The Neroli Collection by Super Facialist Review | My Thoughts 1 Month On…

I’ll be honest, my skincare routine over the last 6 weeks has been pretty strong. I went for a facial and from that day on, I’ve really tried my best to stick to a decent skincare routine that works for me and my skin. I played around with the products I was using in the first 2 weeks, as I got a few new exciting pieces in the Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box by Estee Lauder Companies. However, for the last month I’ve been using the new Neroli Collection by Super Facialist (alongside a couple other brands which I didn’t want to let go) and figured I’d share with you how I’ve got on with this collection during the last 4 weeks.Neroli Collection by Super Facialist Neroli Collection by Super Facialist

Daily Brightening Cleanser, £7.99

This is a gel-like consistency which is different in comparison to other cleansers I’ve tried in the past. I began having a preference for foam cleansers after briefly using the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser for 2 weeks, but in all honesty, the gel-like formula in the Daily Brightening Cleanser by Super Facialist is nice. It’s soothing for my sensitive skin and isn’t abrasive or drying either, which works wonders for my dry, irritable skin. I’ve not has any issues with breakouts or any kind of reactions whilst using this, which is always a good sign that my skin is benefiting from it. However, the only two slight negative things I’ll have to say is that: one – you may find you need to double cleanse. With foam cleansers I find you can create a rich lather which really picks up all your makeup etc. in one application, so you only need to cleanse once. However, I struggle to achieve that with this and therefore I always need to double-cleanse, unless I’ve only worn a light BB cream that day. Two – the smell isn’t at all pleasant for me. This is purely down to personal preference. The product contains Neroli which is from the blossom of an orange tree, which can be sweet, however it’s more the spice scent of the blossom you can smell in this collection. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make the product bad!

Would I buy this for myself? For £7.99, I think it’s a fair price, especially as you get 150ml, which so far has lasted me 4 weeks with a double-cleanse twice a day (morning and evening), yet there’s still a good 2-3 weeks worth left to use.
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Intense Facial Serum, £16.99

In all honesty, I’m not sure what benefits I’m supposed to have achieved from incorporating this into my daily skincare routine. It’s designed for maintaining youthful and radiant skin, but as someone with fairly dull skin and rough texture due to the dryness of my skin, not much has changed there. I’ve been using this twice, daily, straight after cleansing and applying my eye cream (I use this one).

Would I buy this for myself? In short, no. The price tag of £16.99 seems a little steep, but that’s mainly down to me not having achieved anything from using this product on a daily basis. However, it may be more suited to older skin tones and textures who are looking to see improvements.
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Super Lift Day Cream SPF 15, £16.99

Other than a good cleanser, my other essential skincare item is a moisturiser. I’ve enjoyed using this one so far, especially as it contains SPF 15, which is something we should all consider in our daily moisturisers – it’s two in one then, so you have one less thing to worry about! You really only need a little bit of this, as a little goes a long way. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll also enjoy this. It’s soothing, non-irritable and isn’t greasy on the skin either.

Would I buy this for myself? I’d want to keep this in my daily skincare routine, however I personally don’t agree with the price. I’ve tried more luxury branded moisturises that are cheaper than this and do just as good a job, which is where I’d have to reconsider this.
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Super Lift Night Cream, £16.99

In all honesty, this is the same as the day cream, but thicker in consistency. I tend to be a little more generous in the evenings when putting this on, as I like to let it soak in overnight. Doing it this way means I wake up in the morning with very hydrated skin that’s quite supple and almost glowing! I’d personally prefer if the day cream was the same consistency, as I have a bigger preference to this one, but that’d only work if your makeup was quite minimal.

Would I buy this for myself? Yes. Again, the price tag is a little steep, but because I enjoy this cream more than the day version, I’d be happy to pay a little extra for it.
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*this collection was gifted to me by Super Facialist.