Moulinex Multi Moulinette AT711 – Fantastic

I think this is the best of the many kitchen gadgets i have ever bought. The one i have is still going (fairly) strong after 30 years’ regular use by both myself and a neighbour to whom i lent it when her husband had terminal cancer to puree all his food. Was pleased and relieved to see that it is still on the market as mine, though working is starting to look a bit grubby and shabby. It’s so convenient and easy to clean compared with many large processors.

Quick, efficient and very less noisy.

Nice and compact for storage.

Perfect for making green chutneys and most indian chutneys.

I have had this for 26 years great productuse it all the time. Had to replace it same day my old one stopped working.

Great little gadget, doesn’t take up a lot of space, easy to clean and does the job perfectly.

My all time favorite great performance and quick delivery thankyou.

This is was it is – a small appliance that chops/mixes small amounts very well. Base does twist around when mixing sometimes so be aware.

I brought this item because my old moulinex had packed in after at least 30 years service. I had not expected the new one to do what i wanted but based on your reviews i got it and i’m delighted with it; breadcrumbs and cheese just as the old one.

Perfect for all the tasks required in food prep.

Bought to replace one that i had had for years and was worried that it would not come up to scratch but it does and is easy to clean.

Very handy for doing small chopping and mixing batters but you have to be careful that you don’t over do it or else anything being chopped turns to mush.

I love my little mini moulinex.

Well made and sturdy multi chopper, extremely quick to use and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend it.

My family have use multi moulinex for many many years. I was devistated when i couldn’t find it here in u. I bought other chopers but nothing is like a multi moulinex. And when i find it here and whith that price i was very happy. The only thing i miss is the extra tool (a plastic tool) that allow you to wisk , it is like the kniffes but with out the kniffes. In greece it comes with the multi mulinette , here not. If that was in also it would be superb.

Chops food with amazing speed, grinds nuts in seconds, not too big so it pushes food to the side without chopping like some bigger chopper/food processors do. Use this item almost every day. Fairly quiet too which was an important consideration as the food processor i have is far too noisy and this is its replacement.

I’ve bought this product twice now, excellent value for money. Also very happy with the functionality of the blender, i love it.

I saw this item in a friends kitchen and i was pleased to see it was available on amazon. The item arrived quickly and the instructions were easy to follow. I use practically everyday when cooking and it’s great when chopping onions, garlic, vegetables and turning tinned tomatoes into a fine tomatoes sauce for cooking. I find it easy to clean but be mindful of the sharp blade. It’s also easy to store (i keep it on my kitchen counter).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Five Stars
  • Handy little chopper