you so you can hear your music more clearly, while the large 40mm drivers pack a punch.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistant
  • Noise Isolation
  • 40mm Drivers
  • Up to 20hrs Playtime
  • Touch Controls on Earcups
  • Connect 2 Devices at once
  • Lightweight and Foldable
  • Up to 60ft range
  • 3.5mm AUX Jack in

Water? Sweat? No sweat

Pulse Escape + features IPX4 sweat and water resistance, so you can wear it with confidence in the rain or at the gym.

Comfort wherever you roam

Pulse Escape is made to travel. Soft ear cushions provide hours of comfort, and the rechargeable battery gives you up to 20 hours of playtime. And once you’re done, the rotating ear cups fold flat for easier storage.

Take calls your way

Never miss a call while you’re rocking out. The in-line microphone lets you switch to a call mid-song so you can stay in touch throughout the day.

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I really like these headphones. They are very comfortable, the ear pads not being too big or too small. While they are mostly plastic, they have a sturdy look & feel. I like that it has voice alerts, e. ‘power on’, and ‘pairing’ rather than merely bleeping at me. And despite being quite chunky, they are manageable size when folded up & don’t take up too much room in my bag. Htey’re certainly nowhere near as big as my previous bluetooth headphones. I use these for listening to both audiobooks & music. While i’m certainly no audiophile, i’m very happy with the sound quality on both. If i’m using them while out walking, i find that they drop out occasionally (maybe once every 15-20 minutes) but it always comes back under its own steam. Besides, i can’t tell whether this is due to the headphones or my mobile. I use these headphones most days & haven’t had any problems.

Nicely packaged headphones, i must have big ears because they don’t go ‘over’ my ears more like ‘on top’. They are a sturdily built set of ‘phones that are more utilitarian than luxurious. The ear pads are fairly comfortable but i found the head band to be a little hard, so a tad uncomfortable for prolonged use. Sound quality is pretty good, i played glen gould playing bach’s goldberg variations and i was pretty impressed with these headphones being able to play such subtle music, i then tried black sabbath ‘the mob rules’ the rock sound came across much better on these ‘phones – better than bach, perhaps these headphones weren’t subtle enough to do bach the justice it deserves. They will play music for 20 hours and the recharging time seemed to be about an hour. At the end of the day, i think these are very good earphones for the money, i think you’ll have to go pretty high up the ladder before you get a better set of headphones.

I bought these as a father day gift for my boyfriend off our daugher, he loves them.

Unfortunately, the headband sizing doesn’t go small enough on these for my head, so i am unable to wear them comfortably. Because of this, all the weight of the headphones is on my ears and causes me headaches. Others who’ve tried them on say that they felt the headband was comfortable, though. In terms of build and finish, the matte black finish looks nice but feels a little cheap. The large motorola m on both earphones is comically large and detracts from the finish. The ear muffs are soft and comfortable, but a bit small for what i would consider over-ear headphones. I have quite small ears, but have to tuck my ears into the pads. They also add uncomfortable pressure where my glasses sit. The padding on the headband is quite soft and conforming. The casing on the earphones is flat plastic, and the controls are embedded in the right earphone.

  • Really good value for money
  • TOP
  • Amazing sound quality

Motorola Pulse Escape+ Over-Ear Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Dual mode – use Bluetooth for wireless operation, or connect to your smartphone/tablet/mp3 player via the 3.5 mm jack cable provided for a wired experience
  • Integrated microphone lets you make and receive phone calls directly from your earbuds
  • Up to 20 hours of playtime if you use via Bluetooth; the 3.5 mm jack cable always acts as back up if battery runs out for Bluetooth operation
  • Rich HD sound with 40 mm drivers
  • Lightweight and foldable design make these ideal for travel and storage in to backpack, hand luggage or any portable storage bag you have with you