Motorola Stream Sport True Wireless and Splash Proof Stereo Earbud Headphone : Sound is fine but poor battery life and call quality let them down.

Felt very uncomfortable to wear with poor battery life. Sound quality wasn’t anything to write home about either and they cut out regularly. I’ve binned these and have replaced with apple air pods, far more expensive but then these were cheap for a reason.

It seems i liked these a bit more than most other reviewers. I really appreciate and use these whilst using the gym or engaged in out door exercise/walking. I don’t really like wearing wired headphones because the cable is often too short and restrictive and i don’t like wearing one of those phone holders around the upper arm because i find them uncomfortable and they sometimes slip unless very tight. These wireless bluetooth eye pieces are an excellent alternative. They are easy to charge with a usb cable and case which are included, and the battery life, although it could be longer, is ok for a gym workout or a reasonable walk. Once you have the hang of switching them on/off and recharging they are quite convenient to use. The sound quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s passable. It is a little bit ‘tinny’ with a high treble and low bass range, but it’s ok for the purpose. I don’t find interference or crackling to occur with any frequency. I don’t have any of the trouble around the fitting that others report.

Good charging case, charge time/duration and sweat proof. However, bit of a fiddle putting on the right ear bud sizes and loop. Trial and error until you find they don’t fall out.Can be a bit uncomfortable after a 2hr session. Some poor audio when interference is around eg, other bluetooth devices. Work fine with phone, however if you also wear an apple watch, they appear to not know which to listen to. Resulting in audio drops as you move your head. Very frustrating, but you get what you pay for.

Quite comfortable to wear and i like the red and black design. The case looks good and it’s nice to be able to charge the earbuds directly through the case, takes anything up to 4 hours for a total charge, and there’s an led indicator to show full charge. It’s fiddly taking the loops off to fit the earbuds back into the case though and i find that annoying. In general the sound quality is ok with plenty of bass and a distinct treble. The fit is comfortable and i haven’t had any major problems with them slipping out of my ears but; the controls are fiddly; three tiny buttons on each side. If you have long finger nails or large hands you’ll struggle. Plenty of instructions included and i suppose one of the best functions was pairing the buds with my phone because it was simple and quick. Splash/dust proof to some degree if you want to get out and about and around 2 hours of playing time once fully charged or 6 hours if you use the chargeable case.

As a keen runner i am always on the lookout for a good set earphones to use out on the mean streets whilst running. I have been long using bluetooth headsets from a convenience point of view, however until recently these have all had some sort of cable even short. The trend seems to have truly wireless headphones which independently sit in the ears with no cable in sight, these are comfortable and secure remaining in position even when punishing the pavements, with over ear hooks helping greatly. The music control is always of interest to me since on the move it can be particularly tricky to locate and operate controls these are ok not brilliant the main saving grace is controls on both earphones. Charging is done by placing the ear phones in the charger case and fully charged gives only 2 hours playback, additional 4 hours of charging is available from the case. For me 2 hours usage is somewhat of an issue, since some of runs can be over two hours so i would run out of juice mid run. Sound quality is good with rich deep bass and the mid/high range is crisp and sharp the earphone fit provides plenty of sound isolation even in a noisy environment. Three different sized earbuds ensure optimum fit. These are waterproof to sweat and rain so should be able cope with the elements. Overall very limited playback per charge, good sound quality, secure in earpositives+ comfortable+ good sound quality+ different size ear tips+ waterproof+ controls on both earbuds+ charger case provides additional charge capacitynegatives- only 2 hour playback / charge- rrequires case for recharge.

This is very good quality for the money.

Works well & no issues fitting into my ear. I haven’t used the ear attachment.

I have found the earbuds very comfortable and very good sound quality especially for the price. The only downside is that i don’t think there are any supported apps for checking how much battery use is left when using the earbuds. When i’m not using them, i just leave them on charge anyway. Overall, i am very happy with the product.

  • Good product with some flaws
  • Actually not that bad
  • Sounds like

Motorola Stream Sport True Wireless and Splash Proof Stereo Earbud Headphone with Microphone

Style Name:Motorola Stream Sport
Product Description, Motorola Stream Sports is a new generation of completely wireless earbuds that deliver incredible sound. Designed to work with any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer with Bluetooth, they fit securely inside your ears without wires so you can listen free from distraction. Whether it’s heart-pounding songs at the gym or your favourite playlists at work, you’ll hear music in full HD with the ability to customize the sound. Featuring IPX4 splash proof protection, they withstand sweat and rain. Charge the earbuds in the portable case for up to 6 hours of playtime. The added sports ear hooks make these perfect for those with an active lifestyle, whereby the hooks securely fits around the contours of your ears without much movement.

Box Contains, 1 x Headphone; 1 x Charger Case; 3 x Ear Gels; 1 x Sports Ear Hooks; 1 x Micro-USB Cable; 1 x Quick Start Guide

From the manufacturer

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Secure and Wireless Listening Experience

The all-round companion for everyday life with a noble charging case and integrated microphone. The unique design of the earbuds makes it ideal to use the included Sports style ear hooks that adapts to the contours around your ears, giving you a secure fit without compromising on the style of headphone you would traditionally use.

You can use the Motorola Stream Sport with or without the already included sports style earhooks to best suit your activity.

Key Features

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Sports Style Earhooks
  • 6 Hour Playtime with Chargeable Case
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Portable Carry Pouch
  • IP54 Water Resistant
  • Google Now and Siri Compatible

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Portable Charging Case

The portable charging case gives you up to 6 hours total playtime on a fully charged case.

Fits All Ear Types

The Motorola Stream Sports come with three different ear gels – S, M, and L. Thus,a firm fit is guaranteed for each ear. The ear gels are interchangeable and adapt to the inner ear.

Sports Style Ear Hooks

The included sports ear hooks give you the option clip them on the Motorola Stream Sport earbuds into the recesses that are processed in a precisely fit manner.

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Up to 6 hours Playtime

Fully charged earbuds will give up to 2 hours of playtime. With the portable charging case, you will receive up to 6 hours of playtime.

Sweat & Water Resistant

IP54 Sweat and Water Resistant allows you to use your earbuds during your workout routine as well as out in the rain.

True Wireless

The Motorola Stream Sports are an all rounder headphone with true wireless technology that gives you complete freedom whenever, wherever.

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Having needed a replacement set of earbuds since one of jabra elite buds decided to go walkabout ( one downside to owning such little, but expensive & handy bits of tech . ) the motorola stream sport true wireless set came along at just the right time – or so i thought. Unboxing reveals a cheap white plastic tray containing multi language instructions sheet, charging case & usb lead, carry bag, spare ear hangers & alternative size silicon ends for your earspairing: instructions state to fully charge before use – so after 1hr all the charging lights went out and i could pair them with my phone. I took the chance to pair them with my laptop at the same time – both easy & quick – just how it should be. On subsequent use, they paired with my phone on start up. Buttons: buttons ( 3x on each bud ) are small. To be expected on such a small item, but anyone with bigger than average hands may struggle – or those without finger nails. Fit: i tried them without ear hangers and using the largest of the silicon ends – all good – except the most comfortable fit and best sound was obtained in what looked like 180 degrees opposite to the way their use is intended. Sound is distinctly treble heavy.

Motorola stream sport true wireless and splash proof stereo earbud headphone with microphonein the box. The ear buds, change box, lead, ear hooks and spare ear plugs in various sizes. The earphones seem fine and are waterproof but the case feels a bit flimsy and it is not always easy to seat the ear buds to connect to the charging contacts. They are water proof so can be used out running and in the gym but the ear hooks are essential. These can be used with or without the ear hooks. If using them for sport i would recommend using the ear hooks as they fall out very easily otherwise. These are wireless and pick up sound from my phone and tablet very easily. No messing about they just paired and have worked ever since.

Having had many types of ear buds before (some good, some bad) i was ready to get these blue tooth earbuds into action when they arrived. Upon arrival i couldn’t help but be disappointing by a, the way they are packaged and b, the actual look and quality of this product as they look quite cheaply made. I put these earbuds on charge before use as instructed in the leaflet supplied, these are very simple instructions and nay not be clear enough for some, the earbuds fit into the charging case supplied, this case has a build in battery so you can charge the earbud s up when away from a power supply, the case is in turn charged via a mains usb charger or a usb port on a computer etc. Once fully charged i set about pairing the headphones to my phone, this process was quick and easy but the instructions must be followed to pair the earbuds together before pairing for stereo use as a single earbud can be used as a hands free headset. Now onto the biggest gripe and that’s keeping these earbuds in place, i found no matter what i tried i couldn’t get a good fit and the buds kept slipping out even with the ear hangers, i have even tried some comply premium foam tips that fit the earbuds but again i was not happy with the fit, this could be me but not getting the correct seal vastly effects the sound quality, if they are not sealed all you get is lots of treble and very little mid/bass range this is not acceptable in any way, i found that if i pushed the earbuds into my ear canals and held them there the sound improved no end, the bass and mid range then came into play and sound improved immensely. Maybe they could make the earbuds go deeper into the ear canal that may help with the fit. These earbuds claim to be splash proof and sweat proof, they are not waterproof. Whilst sound quality is ok it is in no way hifi, to must people music would be listenable to them using these ear buds, to me being a bit of an audiophile they are borderline acceptable, nothing special in anyway. Battery life is also limited, on a low volume there is a max time of 2 hours again not really long enough, when they do run out of juice you just pop them into their case and they will charge but this means you cannot use them whilst charging. Earbudscharging casestorage pouch3 different sized silicone tipsear hangersshort usb charging leadinstructions for use. Overall these earbuds are a good idea and the charging case is something i have never seen before, they are let down buy a poor design that needs a rethink to get that perfect fit, battery life is also an issue that needs addressing.

I’m not sure if the problem is me and the shape of my ears but without the red overear bits they keep falling out.

I would recommend these to people due to them being so inexpensive and looking, actually, quite attractive. The only downside i have with them is that when i sweat a lot it seems to slip out of my ear. Other than that i’m actually quite pleased with these. To anyone who said they’ve slipped out of their ears try changing the size of the ear cups – even mine stay in my ears on a medium cup and i have a huge head and large ears.

  • Good product with some flaws
  • Actually not that bad
  • Sounds like

Motorola Stream Sport True Wireless and Splash Proof Stereo Earbud Headphone with Microphone

Features and Spesification

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  • IPX4 Splash proof that lets you enjoy your music and calls during any weather season, even in rain and snow.
  • Integrated Microphone lets you make and receive phone calls directly from your earbuds.
  • Portable Charge case lets you charge your headphones during playtime intervals, giving you up to 6hrs total playtime.
  • Make Voice Commands with Google Now and Siri.