My Office Tour (Before)

Me and my boyfriend moved into our first home together as first-time buyers in December 2017 and ever since it has been my mission to transform one of the bedrooms into my own office space. We’ve fortunately got our own office space each to do with as we wish and I’m so excited to make it my little project over the next couple months. However, with the chaos of Christmas, work, and generally trying to get each room looking normal, my office currently looks like a tip. It’s generally been the room we’ve used to store everything out of sight until we’ve found a space for it, but luckily it’s slowly coming together (even if the below ‘before’ photos don’t prove that).

To kick-start the office transformation, I’m not going to shy away from its current state and want to give you a little office tour before I piece it all together. I have some of the main furnishings already, but I’ll explain as we go along as to what my plans are to get it looking just how I want it!My Office Tour - Before

Firstly, I had to point out that I finally own a lava lamp! But, I will get on to that in a brief moment. This corner of my room is the official office element of the room. Initially when we first moved in, I had the desk spanned across the wall on the left which has the lava lamp against it, then my dresser was sat on the wall on the right next to the door frame. But, it all just looked odd and I had to change it instantly as it was bugging me. So, now the official set-up is a corner desk like so. I do at some stage plan to get a drawer system from IKEA to sit under each end of the desk as both a storage and support system. I’d like to get rid of the black metal legs because they won’t go with the final decor of the room, but for now they will do.

Above the desk I wanted some shelves as you can see, but on the next wall above the lava lamp (I’m never going to stop banging on about this awesome lava lamp), I want to hang loads of pictures and wall art in a collage style. If anyone has any recommendations on where to buy awesome prints, leave links in the comments below – PLEASE!My Office Tour - Before

I’ve always visioned my desk being quite minimal; monochrome detailing and a simple desk lamp, notepad and pen pot. But the moment I started putting this area of the room together and window shopping for decorative items, I found myself going the complete opposite. Instead, I find myself owning my first ever lava lamp*! As a kid this was the craze and anyone who owned one was instantly cool. Well, in my eyes they were. I got this one from Firebox* and it may possibly be the coolest thing that’s in my office right now. It’s iridescent finish and glitter insides is the perfect addition to what will become a colourful desk – you can find other great gifts for her too (especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner). As for the rest of the above, I managed to find a few goodies in a recent trip to TK Maxx; a white & gold geometric magazine holder to store my larger notebooks and scrapbooks, plus this awesome mug which features all my guilty pleasures – junk food.

My Office Tour - Before

Next up, my dresser. After spending weeks, if not months, browsing Pinterest and creating endless boards to store all my office inspiration, I planned to do a little DIY job. But as always, it never went how I initially planned it and instead I stumbled across this beauty from La Redoute. Technically it’s a desk, not a dresser, but it’s minimalist and looks stunning. Right now I sit on the floor with the giant mirror I bought, resting against the dresser. So to date, I haven’t yet had a chance to enjoy the dresser. I got the mirror from eBay and in all honesty, it was an absolute bargain! I always imagined having a giant mirror to fill the majority of the space on the wall above the dresser, but never had a style in mind. Then I came across this one on auction on eBay and won it for £24.99 in the end (including postage) – which is great, because it weighs a ton!

Anyway, the way I plan to decorate this area is mainly with the use of a bookcase. I have one on the way which I bought on (which has slowly become a favourite place to window shop for everything home-related) and it’s going to sit in that gap to the right of the window, facing out towards the dresser. The bottom shelf of the bookcase will hold a couple baskets which’ll store the likes of my hair tools; dryer, straighteners, curlers, brushes, plus an endless supply of dry shampoo. Then I’ll dress it up with photo albums, candles, books, ornaments and other decorative stuff to make it a little more fun.

The last thing I need to physically buy for this area of the room though, is a chair. I have an awesome one I bought from TK Maxx for my desk, which has a clear acrylic back, swivel mechanism and a stunning, velvet, deep teal seat cushion (you can see the back of it for a better representation of what it looks like, in the very first image in this post). It was a little expensive at £79.99, but totally worth it, however I don’t want to spend that again. So again, if anyone has any recommendations on where I can find some cool chairs for my dresser, send me links. I don’t have a particular style in mind, but once the one is spotted, I’ll be making a purchase instantly!

My Office Tour - Before

Now, we’ve got the final stage of the room. I wanted to make my office space somewhat cosy and relaxing, and to do that I thought I’d buy a sofa to put against this wall. I love the combination of yellow and grey together, so I decided to paint this wall in the shade Lemon Ice which is from the Colours range at B&Q. However, my little pickle now is deciding on the sofa to buy. I wanted a sofa bed here ready for when friends and family stay, but the only ones I like are very bulky and would leave me with very little room to walk around. So, I’m deciding now to go with a standard grey sofa and will just invest in a good quality double airbed ready for guests. I’ve seen this one from, but not 100% certain yet.

To finish off this wall, I’m going to get a picture rail to display various prints I’ve already purchased and other larger prints too – I want to add lots of colour and prints to dress this part of the room up. Lastly, in the corner I’d like to get a side table, but more specifically, a wired storage side table which I can store blankets in ready for when people come over.


Anyone else currently doing up a room? If so, share photos and posts below!