My Weigh Ultra75 – 34Kg Postage/Parcel Scale – Good item

Great machine, useful that you can pop the front off for weight larger items.

Good but wish display was visible when placing large boxes on scales.

Fab scales just what i needed. Also great service, fast postage def recommend.

We’ve used the scales on quite a few occasions at home now and have purchased postage online. This has saved us a lot of time with not being able to get to a post office at times. It is accurate and has weighed products correctly with senders receiving products fine.

Really good item only had few problems with the plug but its good.

I am really happy with these scales and have not had a problem with them yet. It makes my life so much easier as it will weigh all my parcels very quickly including the very heavy sewing machine i recently posted. I run a small business so these scales are in constant use and i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable set of postage scales. I even managed to weigh my pet rabbit on them recently even if that’s not what they are intended for.

Well made, does the job, good quality build and nice pull out section for over-sized parcels. Great value for what you get and saves pounds by allowing you to package goods efficiently.

I can recommend this scales to anyone. It is robust, you can detach the display panel from the base, you can switch off the backlit of the display, and you can disable the auto switch off (this was why we bought it). Be aware it shows the weight with 5g accuracy not usual 1g. All accessories shown on the picture were included in the box. We can now check weight of letters and big parcels using one piece of equipment.

Fast delivery love it thank you.

Very accurate weighing scales – brilliant to weigh large or small packages. Would highly recommend this product for office use.

Arrived promptly and it is perfect for letters and parcels anywhere from 0. 5 kg up to 34 kg,mains powered with automatic power-down.

I ordered the goods on what was meant to be a super fast delivery however they took almost a week to get to me, so was initially disappointed, however when i got them i must admit was very impressed with them. They are quite compact and the fact that the front comes off for ease of weighing means that you don’t have to get a torch to try and read the display for the weight – what a great idea. There is a hold function which means it will display the weight for a set amount of time even after you’ve removed the item. There are various attachments for the scales to be able to weigh letters and also bigger boxes. The fact that they are quite small but will weigh up to 30 odd kilos is great. They sit neatly on my desk without taking up loads of room. I would recommend these scales. They represent good value for money.

Still working after all this time like it. Here are the specifications for the My Weigh Ultra75 – 34Kg Postage/Parcel Scale:

  • 34Kg capacity with precise 0.005Kg Readability to 1Kg and then 0.01kg to full capacity
  • Platform Size: 200mm x 165mm
  • Patent Pending Detachable Faceplate to allow easy reading when weighing large boxes – or remote moun
  • Displays weight in Pounds, Pounds:Ounces, Grams or Kilograms
  • Runs on UK AC Mains Adaptor (Included) or 4 x ‘C’ Type batteries (Not Included)

Excellent packaging that protects this product. A set of scales that is truly light-weight and can be easily moved around. Accurate and pre-calibrated so i was able to use these straightaway. Useful accessories for parcels/envelopes/packages with a large bright display indicating weights in grams/ounces. The fact that these are operated via both mains and batteries offers me total portability and flexibility.

The scales are handy, light and accurate. . Easy to use and quick to show the weight. We tend to use grams, however it is easy to switch between g and oz. The removable front to allow to weigh larger items is a great bonus which we have found very handy on numberous occasions. The scales are excellent value – great to have the mains adaptor so no need to change batteries.

Brilliant – very useful to have and use it all the time for letters and the many parcels that we need to send out.

Slightly concerned re the low price of this product as compared to others available however scales are great value and work well. The construction is a bit lightweight,i think better for home use rather than a busy post room. Assembly instructions non existent but once assembled everything works well–and with a long guarantee. Seller service very good,fast delivery and great comms.

I recommend this product to anyone who has any small mail order business. It is an excellent product which is accurate. Very easy to use and lightweight to transport to use in different areas. My productivity in my small mail order business has increased since purchasing these scales. It takes only a fraction of the time now to weigh and pack the goods.

Very easy to use with the additional feature of separating the front panel making weighing awkward things easier.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Life made easy
  • It is just brilliant!!!!
  • Great for Ebay sales

Scale was purchased for business use and as far as we can tell it gives accurate readings and is easy to use but there are some down sides. The lcd display has a very narrow viewing angle and when it is stood on a packing bench it is impossible to read the display without moving back and stooping down which is a real chore when you are weighing large nos of packets. However i am over 6′ and the vertically challanged who also use the scales don’t seem to have the same issue. Still the viewing angle is very poor. Still with the display, it turns its self off after a very short period of time if the scale is not used. So you weigh a batch of packets and by the time you have placed them in the out box the scales have shut down and have to be restarted. This takes time as the scales run a check routine and if you try to weigh an item prior to the checks completeing they record an error and have to be restarted. What could be a perfect small business device is spoilt by some poor basic design flaws.

Very smart looking and highly accurate. Having a mains adaptor is a bonus as you do not have to change or constantly buy batteries. They also have a 30 year guarantee which proves they were built to last. I was also very impressed with the fast delivery and the packaging was well done. Ideal for home or business use. Excellent value and i would highly recommend them.

Nice set of scales, comes with adapter for tube shape parcels and one for letters, nice touch the removable front so that large parcels do not cover the display, worked very well when we used a large tea tray with blanket to weight my grand daughter. It has very very easy to read display, all in all a very good set of scales for the price.

For those who want to switch the auto off feature off, see below. Auto–off function settingsto enable or disable the auto-off feature follow these directions:1. Start with the power off (the power must be off). Press and hold the zerokey first, then press [on/off, then release both keys. The display will showa_on or a_off. Selection of auto shut off mode. Press the zero key, the display will show a_on or a_off. A_on means the auto shut off function is active. Presszero again, the display will show a_off, this means the auto shut off function is inactive. ]

Yes just what i needed to weigh for selling on ebay etc they are a good price and do the job they are intended for fast delivery and packed well.

It does what it says on the box. Wish i’d bought one earlier.