Mr. Magic 07308 Professional Blender Set | 400 Watts | Smoothie Maker | Extractor Active Blender : Five Stars

Does the job but vey basic and i had to keep shaking it when ice involved, good little machine but wish i had paid the extra for bigger model.

Plastic cup seems to be a good quality product. Overall the unit seems very sturdy and could be mistaken for a top brand product (bullet). I would advise that the plug is not a standard uk plug and does come with adapter. Although this is the only down fall i found, i would recommend this product if your are considering spending more money on the better brand as i cannot tell the difference only the name on the item.

Many, many years ago i owned a ‘magic bullet’. It lasted for years, but then, one day it gave up the ghost, not due to the motor, but the cogs broke in the top of it,so it was no longer able to function. I was upset at the time, because i used it regularly, but then i ended up using a hand held blender, and it did some of the jobs i wanted it to do, so really i didn’t need this contraption then?years passed, and then i saw a tv advert for the ‘nutri bullet’. This got me interested again about my poor magic bullet that was no more. I started to look on amazon and other places, just to see how much a new magic bullet would cost, because there was no way i was going to spend £100+ for a nutri bullet. , and amazingly a magic bullet cost a lot of money, more than i realised. The basic ‘nutri bullet’ is 900 watts, according to their ads. The magic bullet, is only 250 watts. I came across this and it’s 400 watts. Having said that, i have only used it so far for blending and mixing.

Very pleased with this purchase.

The main problem with this blender for me is that there are just too ma. This makes storage very difficult. As a blender it is okay but not brilliant and if i was advising someone about buying a blender i would say there others out there which are much better.

Proscompetitively pricedmulti functioneasy to cleanconsonly does small amounts at a timestorage – components take up a lot of roombest suited for a one or two person household, this is similar to the magic bullet but less powerful at 400 watts. It’s not ideal for our family of four. I will just have to save up for the kenwood.

This neatly packaged and well presented product turns into something far different once you start to use it. There are a multiplicity of parts and gadgets. This may be fine for performing a very specific task. However, for anyone whose kitchen space is restricted, storage becomes an irritant. It is easy to use and created quite a stir opening up a whole world of mysterious experimental concoctions. The trouble is that when the novelty wore off mr magic fell between two stools. For complicated cooking out came another household name blender and for the simple stuff out came some brute force and ignorance. If you want entry-level equipment this is an interesting option and good fun.

I bought as a gift for my girlfriend for christmas. She loves it but after 4 months of use (approx 3 or 4 times per week) the rubber seals on the blender lids have nearly all perished. That means that whatever is being blended sprays/ leaks out during use. You can see at the top where some of the rubber has perished and no longer there. Would love to know where to get new seals.

  • Excellent mixer, a bargain at the price I got it at
  • Value For Money
  • Does it’s job!

Mr. Magic 07308 Professional Blender Set | 400 Watts | Smoothie Maker | Extractor Active Blender

Colour:Stainless Steel
Box Contains, 1 x motor unit1 x mixing container, 750ml1 x plunger1 x sieve insert for juicing2 x small beaker1 x flat-blade attachmentSprinkle lids1 x Cross-blade attachment2 x large mixing beaker, 500mlKeep-fresh lids

From the manufacturer

TV Unser Original–Mr. Magic Royal, Blender-Set 400 Watt

A lightning-speed magician for your kitchen: tasty food and delicious drinks ‘conjured’ easily and quickly, bringing magic into your everyday kitchen routine. Just give your imagination free rein and the Mr. Magic Royal food processor will do the rest. There’s hardly anything it can’t do: it minces, purées, slices and mixes, all in the shortest possible time. Prepare smoothies, cocktails, snacks, sauces and dips as well as all kinds of drinks in a matter of minutes. Your imagination will know no limits for cooking and baking. Conjure up delicious masterpieces in your own kitchen and enchant your family and friends with the Mr. Magic Royal kitchen companion–the ultimate companion for your kitchen. All this is made possible with aid of our Mr. Magic Royal Blender set with 400 watts of power. As shown below, just add the ingredients then activate the power of the Mr. Magic Royal with a simple hand movement.

Mr. Magic Royal Set

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500 ml cup and 750 ml mixer

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For all kinds of food and drinks

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Simply add vegetables or fruit…

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…position the mixing beaker on the motor unit…

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…and activate with a simple hand movement.

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With the Mr. Magic food processor, your wonderful kitchen help, you can conjure up delicious food to your heart’s desire, pleasing friends and family with something new every time. With its dimensions you can save valuable space in your kitchen: approx. 34 x 24 x 26 cm (L x W x H). Delivery contents: 1 x Mr. Magic Royal Mixer (750 ml), 2 x large mixing cups (500 ml), 2 x small mixing cups (350 ml), 1 x cross-blade attachment, 1 x flat-blade attachment.

Product features:
  • Colour: silver/black
  • 400 watts
  • 18-part
  • Space-saving
  • Functions: mix, stir, chop, grind, mince, whisk, purée and store
  • Recommended by Pepi Rössler (Celebrity culinary guru from TV shows in Germany)
  • Dimensions: approx. 34 x 24 x 26 cm (L x W x H)

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Was excited about this, but upon delivery i’m not so sure. For the price this is a lot of gadgets, but there’s a few things that let this mr magic down. Primarily, the plastics feel a bit cheap; i’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but i guess time will tell. But otherwise, the lack of clear instructions means getting the most out of the mix-and-match set of units is a bit of an investigation. I was also surprised that it arrived with a non-uk plug (two prongs, rather than the usual three-square), which made me wonder whether i’d got a wrong delivery – or whether it would be okay on our british voltage system. Actually using the mr magic: good. Again, it’s all a bit hit-and-miss fitting the rights bits together for the job in hand. And once you’ve got all these bits, it’s a job to know where to store them all. Ultimately, i’m not really a fan. I was dazzled by the multi-function, when, really, i think a standard blender probably would have been a better call.

This mr magic is also commonly known as ‘the bullet’. The first thing you notice is the weight of the main unit which is heavy in a good way. I put the ice blade on and made a strawberry smoothie with strawberries, milk, caramel and ice and it crushed the ice very easily and quieter than you would expect. We specifically bought this for smoothies but whatever you want to use it for then it is robust, quality and a great product.

This is far the best blender better then nutribullet the blades are better one of the blade attachment is poking up not like the nutribullet with are flat. I will say buy this one its so much cheaper and better and also bladers are so much sharper. I love my powerful 400 watt mr magic blender.

I need this but only body without cup or jug,can u help me please where to buy,because my first one doesn’t work.

Happy with mrmagic great for smoothies and easy to clean,delivered when stated.

I have just got this and i am delighted with it. It is easy to use and to clean. I haven’t used all the attachments at the moment and there are allot of them, but looking forward to using them. I think it is well worth the money.

I love this set, especially at the price i got it from amazon, it does all it says it will and more, and being a pensioner and bachelor, i’m using for all sorts of uses of fruit and milk shake mixes, i’m sure many a housewife would find more uses that me, but i’m more than happy with it. And can recommend it to all who are looking for a versatile mixer.

Had mine now for some months and love it. So easy to make flavoured butter as well as chopping herbs and smoothie’s.

  • Excellent mixer, a bargain at the price I got it at
  • Value For Money
  • Does it’s job!

Mr. Magic 07308 Professional Blender Set | 400 Watts | Smoothie Maker | Extractor Active Blender

I have had a chance to use this a bit and now believe i can give a reasonably honest review. So we have in the box:1 x motor unit underpowered and fitted with a continental 2 pin plug1 x criminally cheap 3 pin plug adapter (marks already deducted for this sloppy attitude to the uk market)1 x mixing container, 750ml1 x plunger tool (does this really count as an accessory as its a necessary tool)1 x sieve insert for juicing (not that robust looking and not yet used)2 x beakers2 x large mixing beaker, 500ml1 x flat blade attachment2 x sprinkle lids1 x cross-blade attachment3 x keep-fresh lids – ok at the moment1 x bookletas stated the attitude of not having a moulded 3 pin plug says a lot for how the uk is treated as a market. The base unit while functional is in my opinion underpowered for some of the jobs especially when you have a fuller mixing container or are using/mixing slightly thicker materials. The base unit also has suckers but again these have the impression of afterthought and don’t seem robust enough though they have so far held up. The motor is started by a push and twist action and not by a separate on off switch, so there is a knack to using the device and one which combined with the rubber feet leaves you feeling you have to hold the device at all times, for fear of a complete disaster. Results have been mixed so far with something coming out nicely blended while others have been lumpy to say the least. Not really recommended especially if you are older and have week wrists.

– the first few times of using this it smelt strongly of hot plastic which worried me. But i guess that was just because it was new as that is wearing off now after a couple of weeks of every day use. It has no stop/start button on the actual appliance so you have to switch it on and off at the wall plug. But (positives) i cannot fault it on it’s design purpose. It blends beautifully within seconds, including hard apple. I have so far only used it for smoothies and that is all i will be using it for. There are no other attachments or gadgets that come with it which is exactly why i bought this one as i don’t want extras that i won’t use hanging around or going to waste. It is also so easy to clean. Love it and glad i have chosen this one.

Can i get my money back please.

Compact and verstile, this is a decent set, that will dice and and slice and make smoothies and soups. It’s not the most sturdy so if your requirements are heavy duty then is old look elsewhere, but for light use this would do fine. Expensive at the full rrp though.

I’ve been using this for the last 5 months now and this is the best. No leaks, solid build and the motor is really powerful.

For awhile now i have been looking for an appliance which fitted between my hand blender and the full blown food processor. The hand blender does not have enough for some of the mincing i want for meat. While it is too teadious to get the food processor out, especially the cleaning. Mr magic kitchen appliance royal, fits very nicely between the two above. It is easy to clean, which is important. And it has the extra ability to cope with the more demanding jobs like mincing meat. So far i have used this product to make simple dips. And to produce mince for homemade burgers. Each time i have found it quick and easy to use, especially to clean afterwards. The build quality i think is okay for normal domestic use.

Oh my, such a good product and the quality is out of site for the price range. I had fun with the small cups shuck fruits, vegetables in and blend, i did the smallest 2 the hardest which were challenging but i still fell in love with the product. The package was really light, well organised inside all the cups were in good state and i had amazing time with it is really quick 2 master.

This is a handy small blender/food processor- useful for small quick jobs like breadcrumbs and herbs- but not ideal if you need a large quantity of something chopped. It comes with lots of little pots to attach with lids. This means that you can add ingredients to ‘pour’ or add to meals at the table with ease. However, if you not one for reading the instructions properly and race to try it out you will hunt for the on button. Reading the manual at this point tells you push down and twist in similar manner to child proof medicine bottles. And at this point i repeated and tried no end of times to get it to work.

I already own a kenwood food processor, which i use often when preparing meals. So, initially, i wasn’t exactly sure how or why i’d use this. It’s a compact size, so it’s not ideal for ‘dinners’ exactly. It’ll only make moderate 1 or 2-person portions, which is fine if that’s what you need – so a smoothie might be ideal, or just small amounts of chopped veg for larger dishes would be another good example. For a ‘processor’ it comes in various bits and pieces. Unlike your conventional processor, it majority of the parts don’t all slot/store together; rather you just use the parts you want. (these parts include: the main part of the motor-base; then you have various chopping implements and several beakers. )however, the operation is dead-easy: fill the beaker which your food; screw the chopping part to the beaker; then turn upside-down and slot into the main motor-base – twist into place and away it goes. It’s pretty speedy, if a little noisy, so it good for people on the go. (for example, you’ve just run in for a jog, simply throw your oranges and what-have-you into this for a quick smoothie).

This was a welcome replacement for my 15-year-old blender, and it comes packed with lots of accessories. It includes the usual blending blades and grinding blades, and then a plethora of large and small containers, all with lids, and a strainer to catch seeds and things whilst you’re blending. The instructions are quite sparse, however, so it took a while to investigate how to use the appliance (i couldn’t turn it on at first). After figuring it out (push down and twist the top part into the base, then switch on the plug at the socket) it was easy to use – there’s no buttons, so although confusing at first this meant that it was easier to keep clean. I would say that you need to use a fair bit of strength to put the container in place to engage the switch, and this created another problem in that it’s very tricky to remove the container when it’s full of just-blended stuff (you have to carefully twist it back the other way, trying not to spill any of the contents). With my old blender, which has an on/off speed switch, you just slot the container in and it lifts off easily – so the mr magic makes it much harder to remove the container, and that’s why i docked one star.

Nice quality at a decent priceworks really well.

Does everything my large kitchen robot does without the hassle of getting it out for just a few items.

This is a really great piece of kitchen equipment. The blades are strong and chop things like nuts with ease. It is also really useful to have separate cups to chop and blend different food in, with lids to allow the food to be stored after preparation. My housemate has a large blender, which is often a pain to get food out of the bottom. With the mr magic you can simply use a small cup if you are blending a small amount of food, and scoop it out with ease. The only downside is the plug. They provide you with a uk plug to fit over the european two pin one which it comes with, but the screw to undo the uk cover is very strange in shape and doesn’t fit my screwdriver (i have an ikea screwdriver with interchangeable heads, and none of them fit the screw). However, i bought a normal plug adapter from the supermarket for a couple of pounds and it works perfectly well. In conclusion, i love the mr magic.

I bought it about a week ago and i use it for almost everything now. I use it for my smoothie breakfasts, for example and it works well with the frozen fruit. It’s very powerful for the price you actually pay. I wasn’t expecting such good quality, if i’m honest. I was really surprised at how much i like it.

Excellent product and price,thankyou.

Can’t seem to get to grips with the juicer element but the rest is fantastic.

I was really hoping this was going to be good at chopping onions – sadly, it’s the one thing it can’t convincingly manage. The item comes as a kit of many different containers, lids, and a motor base, so you need a lot of storage space in your cupboard even though the motor itself won’t take up too much room. There are pods of various heights, which stand up either way, and lids that either seal to allow fridge or airtight storage or let you ‘shake’ out ground things such as nuts or cheese. To go with these you get two grinder bases, one with the usual blender ‘fork’ which is for most things that need to be mixed and chopped, another has a flat blade for chopping nuts, parmesan cheese and coffee beans etc. The motor itself is heavy and quite powerful at 400w – the base has rubber feet and to begin with felt a tiny bit unstable. To make the motor run, there is no switch as such, but the pod must be full pushed down and twisted to make the motor run, at one speed only. Unfortunately, my onion test resulted only in onion puree, i’ll be sticking to a zyliss type device for chopping these. The manual is well written in good english, but perhaps should not advocate the use of raw eggs without a disclaimer. I thought it was a good device for drinks and also the pulper / juicer which makes it into more of a conventional blender, same goes for the flat blade which works well on coffee beans etc. Although not as good as a roller based grinder which are not exactly expensive (but will take up more room again in your cupboard).

Really good value kitchen aid. Loafs of different uses and a great sharp blade on the cutting bit. I would have given it 5 if the instructions had been a bit better and they could have included a few more sample recipes too. Overall though it is great for the price.

Features and Spesification

  • A powerful 400w motor cares for a perfect and optimal disassembly of fruits and vegetables
  • Prepare smoothies, cocktails, snacks, sauces and dips as well as all kinds of drinks in a matter of minutes
  • This “Mr. Magic” comprised 8 functions: juicing, mix, stir, chop, mince, whisk, puré and store
  • Due to the detachable blade and cup, it’s quick and easy to clean under the tap or in the dishwasher
  • Incl. : 1 x motor unit (230V, 50Hz, 400W), 1 x cross-blade attachment, 1 x mixing cup 500 ml and much more