Moulinex 3-in-1 Panini : Exceeded my expectations

As previously reviewed, this is a wedding present and although i liked it, i have no idea what the receiving couple think of it.

Very pleased, does exactly what it says it does. Only used twice so can’t comment anymore than this.

I debated whether to buy this one or the more expensive cuisinart. I wanted a 3-in-1 model to have the flexibility to make sandwiches as well as waffles. This one had no reviews either on amazon or elsewhere so i was hesitant. We’ve had it for a week and i’m very pleased. The waffles come out very well and the panini press is useful. I have oiled the plates a bit but the coating itself seems to be very non-stick and food comes off easily. It does not come with instructions (nor with recipes) but is fairly intuitive. I check the waffles after a few minutes and continue to cook if they don’t seem “done”. The green light is a fairly good indicator as is the steam (when the steam diminishes, the waffles are ready). I’m not sure i’ll use the sandwich press much as it requires bread of a certain size to seal the sandwiches properly, but i’ sure we’ll use it ocassionally.

An absolutely brilliant product – i’ve been looking for a 3-in-1 thing for agespros:saves space so you don’t have to have 3 separate gadgetsplates are well constructed and superbly easy to change. I’ve cooked with all 3 and they work really well. Plates go in dishwasher although a good wipe with a paper towel is pretty much all you needit heats up quickly and well – so the food is nicely crisp and browned to your likingcons – a really ugly converter plus (to fit a uk socket).

Great product, well made easy to clean.

It’s a good product, not too sturdy though. I’ve tried it with waffles and sandwich and works well. It has good space for the cheese and it is possible to clean.

We sent this back as my daughter decided she didn’t like the colour.

  • Great product!
  • Exceeded my expectations
  • Very easy to change the plates

Moulinex 3-in-1 Panini, Sandwich & Waffle Maker

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Very easy to change the plates. The only thing i notice is if you put in frozen bread then when the green light shows up, it still needs to be left in the machine longer and you manually have to check it. That may be normal though, as i don’t think machines can read how well the bread is toasted. The latch in the front doesn’t really click down (on mine) to lock it safely in place so my little one was easily able to open it, while he was standing beside me (just something to keep in mind if you have little ones around – you do need to be careful, but that is with all electronics that get hot). I am very happy with this and figured out that by leaving in the grill part, i don’t need to switch in the sandwich parts, as i pretty much get the same thing.

Easy to change plates, allows reasonably deep filled sandwiches.

Good quality item, will definitely buy again.

The plates can be easily replaced and cleaned, it’s sturdy and high quality. The only negative is that it could have more power – my old grill heated up and toasted quicker.

I was only after the waffle maker and the panini toaster and i am extremely pleased with both. Easy to clean, quick to use and the clip on the front makes it easy to store as well.

Love it, used one moulinex sandwich maker several years ago and it was very good, so decided to buy same brand again. Very pleased at this moment.

This one replaced my old one (a moulinex) the old one i had for a number of years with no problems. The new one seems to be well made and after several weeks is working fine, no problems at all.

Waffles, toasties, paninis are all done very nicely, i’m being gentle with the catch on the lid and it is holding out fine up until now.

  • Great product!
  • Exceeded my expectations
  • Very easy to change the plates

Moulinex 3-in-1 Panini, Sandwich & Waffle Maker

I bought this expecting it to spend most of its life in the cupboard, but have been worn down by my daughters, who were desperate for one. . We use it far more than i ever thought we would – the best feature, in my view, is that the plates are interchangeable. We’ve tried them all and the most used are the grill (panini) plates, both for paninis and toasted sandwiches. (the toastie plates have only ever been used once, because i don’t like having to cut the bread to size. )it does take a little while to get up to temperature, but so long as you know that you can work around it. It is very easy to clean – i once had a fixed plate waffle maker, but i find this much easier by comparison – easier to clean and more flexible. I don’t share the view that this is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. It is true that if you overfill the mixture – which is easily done when waffle making – batter can come into contact with the heating elements, but when this happened to me the batter just went very hard – it didn’t even go black. (i would also say that you have to overfill by a lot for it to get all the way to the elements. ) i think it’s safer than my oven grill, where fat can spit onto the heating elements and occasionally ignite.

Have had this a week now and really happy with it. Seems very straight forward, waffles come out perfectly. Can change plates very easily and go in dishwasher. Can only fit one panini in at a time, and toasties you need to use smaller size bread. There were minimal instructions in box, but i went online for waffle receipe. Can keep the mixture in the fridge to not need to mix and measure everyday.

Very pleased with my purchase. Great waffles and toasted sandwiches. I make my own bread and find it is just the right size for toasted sandwiches.

Perfect in every way – very happy with this purchase.

Excellent product, quick service. Our toaster stopped working so i ordered this one instead (using the paying parts for toasting bread) – especially the waffles making sounded appealing. In three days since i got it i made two big batches of waffles (yummy), some sandwiches (in the sandwich parts and also in the panini ones), and grilled some veggies and made croutons (in the panini ones). Waffles setting – amazing results, quick, easy to usesandwich setting – least popular but does the job well, though limited space for size of the bread and amount of filling, just used two slices bread and two slices cheese and it was quite hard to closepanini setting – very useful – toasting bread (even from frozen), making sandwiches (not sealed but don’t mind that, preferred over the sandwich setting), for grilling vegetables – takes a while but does the job, wouldn’t use it for meat though – would take agesoverall great product, easy to use, the irons are easy to exchange, really non-stick surface even without greasing, easy maintenance, great storage it stands vertically – saving space.

Have only used the panini plates so far. The product is easy to use and clean. It’s a good compact size and fits in our kitchen. Good product, would definitely recommend.

Features and Spesification

  • 3-in-1 – Make toasted sandwiches, waffles and paninis in one little machine
  • 3 removable non-stick coated plates
  • Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe plates
  • Two lights, plug in and ready to cook
  • Locking latch & cool touch handle