Natural Beauty Products: Why You Should Try Them & Which Products Are the Best

Considering I blog predominantly about beauty, amongst an array of other topics here and there, it’s only been the last couple months that I’ve really took a bigger interest in the products I put on my skin. Obviously I’ve always had an interest in makeup – how else would I be able to talk about it on a weekly basis? Nevertheless, I’ve began to develop a bigger interest in learning more about natural beauty products. I’ve already dipped my toes into organic skincare products, but I figured now is the time to work with natural makeup too. With this, I figured I’d delve in a little deeper and share with you three top benefits I’ve learned from using natural beauty products, plus share with you my top 6 beauty brands (and the products) that offer natural products and more.

What are the benefits of Natural Beauty Products?

1 | Firstly, it’s more environmentally friendly. I try and do my bit for the environment through my typical daily tasks; I recycle, I spend an hour commuting to and from work on public transport everyday despite the fact that I could just drive, I use limited water and electricity, I re-use carrier bags and so on. A lot of makeup products are heavy in chemicals and when you’re washing your face with skincare products and washing off your day’s makeup, all this goes down the drain. Natural beauty products on the other hand are farmed and manufatured organically, which means less chemicals are polluting the air and water.

2 | Natural beauty products are so much kinder to your skin. I’ve noticed this with a simple change of my base makeup; my everyday tinted moisturiser. I don’t wear foundation on the daily, but will always opt for a tinted moisturiser. However, I’ve always had blemishes on my face which have remained in place despite a whole array of skincare regimes to try and banish them for good. The moment I started trialling natural tinted moisturiser (we’ll get onto this one below), I’ve noticed the visibility of these blemishes have halfed.

3 | Lastly, natural beauty products are kinder on your senses; i.e. your nose. Sounds odd, right? When considering purchasing natural makeup, the last thing you take into consideration is your nose, but here’s why it’s still a benefit: scented products are a plus because they smell devine and we like to be able to smell good, but it’s not clearly disclosed as to what chemicals/ingredients have gone into a product to produce that beloved fragrance, or how many chemicals we are exposed to just for a whiff of the beautiful scents some beauty products offer. Natural products on the otherhand won’t concern you with this, as what you see and read, is simply what you get. Natural products typically contain less, which in this instance means less is more.Natural beauty products

My Top 6 Natural Beauty Brands & Products

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream
Balance Me are slowly becoming a firm favourite for me as a brand, as I’m currently loving their Congested Skin Serum which works absolute wonders on my spots at certain times of the month (if you get me). But, the latest product of theirs I’ve been quite literally obsessing over, is the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream*. It’s an easy to use product which you simply dab around the eye. It does a combination of wonderful things, such as; evening out skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and blurring away dark circles. Find here.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation
So, if you want a foundation that seems a little fancy above the rest, this one will be your friend. It’s infused with a little something called, Ceravitae. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was either. This is a supercharged oxygen complex, allowing the foundation formula to essentially optimise the skin cell oxygenation, which does an array of beautful things: encourages cell repaire and renewal process, diminishes scarring, combats dehydration and reduces redness. I received the shade Ivory which is the second lightest, but this still appeared a little too dark for me, but I made it work! Therefore for you pale girls out there, Opal is your best bet! The coverage isn’t top end, but acts more as a lightweight foundation which hides what you want, but still looking natural. Buy here.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
I get it, I may be a little late on this bandwagon, but the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara* is simply awesome. I’ve stated it before on this blog and I’ll preach it again; I don’t follow the latest trends and beauty crazes, because from past experience I’ve just been left out of pocket and very dissapointed. So I’ll stick to my own way, thank you very muchly. Nevertheless, if you still haven’t tried this mascara and have been wondering whether to leave yourself short of nearly £20, then all I can say is give this cruelty-free wand a whirl because you’ll LOVE it. It separates, coats and curls your lashes to perfection, with one coat being just enough. Opt for a second coat to take it from a day in the office to a night on the town. Find here.

PÜR Lip Lure

The applicator on these remind me of that on the Too Faced Melted Lips which kind of had me sold from the get go. But, the applicator isn’t the must-have reason behind this little beauty. PÜR combines the finest ingredients nature has to offer with the latest in skincare technology to provide us with makeup that offers results, all whilst making us look and feel good. The Lip Lures* are highly pigmented lipsticks which a creamy, hydrating and full-coverage formula to create a showstopper pout in an instance. Buy here.

Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream

This tinted cream has become a firm favourite lately and I’ve started to reach for it on the daily. Its lightweight formula makes it comfortable to wear all day long, whilst giving you a natural coverage to help even skin tone and give you a dewy complexion which is welcomed now the colder days have arrived. This Tinted Earth Cream* is available in two shades; Light and Medium, but would be ideal if there was at least a third option for a darker shade to cover a little more variety for those that’d like to try. This products replaces silicone and synthetic chemicals for natural moisturising oils and ingredients, ensuring your skin stays looking healthy after the makeup comes off. Buy here.

Benecos Natural Beauty

I did a post on the new Autumn beauty collection by Benecos and they have still remained as a staple brand in my makeup bag. The mono eyeshadow in Rose Quartz is a still a daily shadow for me, with such a beautiful finish for a simple yet effective look. All products by Benecos are natural, with a vast selection of their range also beign vegan friendly. This is marked clearly by each product that complies.


Which natural and cruelty-free beauty brands and products do you love and recommend?