Do You Need a Blogging Niche to be Successful?

Simply put, a blogging niche means you have one topic/area for your blog to focus all your efforts on. There are many blogs out there that have a niche; food blogs, parenting, marketing, travel blogs, money saving tips, you name it, there’s bound to be a blog out there dedicated to what you want to learn more about. But the question is, do you need a blogging niche in order for your blog to be redeemed as ‘successful’?

Blogging Niche

If you have a strong understanding of a certain topic as well as a passion, a niche is a great way for starting out as you can always expand onto new horizons at a later date. If you simply want a space to write about your thoughts, hobbies and the things you have a genuine interest in, then not having a niche is ideal. You won’t feel like you are tied down to one topic, which is where you can find yourself in a bit of a rut.

When I first started blogging I thought I would stick to beauty-related posts; I’d never really been into makeup prior to starting my blog, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn new techniques, discover new brands and generally just learn more about a topic I felt I had missed out on over the years.

In all honesty, after two to three months of focusing solely on beauty-related topics, I was bored. I didn’t want to stop blogging, which meant the only way to work around this ‘rut’ I had got myself into was to start posting about other topics too. Now as a lifestyle blog, I feel like I can focus on other areas such as blogging tips and explore my inner wannabe-travel-blogger.

I like variety, hence the reason why I don’t have a niche on this blog. I simply post about anything that takes my fancy that day, which keeps it fresh for not only my readers, but for me too.

In a nutshell, do you need a niche for your blog? No, in my opinion. If you are setting up a blog for the first time and unsure of whether you should have one or not, start brainstorming and see what topics you believe you will have fun posting about. If you can only think of the one, perhaps that’s your niche. If you have a list of various ones, perhaps your blog can be a general lifestyle blog.

Let me know your thoughts on having a niche for your blog, plus any recommendations you have for blogs too!

Photo by ‘Image Catalog’