Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M90E : Five Stars

The bowl capacity is 3 litres, not 5. You can not fill it more than 2,5 litres. The valve is leak sometimes s well. Buttoms do not work properly, need to press many time.

I am not a keen, or particularly great cook – but i have enjoyed using this fabby multi-cooker. So far i have tried several stews and slow cooker type recipes and have found the cooker easy to set up and use. Soups too have become almost a daily triumph. I have yet to try baking or bread making but i intend on making a start in the christmas holidays,the bowl is easy to clean and the whole cooker is small enough to be stored in a deep pan drawer. I downloaded the app but as yet there does not seem to be any content – there are loads of recipes and handy tips online though. I too found many of the recipes were in american measurements and had ingredients which needed a bit of translation (thank google). So far i have found the redmond easy to use and i have enjoyed using it – recommended product.

This multi cooker is awesome.

I got my redmond rmc-m90e this week and i couldn’t be happier. This is a brilliant machine that will save you time, money and energy and can turn anyone into a great chef – it couldn’t be easier to use, just choose your program and that’s it. Versatility is its strongest point (45 programs incl. Multi-cook) but my two favourite features are the wonderful 3d heating and nonstick coating – these will ensure that the final result is always perfect and nothing gets burnt.

This is a great little machine, perfect size for small kitchens, has a non-stick pan which functions brilliantly – cleaning is still a doddle after many uses. Very versatile yet compact and it’s even fairly intuitive to work out without reading the instructions. It’s also flexible as even the pre-set timings can be tweaked e. Pilau rice automatically comes up as 20 mins but we prefer cooking it for only 15 mins, and it’s straightforward to make the adjustment. Cooks a huge range of products, and we haven’t tried all the settings yet, but for what we’ve had it’s been reliable and impressive. This multi-cooker is like a jack-of-all-trades and gives good results on all that we’ve tried. Dedicated cookers can give better results on individual items but then you would need to buy about 30 different cookers to do what this one unit does, which would be somewhat impractical. That said, not every meal has to be cooked to its very best rendition of itself but this multi-cooker is a solid workhorse and gives good to great results almost every time. You could almost get rid of your kitchen and just have a few of these instead.

Item is highly overpriced for ‘english’ version. ‘russian’ version costs three times less and has identical functionality (apart from russian labelling).

I have to say this is absolutely amazing with its multi function you can just about do anything. Nothing burns in the pan and you can do seriously healthy cooking as oil is not required for frying. Love love love the redmond and can’t imagine my kitchen without it.

Not as bulky as i thought it might be and the handle is really useful as i need to store it in a deep drawer. Some good recipes and i’m experimenting all the time but needs a bit more information about using the multicooker programme – temperature etc. Not used my big oven for ages.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Five Stars

Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M90E, 45 programmes, 5liters, 860W, Ceramic Bowl + Cookbook

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Could not be happier with this multi-cooker: loads of settings for healthy meals. Have been using it for almost six months now.

Over the years i have used a variety of kitchen cooking aids designed to make life easier for the chef. I already have an actifry, a slow cooker, a crock pot, a bread-maker and an airfryer, so i was intrigued by what i could cook in this gadget, that i couldn’t cook in the others. I have to say i was rather surprised. This is a versatile piece of equipment, and really does give you a lot of options. I have made bread in it, made an apple sponge cake in it, cooked chicken legs with lemon and herbs in it, made a beef stew, deep fried battered fish and cooked a large portion of moroccan lamb. In each case i followed the instructions in the (supplied) recipe book and in each case it worked perfectlyit comes with a cooking pot – which is aluminium with a non stick inner coating. It is really non-stick and easy to clean. Hand wash or dishwasher seems to be fine. There is a small deep frying basket too, for battered onion rings, fish portions and so on. Also works well, and has a detachable handle so you can close the lid during cooking to keep the steam and smells to a reasonable level.

This is just absolutely excellent. I am a big fan of multi-cookers and use a variety. This is the best i have used apart from a pressure cooker. It is shiny and sleek with a touch screen. It is very small and compact yet has a big inner pot. It is easy to carry with its handle and it is incredibly light. The top is shiny black and the base is chrome. It is much much neater than any other multicookers i own. There are 17 programmes: multicook; oatmeal; stew; fry; soup; steam; pilaf; pasta; slow cook; boil; bake; grain; yogurt; dough; pizza; bread; dessert and quick cook. Within these programmes there are many adjustments you can make to change the preset time or the temperature or you can simply use the multicook function and set it to suit yourself. The cooker is easy to use but it took me a wee while to get used to because you have to press and hold the start and cancel button, the others you just lightly touch. So far i have made pizza which turned out perfectly in the pizza function.

This is a superb little cooker & it does exactly what it says it will do. The only things we haven`t tried yet is to bake a cake or bread but as for curries, stews, steaming, & frying it is a great addition to our kitchen. We would highly recommend it.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Five Stars

Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M90E, 45 programmes, 5liters, 860W, Ceramic Bowl + Cookbook

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