MUSICAL FIDELITY Musical Fidelity MF-200 Headphones : great precise base with forward mid and upper range

Ordered new item and received used item. This was sorted, eventually, with amazon, but not without a lot of hassle which should not have been needed. For this reason i have given 4 stars when updating my initial review. My husband loves the headphones which i bought for a present. They sound different to the mf100 model as they are much more detailed. Lots of people have commented on them being tight but my husband has not experienced this. The sound stage is much more open than the mf100 model but not as noise canceling. These headphones do need to run in for 50 hours so commenting further on the sound is unfair. I am told they sound fantastic when playing electronic music already though. Someone has already commented that they won’t make a poor recording sound good. This is the case as the sound produced is very detailed and the sound stage is wide and they do highlight poor quality recording. However they do sound clear and open when listening to a good recording.

I bought the mf100’s, which were so detailed that i then wanted to see if these were even better. Even more, plus a wider soundstageneeded blasting radio thru for a long time to tame the treble, but now wonderfulwarning. If you listen to a crap sound source, you will hear crap in incredible detail – they don’t make bad sources better. Time spent in burning in, adjusting the headband & learning the trick of changing the earpads is well spent. At the current price they are an incredible bargain & i can’t imagine changing them in the future.

I gave these 5 stars because of the price i paid ( under 50 quid) ,for that money they’re very good. I dont think theyre worth £230 though. They are very detailed and even a bit sibilant and spitty or splashy on certain recordings but the sound wins you over because of the clarity,drum skins sound tight and powerful ,the bass is there but leaner, i felt vocals were pretty good mainly but s and tees sound over stated but this hasnt stopped me enjoying their sound. As for comfort they are a little tight but at least they stay put. Build quality is excellent,but carry bag isnt much cop,a hard case would have been better. If you need headphones you have to give them a go especially at this low price.

Brilliantly revealing headphones every nuance in my music heard and instrument placement is outstanding.

Initially very very uncomfortable, had stretched them on a large pillow for a few days and now comfort is ok. They’re quite bright but man they kick bottocks in a way no other pair of cans i ever listened to did. Very very musical- you’ll not be able to focus on anything while listening to them- they’re fantastically engaging. Great precise base with forward mid and upper range. Very airy with great imaging- the scene is really huge- the best i ‘ve experienced. I also own fidelio x1, in the past i owned momentums and ath-m50- mf-200 crushes both in sound departament if you’re looking for fun and engagement. Ath-m50 especially is very uninspiring with tiny soundstage in comparison. If you’re a metal head these will reinvent metal music for you. Old pantera, old metallica sound just more metal than anything i listened to before. Other genres do just as well.

I have used these headphones for about a month. I thought they were worth a gamble at the current price. Initially i agreed with reviewers who claimed that they were ‘too [email protected] and the headband was pretty tight. One month later i am happy to say these views have changed and are much more positive. The headphone band quickly relaxed and is comfortable. I would never wear phones constantly for an hour so maybe those who do would still find them tight after prolonged wearing. Rather than sound ‘bright’ i gradually came to realise that it is more case that the bass is natural and not overdone. I go to lots of live rock, classical and contemporary jazz and i consider these are very natural sounding. Classical chamber music is especially well rendered. The delicate harp and electronic music of fitkin wall really shines on these phones.

Clean british hifi sound but a little bright on the treble although this canyeild positive results when the source is a little dull. For the price paid ,£65 ,their build and sound quality is simply brilliant. . The tonal balance will surprise those who are used to that slightly warmrounded easy sound. Hifi is all about transparency not fuzzy eq. . Junk in junk outis that a bit ‘flat earth’?bargain.

I very nearly gave them five stars. They are quite impressive across the whole range from the deepest bass through clear midrange to clean treble. Two things held these back, they are very tight on the head – regardless of how you adjust them. This is also the case with the cheaper mf-100s. The other thing that stops them being exceptional is the tendency for these phones to become tiring to listen to on account of the treble. Most phones i have listened to are a bit over smooth and recessed in the upper range. These are the opposite and it ultimately lets them down. Maybe they will sound better connected to a smooth source, but anything neutral to bright sounding raises concerns – though dull they’re not.

  • Exceptional but too bright!
  • Honest opinion
  • Five Stars

Musical Fidelity MF-200 Headphones

Musical Fidelity MF200 Headphones The MF200s benefit from a redesigned enclosure both inside and out. New, more inert materials have been used to help prevent reflections and standing waves, which Musical Fidelity says results in a “more natural sound”.Specially selected and paired 4cm drivers have been punched from a single sheet of material to achieve a constant thickness – a feature designed to let the ‘phones to be “neutral and accurate”, while providing a “flat, wide frequency response and very low distortion.”While the MF200s are primarily a closed-back design, the cans feature a series of vents to help recreate a more spacious sound; a common feature of open-back headphones. A combination of machined, polished metal and soft-touch leather have been used in the construction of the MF200sm, which also feature the now-signature ear piece colouring to denote left and right channels. The ‘phones come complete with an anti-tangle rubberised cable with in-line mic and control buttons and interchangeable ear pads: padded leather or alcantara suede. Both ear pad options feature memory foam inserts.

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Reviewing headphones is not a simple matter. Reviewing by just listening to a single pair of headphones will tell us much, but not tell others who wish to to buy a set of headphones very much. We may like a particular headphone a lot, but it is only when heard against other headphones does a clearer picture emerge. So this review for the mf200’s is in comparison to the following headphones that i have here at the moment. The psb m4u-1, akg k551, philips sb9500, musical fidelity mf100, yamaha hph-200, grado sr80e, yamaha pro 400, monster dna pro 2, monster inspiration active, akg k545, and monster dna. Many of these headphones sound fantastic. My favourites are the monster dna pro 2, the musical fidelity mf-100 and the yamaha pro 400. The mf-100’s have a similar sound to the hero of this review, the mf-200’s, tonally. All the other headphones suddenly sound very slightly fuzzy in comparison to both the musical fidelity headphones. The monster dna pro 2 headphones are superb when sitting just listening to music.

Prospective buyers should realise that these ‘phones are now deleted from the mf range, according to their website (as are the mf-100s), so i am astonished to see that the price has fluctuated from £230 to £100, and now reverted back to a rather ott £174. I bought my pair as a present for my son’s birthday, but couldn’t resist trying them, as i was prepared to get a second pair for myself, particularly at the bargain price of £55. However, i have easily resisted the temptation on two major counts: comfort and sound quality. I acknowledge that the build quality and the finish are excellent, and look far better strung round the neck than the ubiquitous beats. Indeed, i do feel that these were targeted at the well-heeled youth market, as the finish is a little ostentatious, and would certainly look more “serious” if they came in a gun-metal finish, rather than chrome. Sad to say, they also appear a little “nerdy” perched on your cranium, and i’d be wary of catching unwelcome attention if in worn in public, but this applies to lots of headphones. The leather earpads look pretty sumptuous, if a little artificial (they certainly don’t have that lovely new leather aroma), but the alcantara pads look like they’ve been crafted by a caveman – a horribly messy finish, in my opinion. The clamping effect of the earpads soon becomes very wearing, and others have commented on this extensively, so i don’t need to add anything here, other than my agreement. The unyielding, hard-moulded headband design is undoubtedly the main culprit in this respect. The mf-200s have received general high acclaim for sound quality on amazon reviews, but i veer more in favour of the alternative web magazine reviews which give considerably lower marks here (often 3/5 stars) – not because i’m overly critical and believe everything a professional reviewer says over amateurs: i’ve just used my own familiar music and my own ears.

Simply far too tight on your ears – will give you a instant headache. The sound quality is very good. The cheaper mf100 model has the same sound quality but is not quite as tight a fit. The mf100 model totally belies the price being asked currently and can compete with headphones costing between £100 and £200 pounds. Only by using them for a while will it become obvious or not as to whether the build quality is sufficiently good enough – but at the price on offer you could buy 3 or 4 pairs of these and be happy for a few years ahead – the mf100 model that is, or even the mf200 model if you have a tiny head. Or, if you are a hobbyist with good skills – you may be able to modify them in such a way as to make them fit your average size head – but then you will lose your guarantee of course. . Bargain, bargain, bargain.

Great headphones and a bargain but a bit biased as i own the mf-200b and mf-100 as well. Have read that some people find them uncomfortable to wear but they do loosen up with over time also if like me you wear spectacles rest them on the ear cups once they are fitted.

  • Exceptional but too bright!
  • Honest opinion
  • Five Stars

Musical Fidelity MF-200 Headphones

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  • The MF200s benefit from a redesigned enclosure both inside and out. New, more inert materials have been used to help prevent reflections and standing waves, which Musical Fidelity says results in a “more natural sound”.
  • Specially selected and paired 4cm drivers have been punched from a single sheet of material to achieve a constant thickness – a feature designed to let the ‘phones to be “neutral and accurate”, while providing a “flat, wide frequency response and very low distortion.”