Neewer Studio Monitor Headphones – Dynamic Rotatable Headsets : Nicely Balanced Headphones.

Long cable and comfortable when wearing.

I bought these headphone to replace a cheaper pair id bought/tried for connecting to guitar/amp during practice. They’re extremely comfy (even for long periods), no noise/interference from the cable, the (screw-on) jack adapter is included and they sound great. The 3m cable is perfect length too.

For £20 these headphones are a bargain, the sound for me seems a little flat but at this price i’m not complaining. They are reasonably comfortable to wear and cover my ears well. The lead is a great length to use at home being 3metres but for my walks connected to my ipod its a bit of a nuisance, there’s a lot of excess cable to tuck away in the pocket. I’m guessing the cable will, at some point, break at the jack plug end as it does on all headphones but how long they last?.We will have to wait and see.

Earphones have clear sound & are comfortable.

I was on the hunt for a pair of headphones to listen to my music at work. I work in an open plan office where a lot of people around me are on the phone. The headphones have a really nice finish too it and is made with really good, quality materials. The covered foam padding makes these very comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. I find that this particular product succeeds in blocking out exterior noise, enabling me to shut myself ‘in the zone’. The sound is very well balanced and enables me to listen to a wide variety of music genres. A perfect fit in every sense.

I purchased these as a direct replacement for my boomphone over ear headphones, who’s left speaker failed and i was struggling to have it repaired of the set replaced. I can say that i am not disappointed with these new overear headphones. However, i feel that you have to drive the speakers to get the best out of them, but that’s just my opinion and does not distract from how nice and comfortable these are, with a good long non-detachable lead. Well done and thank you neewer for this product.

The bass range is exceptional on play-back. The closed cans give excellent sound reproduction while elininating ‘bleeding’ into the sound source microphone. While these headphones are great for recording use an open headphone or mid range for lisrening back while mixing as the bass range is very deep on these phones and may lead tyo a false fidelity. Great phones for the price though.

Great headphones, worth the money.

  • Surprisingly very good
  • So good I bought them twice
  • Excellent budget recording cans.

Neewer Studio Monitor Headphones – Dynamic Rotatable Headsets with 45mm Loudhailer Driver, 3 meters Cable, 6.35mm Plug Adapter for PC, Cell Phones, TV (NW-3000)

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Having arrived very promptly, i was initially struck by the feel & build quality being very good for the price point. They sit comfortably on my ears & the audio quality is very good, with a nice balance of treble/bass + vocal clarity. They perform well across the board for the purchase price & i’m happy with them for general music/audio use.

Fantastic bass and no troubles.

Great sound, light to wear and comfortable. The swivel ear pieces are great. I use these at home, listening to music mainly. They block outside noise, but also keep my noise in, which keeps everyone in the room happy. They have good volume and a great sound quality. I’m very happy with this purchase.

I like wireless, but i don’t like the batteries going flat all the time. I like wired, but i don’t like being restricted by the cable. So here’s a solution…comfy headphones with a 3m cable. Now i can prepare meals and dance around the kitchen.

Just got these and the sound is amazing. Comfortable over the ear cams that i can see wearing for long periods without discomfort. The only downside is the cable is not long enough to use with my tv. Fortunately the headphones which these replaced had an extension cable which i was able to use to give the extension i needed. So if you buy these headphones to use with your tv, if your tv is any distance from where you sit, and they usually are, you’ll need to purchase an extension cable in order to use the headphones. Other than that they’re perfect.

I was after a decent pair of headphones, so i turned to amazon (my favourite shopping place) and came across these. After finding various cans that i liked it was decision time. After reading the reviews for these i decided to purchase them. For the price i wasn’t expecting too much but a hec of a find and purchase, surprising very good. They are in my opinion in the same league as £100+ ones. Ok maybe to the connoisseur sub standard but to me they are incredible. Sturdily made and comfortable, i recommend these alot. My only let down is since i ordered them the price decreased by £3, which makes them even more value for money. A guy called ernie left a review that swayed me to buy these and he was so spot on, cheers dude.

Very comfortable to wear good quality sound too.

I’m already on record as saying that i’m really impressed with this company and their products. They work as well as, or within 90% of the branded items that they clone, usually at less than half the price. These headphones are exceptionally good. Bought the first pair two weeks ago, as monitor headphones for recording musical instruments and singers. Now, i know what really good headphones sound like (i have a pair of audeze lcd-x). I’m not saying that they come close to the audeze cans, but they are probably 80% of the performance for only 2. 5% of the costthey are maybe a little lightweight and flimsy feeling, but for the price who can complaini was so impressed, i bought another pair the week after.

  • Surprisingly very good
  • So good I bought them twice
  • Excellent budget recording cans.

Neewer Studio Monitor Headphones – Dynamic Rotatable Headsets with 45mm Loudhailer Driver, 3 meters Cable, 6.35mm Plug Adapter for PC, Cell Phones, TV (NW-3000)

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