Moulinex LM241 Table Top Blender – simple easy to use, looks like its gonna last

Great product, can’t go wrong with moulinexi brought it especially for the milli highly recommended this blender :).

Absolutely brilliant does what it says.

I’m really happy with my moulinex table top blender, it has really sharp blades unlike some of the previous blenders i’ve had and makes juice/milkshakes/smoothies so easily. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a blender.

I was amazed that moulinex still maintains and even improves on their quality. Grinding nuts/grains and blending fruits, etc can’t be better than it is with my lovely lm241 blender.

Very good product, blends well and gets the job done. Very loud though if you blend some hard stuff like frozen bananas (nom).

My first experience of a moulinex blender was when my mother spent the unheard of sum of £35 on one at the ideal home exhibition back in the late sixties. We all loved the machine which went on for years. When i got married in the mid seventies i had one which lasted for nearly twenty years, we then inherited one from my mother which recently gave up the ghost and now we have replaced it – and it has hardly changed. Unlike many gadgets which we replace because we were happy with the original, and then become disappointed because the replacement is not up to scratch, the moulinex blender is just as good as the original with very few design changes. Another plug for moulinex – i still have and use regularly my moulinex hair dryer – purchased in 1971.

This is the best blender i have ever bought i did a mistake i should have bought 2 and saved one i will definitely recommend everyone if you are looking for a blender this is the best one.

I had a moulinex blender for 30 years that finally gave in. I looked on amazon for a new blender, but i thought to myself to check if moulinex were still around and they were, and i bought this one. It’s a great blender, and the spice grinder that comes with it is great also.

Works very effectively, and has been doing the job brilliantly on a daily basis for the last six months. The coffee attachment is excellent as well, and a real reason to get the product even if just for that reason. Easy to store – much shorter than previous one we had. Good price and perfect for our use.

But comes with one not two accessories as the picture might suggest. Comes only with the coffee blender, there is no cheese blender .

The ideal replacement for our 35 year old grinder/liquidiser. Exactly the same simple, effective piece of equipment, with no unneccessary and unwanted attachments. Not at all expensive either.

Have a cafe and need a blender for smoothies including frozen berries and ice, and milkshakes. Have been using a commercial blender whose jugs burn out after every 6-9 months and are twice the price for the jugs only than for this whole unit. Am testing this simple and hopefully robust design on the basis if it lasts 6 months that puts me ahead of the other type. So far so good, have bought a second one to have two running at once, a positive vote. Does not have a timed on button, just on/off and pulse.

Always a fan of moulinex products i have returned to the brand after a short skirmish with others. Typically french it is cheap reliably efficient, if a little noisy. I hope it lasts as long as the previous one i purchased in 1978 and retired it in 2009. Here are the specifications for the Moulinex LM241 Table Top Blender:

  • ◦White finish
  • ◦Please note: This item comes with one mill, not two as in the image
  • ◦Coffee mill accessory

I have found this blender very useful as long as one remembers not to put very hot liquids in it. I regularly use it to make delicious vegetable soups for my husband.

I have been using moulinex optiblend since 5 yrs now. Accidently dropped the mini grinder once and broke its lid (about 9 months ago). It was still working well after i glued it together. I was looking for something similar product and i found this with one year guarantee (wow). The look is completely different than the one shown here (amazon, please provide images of the real product). The speed button is square and press button type, jar is almost same as pictured. From the pic i thought grinder was smaller than the optiblend one, but actually its the same size, which is a relief for me. I thought it has atleast 2 speeds, but no its on and pulse/off. The lid of the bigger jar is much easier to clean than the optiblend one. It blends anything and everything, you name it.

My last blender was moulinex ,and find it very easy to use.

For its price i think it does a good job.

After my last liquidiser, this seems very fragile. However, it hasn’t broken so far and does the job very well.

In the good old days we had a tough little moulinex blender that could work 12 hours a day without complaining. And it was very easy to clean. Last month we bought a big fancy and very efficient philips blender. It can crunch ice cubes and everything, but it is not easy to clean. And that made us remember the good old days with the moulinex blender. We searched the internet and found out that the moulinex blender we were looking for was not available in denmark, but we could get one in the uk. And in the picture the blender looked exactly like we remembered it: the container had a square bottom, it was plastic, and it was very light. Of course we had to order two so that we would be covered if the new model wasn’t as tough as the old one. When we got the blenders we saw that the design had changed a bit, it was thicker plastic, and it was more rounded, more aesthetic. And it even had a grinder for spiceswe haven’t tried the grinder yet, but the blender works perfectly – just like in the good old days :).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This geniuemoulinex is the best
  • A tidy, well built bit of kit
  • simple easy to use, looks like its gonna last

Having had a moulinex blender years ago which lasted many years, i thought i’d try one again as more recent blenders have had a much shorter life. At first i was disappointed that there was only one speed; my last one had two. But it works well, although very noisy. Time will tell if it lasts as long as the previous one.

Does the job and does it remarkably well. I’d be lost without this little baby.

The blade on the grinder part of my old liquidiser/grinder died recently and i really wanted to replace it. Am very pleased to be back able to make breadcrumbs, fine sugar and ground nuts again. And the soup making in the liquidiser part is just as good as before.

Very nice this is third am buying from this blender,it last longer than other blender and blends smoothly.

++++++ worth buying this blender. Careful though has got only 1 grinder not as shown in pic.

I had my last moulinex blender for over 40 years and this one looks to be just as good so it should see me out. I like the improvements made, such as the larger jug with a nice pourer and room between the cutters and the edge of the jug to enable you to use a cloth to wash or dry without cutting yourself. The pulse button is also a useful addition to my old blender and the pestle, which i havn’t as yet used, but i can see will be very effective with thicker mixtures. I rate this product very highly.

Have used 2 previous types of blenders. Neither managed to tackle spices such as black pepper as well as this. The down fall is that the containers do not clip onto the base for use you just have to place this on so the slightes movement results in it turning off.

I ordered this for the work top to use in an everyday way. For those whizzy jobs that need to be done in a sec, this the boy. Smoothies and shakes, grinding nuts and mixing batters, blending soup and baby meals, pates and spreads, just pop the ingredients in and switch it on. Quickly rinsed out and put back together. Practical and personable, this jolly little jar looks very much at home in the kitchen.