Nescafé Dolce Gusto by De’Longhi Colors EDG355 – Looks good & use it several times a day

If only de’longhi could get a few things right it would be a great machine. This is the second dolce gusto machine i have owned. My previous one was one of the earlier versions and i had fervently hoped that de’longhi had got their heads around writing a half decent user guide. You really get nowhere fast with the atrocious coloured pamphlet style thing that comes with it. You really have to go on line and down load the relevant pdf file to learn what exactly is what with the thing. For example, the supplied booklet doesn’t even tell you that the stand where you place your cup can be lifted outward and off to enable it to be placed higher up for when your using smaller espresso size cups. Similarly there is no mention of the xl function in the booklet. Again you need to go to the downloadable instructions to work out what that does. Even then it’s not overly informative.

I love my new dolce gusto machine.

All good great coffee and good machine.

Arrived quickly, easy instructions for assembly and got started within 5 minutes. Quiet machine compared to others, would recommend this 100%.

Looks good & easy to use only criticism id have to make is the water tank is hard to fill, i need to fill a jug then fill the tank.

Had a dolce, switched to tassimo but so happy to return to dolce gusto. Only issue would be the tank should be bigger and easier to remove.

Great item i’ve got rid of my kettle now as makes tea too.

We have tried various capsule coffee systems over the last few years and have found that nestle dolce gusto suited us best for choice and easy availably of the capsules. We have used a krups manual model machine for the last couple of years and it worked well, made good coffee but needed careful monitoring to obtain the correct strength of coffee. De’longhi has been one of the main hardware manufactures for the dolce gusto system since it was launched around ten years ago and it is a brand we have previously purchased for traditional ground-coffee machines. This new de’longhi dolce gusto colors machine takes the guesswork and effort out of using the system and you simply need to set the machine to match the grade on the lid of the capsule – you can vary the strength of your individual drink by selecting a different setting either higher or lower. This model is intuitive to use and the user manual guides you through setup and use in a graphic sequence – there is a small funnel-like device which is only used during the initial cleaning session then during subsequent descalings – keep it safe as it is not immediately apparent from the illustrations what it’s purpose is. This model is named “ colors” as it is supplied with a selection of interchangeable coloured back panels – a bit of a novelty really but may match your bright modern kitchen décor. Dolce gusto machines vary in price from around forty pounds right up to a couple of hundred so this new model from de’longhi is somewhere in the middle. It is an easy model to use and i like the style and design; at around one hundred and ten pounds currently from amazon it represents decent value for the features offered. I have my dolce gusto cafe lungo capsules on subscribe & save from amazon so i never run out, and amazon also have many other varies available to vary your selection. This de’longhi dolce gusto colors machine is a good introduction this capsule system or it would make a good upgrade from a manual machine – recommended.

Bought as a present for my son and he loves it. Easy to use plus little extra bits as to changing the colours of the machine.

Though i don’t know if its the cartridges or the machine but they don’t always pierce.

Had a similar one died after 13 months. Small heater and pump are vulnerable if not descaled. Especially with the cafe au lait inteseo pod.

Very nice machine, easy to use & clean. The only down side is occasionally the pods burst spraying the coffee over the machine.

I like it thank you amazon vary cute machine.

It’s great love how easy it is to get great coffee. And the only gripe i have is that the water tank is too small. But it’s well worth the money.

Very good value for money everything in perfect working order even though the delivery driver threw it on my step.

I have had a dolce gusto machine for about 2 years so was very happy to try this one. I like the range of coffee pods. This machine is so easy to use and to keep clean. It is slim line and very chic. I have not managed to work out how to change the colour of the back but this doesn’t really sorry me as the machine is fantastic.

Bought for boyfriends birthday he loves it. Only thing is the amount of coffee you get is not quite enough considering the capsule prices. Great machine though and does tea also as i’m not keen on coffee.

Great little coffee machine, replaced my older dolce gusto puccini one. No problems with it at all, very easy to use & seems well built.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice quiet machine
  • Five Stars
  • Love it!

Works very well and the coffee is excellent.