Neostar Electronics Perma Therm Instant Hot Water Dispenser: Fast Rapid Boil – 3 – Brill

Just big enough for one for shabbos and extra cups of friends stop by. I don’t feel i’m wasting water by the end of the day or weekend.

Excellent, works exactly as it should and looks great.

It’s brilliant saves you keep boiling a kettle.

Best thing i’ve bought in ages, kettle is just a relic now.

My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and finds it difficult to lift a kettle. This neostar hot water dispenser is absolutely ideal and essential for my wife being independent and not relying on me for every hot beverage. It’s also fantastic when needing hot water for veg, pasta, rice etc. We wouldn’t be without it. I descale it about once every 3 weeks with citric acid, brings it up like new.

Easy to use and a very useful addition to the kitchen. Economical with hot water on the press of a button.

Very good kettle on tap hot water all the time.

5 litres hot water dispenser is eases to uses and i like that i can set the timer to go sleep at night still the morning ready to uses please with the product.

Really economical product , no more waiting for kettles to boil, worth buying.

Great, this was just what i was after.

We love this fabulous for my work place aswell we have 2 xx.

Excellent very pleased it saves keep boiling the kettleit last us all today only have to fill it once a dayvery cheap to run overall performance is very impressive. Here are the specifications for the Neostar Electronics Perma Therm Instant Hot Water Dispenser: Fast Rapid Boil – 3:

  • Instant hot water on tap all day at a fraction of the running costs of a kettle
  • Have hot water whenever you want it – no waiting to boil
  • stainless steel
  • Stainless steel. Choice of 5 temperatures, from 40-98шC
  • Keeps water at a constant heat all day
  • 3.5-litre capacity sufficient for 24 cups/12 mugs. Measures H32 x W23 x D20cm

Wow this is amazing hot water all day and night so easy to use. Wish i’d know about these before and ordered ages ago my friend has one and recommended i get one as me and my husband are disabled and was struggling filling lifting and using a normal kettle this is so easy to use we can have a lot more hot drinks now.

Looks good and very easy to use.

Brilliant, bought a new one to replace old.

Had one of these before from scott’s of stow- lasted 5 years so pretty good. Think this company is also scott’s as guarantee was theirs.

Excellen product, the timer could be better, half hour increments, would be more convenient. Delivery and packaging excellent.

Hot water at the touch of a button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A great product
  • Great addition to the kitchen
  • Very Flexible Alternative to a Kettle

This is now my second and i love it. You only need to fill twice daily at most and it keeps your water hot enough for hours. Saves continualy having to boil a kettle.

Very good product cheap to use.

Nice product, only downfall is the time it initially takes time to boil, but after that is great and the large capacity lasts all day long.

Nice product to have in the kitchen, looks good and importantly, does what it says on the box. Additionally, you can put it to sleep (hourly increments) and it re-boils in time for the end of the last hour of sleep. Top it up when nearly empty and it automatically re-boils. Can be set for a few different temps. It does take a while to make the initial boil but there’s a lot of water in there.

Was the second time trying to get one of these. Have used other dispensers but this one is excellent and has different temperatures. I like my tea piping hot and most boilers do not heat to that temperature. 5 litres, unit is large and not exactly streamline or aesthetically beautiful but very functional. Dispensing mechanism is quick, boiling from cold takes 15mins but once up to temp it is instant for the rest of the day. A great buy and very satisfied.

Not bad, but have to re-set the temperature too often.

Do really like this so handy to boil once and hot allday.

This hot water dispenser is the second one i have had. The first one must have filled thousands of cups of tea and coffee as well as fill saucepans of water for cooking.

Like the product,didn’t like the price, £20.

Excellent water boiler does as it says and save the use of kettle now.

This is a very time saving gadget hot water when ever you want or need glad i bought it.

5l boiler in two days and we are very pleased with the product size is perfect for the kitchen work top.

Love this item, couldn’t do without one now. Fantastic service, quick delivery, would highly recommend. I have to family and friends🙂🙃🙂.

Brought this for my salon af trying to save electric and time. Especially like the fact i can set a delay so hot when i get to work. Takes about 20 mins to heat full tank from cold. Especially good as staff are no longer moaning and happy.

Product iis good this is our second dispenser.

Everything works perfectly apart from the timer which has to be set every night. (or am i doing something wrong).

Oh my god why did i not by this sooner. Im disabled and have trouble with hands and neck lifting etc. Its made my life so much easier and bit of independance again my husband fills it and last me and family all day. Giving details to my occupational health lady and hopefully help somebody else 😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤.

Brilliant was a bit wary if it would get hot enough for tea but it does. Very quiet would never consider going back to a kettle. I leave it on all the time so always ready for a cuppa.

Very useful hot water on-tap all day. Had one for several years, but it eventually developed a fault. Unfortunately, the replacement had to be returned as the thermostat would not switch to ready, but the return service was very good.

I’ve only had this water heater a few days but so far i’m in love with it. Most of the other kettles that say ‘instant hot water’ aren’t. Put your cup under the spout, press the button and immediately hot water comes out. The instructions are really easy to understand, even for old dears like me😀 there are different temperatures, a snooze button where you can put your kettle to sleep for up to 24 hours, so when you get up, there is your water boiling hot for your cup of tea. As i say, i’ve only had it s few days, but i’m really impressed so far.

Instant hot water no waiting around. So good my daughter has asked for one for her birthday.

Great for my elderly parents who have trouble lifting a full kettle.

I purchased this neostar electronics hot water dispenser after my electronic kettle failed after only a few months, i was looking through the kettles that amazon had to offer and i came across the 3. 5 – 5 ltr digital display boilers. After reading the benefits of the various boilers on offer i finally decided to purchase the above model. I have only used the boiler for 4 days, but i can confirm that in the long run it will save money on running cost’s, but also it is an extremely flexible unit to use. Instead of filling up countless kettles throughout the day, you fill it once on a morning or the night before and switch it on first thing in the morning. 5 ltr’s will last you the full day, this will only vary if you need additional water for cooking, but it only requires that you top it up to last the day out. When power is applied the boiler initially heats the water to 98 – 100 degrees c quite rapidly, which is surprising considering that it is only 680w compared with a kettle that is usually rated 2200 – 3000w. The main display indicating the temperature is displayed in red when the initial heating is started, once the temperature reaches the 98 -100 degrees c following a preset time the the main heater then switches off and the display changes to green and the keep warm led indicates that the temperature will be maintained at the selected temperature very silently via 2w heater. The default temperature is 85 degrees c, but there are 5 temperature that can be selected, they are 40, 50, 60, 85 and 98 degrees c.

This is a brilliant,boiling water on tap.

Bought this as a replacement for an older model, this one has extra features including an unlock button you need to press before dispense in the water, excellent model very pleased.

Brilliant service quick packed well would recommend makes simple things like no more lifting a heavy kettle over with as i’m disabled and it locks its self so no accidents can happen either.

Best thing i have ever bought, had mine for over 5 years now and wouldn’t be without one, mine is showing a bit of wear now but still going strong, because it uses so little power it has paid for itself. Well built and even looks nice brilliant well done neostar.

Far and away the best we’ve had in a series of hot water dispensers. Quick dispense, not a dribble like others.

Great product, happy with me that i bought it.

I bought this to replace a one-cup hot water dispenser which i had had for years but is now discontinued. That turned out to be a good thing as i much prefer the convenience of having whatever volume of water i need instead of boiling one cup at a time (so it’s great when you need a pan full). 5 litre model as there are mostly just two of us at home (though the water does need topping up more than i thought it would when there are 3 or 4 of us in the house). It is easy to use, the water keeps at boiling point all day, it heats up fairly quickly and the timer function is great. The only negative points are that water drips down the back when you open the lid to refill it and the pump dispenser is too hot to touch if you keep the water at boiling point (but i prefer to use the dispense button anyway). I wouldn’t go back to using a kettle or one cup dispenser now as this gadget is far more convenient.

This is the second one i have purchased the last one was three years old and was used pretty much every day except for holidays. You can set it so it’s ready in the morning and give it a rest throughout the night. 5 litre the last one was a 5l one so yes you do have to refill more often obviously but it’s a great product and would replace in the future.

I’ve had various water boilers in the past which have let me down but with the neostar it’s been up to now brilliant. Very easy to use and full control of how much water you use i am very happy with this product. The different temperature setting is easy to use but i keep mine on 100 degree celsius so i haven’t really had reason to use it very much i don’t leave mine on over night i fill it first job of the day and it takes about 25 minutes to come to the boil but once it’s done that’s it until you have to fill it again through the day a very convenient product i am very happy with mine.

I bought this item for my sister and is working as expected.

Very say to use great if you like to drink a lot of tea or coffee.