MUSICAL FIDELITY Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones : Bargain!

Spend many weeks at sea so for my cabin i use a chord d/a converter along with sennheiser 650 this is too bulky for the gym so was looking for something to plug into a ipod. After reading reviews here on amazon sent for a pair knowing music fidelity make some decent hifi equipment. The build quality of the mf 100 is exceptional. Connected them to a computer and left them to run in for four days. After which i had my first listen – mmmm very bright sounding is the best way i can sum these up , however you can play around with your mp3 eq i prefer a flat eq. My wife has aka k451 which are cheaper and have a sound on another level to these mf100’s so much more balanced in sound that also kicks a punch.

I have used/ owned some worthy headphones in the past from sony, sennheiser and bose however; these are the ones i have become already affectionate about. I highly recommend burning them in for 24/48 hrs and then pow. The bass comes through in a lovely full and taut way, without the awful distortion prevalent in cans now. The sound stage is really fleshed out with the mid-range particularly comprehensive and clear. High notes are also pure and voices sing out literally. I have noticed the need to raise the volume to drive them especially on public transport but get them home and minimal effort is needed. In summary a gorgeously made and looking pair of cans from a reputed firm and delivering music at a sonic level way above their current price on amazon.

These headphones sound great until you get to the upper mids which are significantly elevated. For some kinds of musical this allows them to sound detailed but for the most part it is uncomfortable. I decided to keep them because i need the portability mainly but also because i can get a satisfactory tonal balance by tweaking the eq (3. 5khz to 10khz pushed down a bit). They do hurt your ears after a while but that is to be expected. So overall, a good price but don’t expect miracles.

First, a confession: i’m a headphone geek. I own several pairs of high-end cans, and i’ve sampled (and rejected) many more pairs from other top manufacturers. I’ve also been blessed with above-average hearing, so i trust my ears. I believe i know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘exceptional’. The musical fidelity mf100 aren’t exceptional. But they are very, very good – especially at this steal of a price. You won’t think so if you’re of the beats persuasion (a lover of over-extended bass and hollow midrange). But if you have anywhere near decent hi-fi equipment at home, and speakers that do it justice, you’ll quickly understand why these headphones are worth more than their very reasonable price tag might suggest. The mf100 cans come from a hi-fi maker of some considerable pedigree. These guys know how stuff should sound.

First and foremost – simply wonderful sound quality. I had a pair of mf speakers years ago which were superb, and these are equally excellent. Bass is not overdone, but is present in a realistic way), and very comfortable to wear. Over-ear design is great at keeping external sounds out and (i believe) internal sounds inthoroughly recommended.

Arrived quickly and was a good price. My original pair wee working well but the headband snapped so i am beng extra careful with these.

A bit tight on the head, and borderline too bright/tiring, but these are exceptional for the price (were £120 but now £45), and i mean for the original price. They are not bass light, but do not have the artificial bass lift so many other phones have, so the ‘beats’ generation might take a while to appreciate them. They are very different from the smooth, recessed sounding, headphones that dominate at present. They might be too much for some, but after a year or so of ownership they come out more often than my grados do (probably being semi closed helps). I would recommend these but with a bit of caution if you can’t handle the top end.

Absolutely superb headphone at an awesome price, the sound is pin sharp with lashings of bass when needed a true hifi product, well put together as well. I read some other reviews on these headphones about them being of a bright balance but on good quality equipment they excell. Heartily recommended buy these with confidence.

  • Outstanding for the price
  • “Musical Fidelity” indeed!
  • Nice, but needs running in

Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones (Black)

The MF-100’s were designed to make a beautiful lifelike sound. You can hear the artist’s creation as it was intended to be. They are light, comfortable and durable. Long listening sessions are a pleasure. Musical Fidelity’s award winning design team identified and focused on several critical areas to achieve our aims of natural lifelike sound, lightness and comfort (wearability), and durability. Musical Fidelity has a long history of making superlative sounding products at affordable prices. From the beginning the MF-100’s were designed to be true to Musical Fidelity’s heritage. Our commitment is to music and value for money.

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Straight from the box, these on-ear headphones sound a bit harsh, but i gave them several hours of nonstop play and the sound improved a lot. So if you’ve just unboxed yours, you haven’t made a duff purchase. The sound quality will remain very detailed, but running them in will smooth the treble and improve the bass quality. The fitted lead is long enough for portable listening, but if you use them at home, you may need to buy an extension cable. I would also definitely advise that you replace the leather pads with the suede/alcantara ones supplied in the box as an option, as they feel much more comfortable. The phones themselves can be a fairly tight fit for some heads, but overall, i am very pleased with them.

Got these at a bargain price of £39. I had been looking for some decent cans for a few months and after testing out many types i settled on these. They seem much more rounded and musical than all the others including akg, grado and phillips, in fact the only others i thought superior were the beyer t90s but they were very uncomfortable. Originally retailing at £120 these are an absolute steal for the price i payed on here, 2 friends also bought them on my recommendation and both think they are top notch. Very good build quality, light and comfortable they now live on my raspberry pi / rune audio set up and i cannot see me changing any time soon.

I ordered these for me son who was looking for headphones that didn’t let in noise. He is very happy with them so i would recommend them.

Amazing headphones for this offer of under £45. A high end headphone that integrates highs, midrange and bass perfectly. This headphone has a relatively fast and taut sound, with a very nice tone. If you like a warm, dark, or bass extreme headphone these are not for you. If you like great musicality, realistic bass, fast rhythm and great tonality these are the ones. Good width of sound-stage but not so good three dimensionally compared to the excellent mf200’s. Very well made, a mixture of a strong plastic headband, and metal holding the earcups to the headband. Very nice faux leather pads, which are replaceable. A spare set of earpads are included.

A bit too bright out of the box, so ran them at high volume from tuner for 3 days. Much better & a really good pair of phones for all sources. You can stretch the headband to suit, as they’re tight from new & changing the pads to the suede-type ones supplied helped the treble as well. To all those who have struggled changing the earpads, i found this by trial & error. Locate the retaining skirt of the earpad in the groove on the metal plate of the headphone & just twist forward thru 360 degrees & it will locate into its slot immediately. Now totally happy with these.

The sound generated by these headphones is fantastic, regardless of genre. I’ve rinsed metal, classical, opera, jazz, blues, hip-hop, reggae, dubstep, electro and various forms of rock through these and they all sounded great. I feel there’s a slight treble bias here – and the upper midrange could be a little stronger – but despite this apparent unbalance, oddly enough the overall effect is superb. And just because the trebles sparkle does not mean that the bass suffers. Where there is strong bass in the music you are listening to, the headphones are able to give plenty of it. Listen to bob marley’s ‘catch a fire’ or massive attack’s ‘mezzanine’ albums and there is loads of bottom end. Overall though, these are not what you’d call a ‘warm’ sounding headphone. They are, however, incredibly detailed. One point made by other reviewers here is that these are a ‘neutral’ headphone, reproducing an accurate sound – thus allowing you to listen to the music as it was meant to be heard. The headphones do not add bass automatically to your music, and on that basis, the mf100s are not for lovers of forward-sounding beats-type headphones, but have a very wide soundstage and are great for nerdy-type reference: you’ll hear far more clearly if a recording has been over-compressed during mastering, or alternately if the music has been afforded a wide dynamic range and sufficient breathing space.

Buying headphones on the internet means going through lots of online reviews, which in case of the mf100 was a sort of a mixed bag. Some reviewers criticized shrill trebles and an inconvenient tight fit. In the end i went for the mf100 based on the hope that a manufacturer of premium hifi equipment would not put its name on product as mediocre as some reviewers suggested – and it turned out that this intuition was right. Great sound, but harsh trebles: there is a controversial discussion on the net about headphones “breaking in” when the moving parts get softer. I never really believed in this, but it was exactly what happened to the mf100. After about two weeks they had lost the shrill highs, but they are still extremely clear and transparent. Therfore, i absolutely cannot agree with some critique i have seen. The sound is simply excellent. I use the phones mostly for classical music with the colorfly c10 and lossless files. Instruments sound exactly as they should, the sound is transparent without getting too analytical, the soundstage is wide.

Musical fidelity have done it again. A giant killing hi-fi product that you don’t need a mortgage to own. They’re a wee bit on the bright side straight out of the box but i’ve been running them in over the last couple of days and this has settled down. They’re not for fans of beats as they’re much more even across the board. Plenty of accurate bass, lovely midrange and crystal clear treble. I listened to the b & w p5’s and i reckon these are better and at half the price. My only criticism is that they seem harder to drive than other portable headphones i have so you’ll have to turn the volume up a bit more than normal. Headphones are such a personal thing but if you’re after a proper hi-fi sound then these should be at the very top of your shortlist for auditioning. A veritable bargain in a market full of overpriced rubbish.

  • Outstanding for the price
  • “Musical Fidelity” indeed!
  • Nice, but needs running in

Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones (Black)

I was able to audition several pairs in richer sounds with my own music device. Nothing beats nice big comfy earphones for an extended listen around the home, as i find in-ear designs really uncomfortable after an hour. I tested these against the grado s80i, akg 490nc, akg550, sennheiser momentum, sennheiser hd25 spii, harman cardon cl and onkyo esfc300. I spent a good hour and a half in store going through my playlist with no sales pressure. I have disagreed with what h-ifi reviews of quite a lot of kit. Very few reviewers are completely impartial, either through commercial or editorial pressure, or simply due to their own preference for a manufacturers equipment. If you bear this in mind and rely on your own ears you cannot make the wrong choice for yourself. I found the mf100 to be the most consistently clear and balanced sounding across the same track selection for each `phone (played on my i-pod classic)freddie freeloader – miles davissession at pete’s pad – henry manciniis this love – bob marleysaturn – holst planet suitesymphony no 6 1st mov – vaughn williamsat least listening to these favourite tracks over and over meant i could never get fed up during my testingbuild quality is very good, and although the headband and earpiece housings are mostly plastic, it is of high quality with a matt rubber type finish. There is a potential weak point where the cable enters each earpiece that the assistant did point out. The momentum build quality was superior in this respect.

Bought as a gift – had no complaints, so they must be working fine.

The construction of these headphones are amazing, but i found the sound quality to be a little too harsh and it felt like it was applying to much pressure to side of my head.

After a few hours running in, for £100 they would be a good buy ,for £35 ,a steel.

Sound quality for the price is amazing. In fact, forget the ‘for the price’ qualification, they simply sound amazing. Almost as good as the oppo pm3s which are 6 x the price. The only drawback is comfort. They are incredibly tight on the head to the point where wearing glasses at the same time is painful.

I’m not sure how these stack up against other £120 on the market, but at £38 they’re a complete steal. Upgrading from a pair of sony over-ear headphones these offer immediate improvements to clarity, you can follow the different strands of the recording much more easily. The bass is tight and goes a lot lower than on my old headphones, letting you heard parts of the tune you didn’t know where there. Buy some before they go, at £38 they’re not going to be available forever.

Musical fidelity, the purveyors of high end hi-fi, have produced a pair of headphones that have all the sound and build quality, and attention to detail associated with this british company, at an affordable price.

I read a review in the times and bought on the strength of that. They are fantastic the sound quality is superb plus the build quality is exquisite.

I would recommend anyone considering these phones demo them. That way you’ll likely get to hear them when they are run in. What you’ll hear is something fast, detailed, musical and lifelike. High fidelity by definition. The bass is especially good, extended but punchy and unlike other ubiquitous fashion accessory phones does not rely on an already lightweight mid to drag its sorry ass through the song. They are slightly clampy but remain on your head well when moving around. Comfort is the reason for dropping a star but don’t let it put you off. Great phones from a great company. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

This is a quality product from a genuine hi-fi manufacturer. I am still “running” them in but i have not been disappointed so far and do not expect to be. The microphone option for use with mobile phones is also a nice touch.

I also have a confession to make. Before purchasing these headphones i was a bass junky and didn’t really care for much else. I’d been on a quest for many years to find the “most bass”, and i did (bluedio), it was horrible and now i’ve been having nightmares ever since. No but seriously, i loved bass but eventually i got to a stage where i felt i wanted more from music. I wanted a real pair of headphones. After reading reviews online i went for the ath-m50x’s. Unfortunately, my hearing at this stage was so bad, i was not able to tell the difference between the m50x’s and my good old trusty cx300iis (we all start somewhere). Infact if anything, quite naturally, i preferred the £20 cx300iis because they had more “bass”. After sending those back i discovered these on hukd and decided to buy them. The build quality is very good. Little tight on the head (and i have a small head). The soundstage is very big even though they are not classed as open back; i have never had the opportunity to experience this kind of sound before (the whole soundstage thing is very new to me and i really like it, its mind boggling to me how we are able to hear instruments from so many different angles). I find these to be quite accurate and the bass, this is the best bass i have ever heard from any headphones or earphones i have ever hadnote: let me explain- this does not mean they have the most bass or that they are the bassiest headphones, but more; the bass is just right, it’s not too much, it’s not over exaggerated, its perfect and because of the wide soundstage, it gives off a superb sound like i’ve never heard before. After owning these headphones for only a few weeks i realised what i had been missing for so long.

Delivery:i`m currently with prime so delivery is top notch,no complaints. Musical fidelity mf100 headphones (black):the musical fidelity mf100 headphones are only to my knowledge available inone colour which is black,it could be argued that the headband is in fact a verydark matt grey along with the speaker outer casing &,the rest of the headphonesare indeed matt black. The black headphone cable in non-removable it has a mic& just the one button function for;play,stop & forward (only) on my devices,theseall work extremely well too. When it comes to accessories you get;another set ofspeaker foams black(velvet),felt carry bag & 1/4″ adapter. The headband is of the”thin” size & has cushioning in the middle part only. Out of the box some may findthe clamping force of these rather tight but,they do loosen over a short time or,youcan put/keep the headphones over it`s own box to loosen yourself much quicker thanwaiting for father time to stretch them out further. Sound quality:my hifi power(all the amplification)is by musical fidelity so i like a “flat frequency”response on my hifi gear,this is the sound signature musical fidelity are infamousfor. What you get from a flat response is the ability to hear more of the recording &,the “differences in your music files eg;flac,mp3,cd,etc. With very little if any colouring. Some user`s are not going to like,realize,understand etc.

Great headphones with a very neutral signature. They can be a little tight over the ears with glasses on though, and the isolation certainly leaves a lot to be desired (these are not for wearing on the commute).

Great headphones took a few days to get them singing,i would rather have these than overpriced ones worn by professional footballers as they come off the team bus before a game. I have a naim system and they work great with it as well as my ipad. I find them very comfortable to wear and can’t recommend them enough great product. Natural sound as the music should be.

Quality product, very speedy delivery.

Excellent product; beautifully packaged with extra padded ear thingamejigs (so, cloth and leather affect provided). Arrived real quick and enjoying a great sound.

A steal for £45, lots of competition at the original price. Manufactured in china for musical fidelity but very well finished and sound great.

These are one of the best things i have ever bought. The build quality is superb and sound quality is equally impressive. I reach for these now as my default ‘phones before my much more expensive shures.

Features and Spesification

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  • Impedance: 64ohm +/-15%
  • Sensitivity: 98dB +/-3dB
  • Rated Power: 10mW
  • Cable Length: 1.3m +/-5%
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm 4P