N/A ASICMINER Block Erupter 336MH/s – 4th Generation – ASIC USB Bitcoin Miner : Impressed!

But worked straight out the box with very little work on my part.

Don’t get it if you want to make a profit in bitcoin, those days are long gone. But it can be used for other crypto-currencies. Hashing rate is indeed 336mh/s on average. Make sure you don’t touch it while running, it gets really hot.

The only problem is i now understand that the bitcoin market is being manipulated just like the other money markets in this corrupt world and that the cost of a single bitcoin is now so high it would take one asciminer a very long time to re-coop the outlay unless you have farms of them which is not cost effective, but it was fun to set up and try.

Worked as expected, avg about 320.

This is a great introduction to mining bitcoins but dont be under any illusion. You will never make a profit from using a block erupter or break-even. Mining bitcoins is currently too time consuming to get a positive roi and it will always continue to increase in difficulty. Using this item will cost you more in electricity than you will ever make mining bitcoins with it. This is a curiosity/hobbyist item only.

Whilst the product is great and works flawlesly, you’re never going to make any real money from running one. But good for just experimenting with. Great seller, with fast delivery.

I bought two of these erupters at first (i’ve now ordered another 3 for the rig) to start dabbling into bitcoin mining. Obviously these aren’t going to provide a massive roi but with the right setup i can see them providing at least a small profit which will (hopefully) increase as i expand the rig. In terms of setting up it can seem a bit daunting at first as you need to find drivers and then you need to work out which software to use for mining. I tried out two options, first using the zadig drivers with cgminer and the using the cp210x usb to uart bridge vcp drivers with bfgminer. I settled on the latter as it was easier to configure to use all the erupters (-s erupter:all argument). With two erupters plugged in via a powered usb 2. 0 hub i’m currently getting between 200mh/s and 1. 2gh/s with an average settling around 720mh/s, slightly higher than the stated average of 335mh/s per erupter. I’m hoping that continues with the additional ones that i’ve ordered. I will give you one warning, these run hot.

Arrived on time and immediately started mining bitcoin. It’s been great fun setting it all up and watching the stats on the pool i joined. Roi will take forever, but i’m not bothered at all.

  • Not going to retire on the profits but
  • works as advertised but useless for making a profit
  • Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

ASICMINER Block Erupter 336MH/s – 4th Generation – ASIC USB Bitcoin Miner

miner is work perfect. not Accept Return. Post by second class.

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Works as expected and is a fun venture in bitcoin mining (you wont make much with this). Only thing to add is that this runs very hot when in use. It was too hot to touch at one point had to disable and then unplug after a few minutes. Make sure this is kept out of the way and is cooled.

I just received mine today and well, i’m impressed. Quality design, small, and comes in a very unique portable case which is protected. It’s plugged into my raspberry pi mining away at well over 335mh/s quite a lot of time. Much faster than my amd radeon hd 6870 gaming graphics card (obviously). I recommend buying this if you want to mine and leave it on 24/7. I’m running it off solar power since it requires so little power.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. I will be after more for sure. Thank you very much indeed to the seller for a great product and a great service.

Very delicate and beautiful little item. You cannot earn money with it, but it’s still a good souvenir of bit coin.

These things work perfect and even proc higher than the listed hash rate. Great stuff indeed and very sensual to the touch.

I’m more than happy with this product. It arrived in good time (i think it was two or three days after i ordered it) in a plain little box that kept it safe in transit. No instructions but you don’t really need any. Setting it up was relatively straight forward although i had to download and install some ‘silicon labs cp210x usb to uart bridge’ drivers. I forget where i got the drivers from now but i just googled it. I’m not super technical and i worked it out so i’m sure anyone else could too. I run it with bitminter client v1. 2 and get pretty much the advertised hash rate give or take a mhs or two. It does run very hot but i don’t have a sink on it and no fan so i’m sure they would cool it down a lot.

Bought two and getting about 335mh/s on average on each. However you will need to find some way of cooling then as after about an hour of use they get too hot to touch for more than about a second or two.

You’re probably not going to get super rich with these but it’s fun as a little project and to support the emerging crypto-currency that is bitcoin. Three of these miners will get you 1. 007 ghps, which works out to about $0. 7 to $1 a day at current exchange rates.

  • Not going to retire on the profits but
  • works as advertised but useless for making a profit
  • Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

ASICMINER Block Erupter 336MH/s – 4th Generation – ASIC USB Bitcoin Miner

Product arrive promptly and worked as advertised. The asic miner chip has been working constantly for the past few weeks without a problem.

I used this to test whether i could mine cryptocurrency. It does work, but for actually making money i’d get something faster.

Asicminers are the first available usb bitcoin miners. They use very little power and have a decent hashrate, even after the most recent difficulty increases. If you are looking for a place to start, these and other future usb mining gadgets are the easiest way to get involved. Asic mining equipment might not pay for itself if you are mining btc, but there are other reasons to do this. Contribute to the bitcoin project by keeping the network decentralised and in public hands2. The cost of your equipment is reduced by mining, most asic devices can pay for their running costs and generate revenue. You receive bitcoins directly, more anonymously, without risking your personal information being used for fraud. You can learn about the bitcoin project for a low cost (no running costs and hardware at no / low cost after mining). There are other crypto-currencies you can mine, not only btc, some generating much more value with the same hardware, so if profit is your goal, there are options for asics with more chance of profit now and a faster growing currency value in the future.

A cheap, easy way to get introduced to the world of mining. Simple to set up, go to minepeon and follow instructions for getting a raspberry pi and this little miner all set up and earning. To put things into perspective, looks like you’ll earn £1 a month if you join a decent pool.

Given the current difficulty it would take up-to 2000 days to break even using this device alone and make back the cost.

Features and Spesification

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  • USB Bitcoin Miner
  • Low Power Consumption (2,5W)
  • Compatible with lots of mining softwares