Nescafé Dolce Gusto KP170840 Infinissima Coffee Pod Machine by Krups – Straightforward manual coffee pod machine

Easy to follow instructions and we had it set up and ready to use within 5 minutes. As flat white drinkers, we purchased the cafe au lait pods (30 pods for £7) which have a nice frothy consistency, a lot better than just adding milk to instant coffee. The machine is super easy to clean and having the option to make hot or cold coffees is useful for when we would prefer to have an iced latte at home.

Great machine brought it to replace my last gusto machine works perfectly and is quicker.

The instructions are printed on the top of the box’s inside flaps – before using the machine, first clean it by running cold water through it for a minute – then hot water for a minute. Now it’s ready to make coffee. This doesn’t come with any pods – so i ordered a bunch of ‘americano smooth morning’ dolce gusto pods to try out this stylish looking machine. I’m happy to say it makes a really great cup of coffee, complete with the ‘crema’ like a real barista made coffee. I’m also very pleased that the pods are not made of aluminium. Even the lid is not aluminium. It’s some kind of plastic foil – which i think is a lot healthier than aluminium (which is associated with alzheimers). The machine looks great and the coffee tastes great too – love ithighly recommended.

My husband and i have always wanted to try a coffee pod machine, being intrigued with the variety of pods that are available. So i was looking forward to reviewing this one from nescafe. First off this is a very modern looking machine elegant in its infinity symbol design. It is also fairly slim in design ado out won’t take up much room on a worktop or inside a cupboard. So, the first thing i had to do was in fact purchase some pods (no, this machine doesn’t come with any). I decided to go for nescafe dolce gusto coffee pods collection of 33 flavours (45 pods in all, some flavours repeated). Wow that should give me plenty of options. For the purpose of this review i tried the latte coffee (for me) and the cappuccino (for my husband). The dolce gusto infinissima is a very easy machine to use. You basically place your choice of mug of cup onto the stand, full the tank with water, add a capsule, switch on, move the lever to the right or left depending on whether you want hot or cold water.

Shame the water container is not bigger. But no complaints with the coffee.

This is a manual coffee machine in the sense that it requires human input to control the amount of water/milk going in the coffee. It doesn’t have a default setting, meaning that your coffee can be either too strong or too weak. I however see this as an advantage, as i personally like my coffee weak and i always had trouble with the nespresso machines for making it always too strong and had to give the latissima machine to charity for this reason – it was exasperating and i ended up drinking only instant coffees. The only thing i don’t like is the design. The machine has an odd, avian look about it with the water tank in full view. I think it’s too big and takes up an unreasonable amount of space on the worktop. In spite of this, i think i will keep this one, based on the taste of coffee alone, and at roughly 50p/pod, the coffee is not too expensive either.

The one thing that you can be guaranteed with a krups product is great design and quality. This is no exception, though i accept that design is a subjective matter. I think this looks really cool and contemporary, as well as a little quirky. It is quite narrow, so won’t take up too much space, but has nice, elegant lines. Although made from plastic, it feels high quality and has a deep black shine to it. In terms of function, it is pretty simple. The base can be adjusted for the height of your cup. Once up to temperature, you can control the quantity of water passed through the pod to your own personal taste. I enjoy a strong americano, and with a little practice i can produce a nice tasting cup of coffee with a pleasant crema on top. Whether this machine is you for will also be influenced by whether you like the dolce gusto system.

This is smart and sleek on my worktop and really easy to use. We love the fact that the dulce gusto range is so varied; so far we have tried cappuccino, hot chocolate and varied coffees – note no pods are included as a starter pack. All the pods have been good and it’s really quick to heat up and dispense manually with the lever. The height the mug or cup is at can be adjusted fairly easily between 3 height levels, another plus. One thing i’ve found less good is that on this model you have to work out how much water to run through the pods if using a two stage one like hot chocolate. I think a machine (which undoubtedly exists) which works this out for you might be more intuitive to use. We do get good results anyway. I’m a little uneasy about the waste of pods as i’m mindful it’s plastic. I may investigate reusable ones for this reason, even though at four pounds for 16 they are affordable ( half the quantity with hot chocolate as you use two pods). All in all a good choice if you want to have a nicer coffee with little faff.

I really like the nescafe dolce gusto. It has a sleek design that doesn’t take up much room, makes tasty coffee very quickly and is easy to operate. A bit bulky at the front, yet slim on its sides, the dolce gusto sits neatly on the kitchen counter. Operation is as simple as filling it with water, popping open the front and inserting a pod, and flicking the go switch. It doesn’t take long to heat up, and the water is warmed on the go resulting in a quick, hot, delicious coffee in no time at all. Though the dolce gusto isn’t as flash as some expensive models, it does come with a nice feature such as choosing whether you want a hot or cold drink. So if one of those ice coffees is your thing, this machine can do it. Unlike some machines, the dolce gusto does not automatically stop, making overflowing cups a possibility if you don’t keep an eye on it. Some people might be put off by this, but i actually treat it as an extra feature. Having control over how much water goes in allows you the option of choosing how strong or weak you want your coffee. Just be aware that should your coffee over fill your cup it will trickle through the cup holder onto the surface below, so you will have to shunt your machine aside to clean the surface below. So far me and my family have tried three different pods and have enjoyed all of them (mocha choca being my favourite). This machine has been well received by family and friends. It’s quick and no nonsense approach makes making coffee a delightful thing to do and we’re almost reluctant to go back to using coffee out of a jar.

Brilliant small form machine, good sized water tank on it also. Only downside, being manual you have to keep an eye on how much water is pumping through. On other machines, you can set it to the correct level as shown on the pod. So on occasion, may require some guesswork as to when to stop or when to change pods. This would only really be applicable to lattes etc which use a coffee pod then milk pod. Apart from that, its a brill machine that would look great in any kitchen.

Bottom line here is that this unit pertains to be a premium coffee experience, you’re paying a premium price, however, i wasn’t that impressed. I tried three different pods ‘grande’, ‘café au lait’ and ‘mocca’. Yeah, none of them really impressed taste-wise. The grande was the better tasting, a rich flavour, however one pod only equated to 200ml of coffee. This isn’t an ‘espresso’ this is a grande. And then you instantly turn around and throw the used pod into the bin. I was really rather disgusted at the cost, to drink, to taste, to final waste element in this product i really was.

Bought this to replace my old dulce gusto mini. I bought this one simply because it was cheaper. It looks great – a bit like a duck side on but it’s not as compact as the mini. Works well but the main reason i wish i’d just replaced my old one is that there are no portion settings on this. The pods have markers to show the settings you use to get the perfect proportion of coffee, milk etc but this model doesn’t have the settings. This is just odd as it’s the basis of using the pods correctly. It also doesn’t turn itself off so you have to hover. I was used to the mini with it’s settings and automatic turn off so this was a bit of an annoyance. Despite these negatives, it is a good coffee machine & it looks good but if you’ve got the money, spend a bit more & get the mini.

Old machine broke after many years service this new model is an ideal replacement. Elegant well made easy to use; back onto lattes.

I had the first one with round domeit broke so seen this one does not take up a lot of space east to use so perfect.

Why can’t all kitchen appliances be this easy. Simply unclip the reservoir, fill it up, replace it. Then withdraw the pod holder, putting the descaler insert somewhere for safe keeping, and (for cappuccino) insert your coffee pod, switch the unit on and push the start l;ever over (remembering to put your cup under the outlet) and almost instantly the coffee starts flowing, stop the action at the point when you need to add milk, and swap pod a for pod b; repeat the dispensing cycle until your cup is full. So simple, the coffee is beautifully hot, tastes lovely, is very very quick – and costs a fraction of coffee shop prices. The pods are also available in lots of flavours, so it’s easy to experiment. Because it’s so quick, you can do multiple cups for a coffee morning without missing the chat. Very very highly recommended.

So happy with my amazon delivery, again delivered to my door, super quick. The coffee machine is easy to operate & clean & produces delicious coffee. It also has a fab modern design. This is my first time purchase of a coffee machine. My only criticism is the guess work in how much water to add for each different blend, which will probably get easier with time.

Having used the nespresso machine and seeing these around a few times and especially noticing that a lot of their coffee pods come in cheaper than the nespresso i had always wanted to try one out. Well this is just as easy to use and unlike some nespresso machines i have used in the past the coffee from this is always piping hot. Its a nice modern shape and is actually not quite as bulky as some of the nespresso machines too which is a nice plus. All in all i have to say this is a cracking little machine and i am very happy with it.

This machine , lost value as it can be purchased from b&m for a fraction of the price. The machine is great but buying from amazon is quite costly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good but not as good as the Mini
  • Good value, but rattly lid.
  • Can get the product much cheaper

Makes a range of decent tasting coffee. Not sure that the shape adds anything to it to be honest, despite the fact that much is made of the design. It’s slender, which means it will fit neatly on a work surface. Disappointing that for a hundred quid coffee machine you don’t get even one or two coffee pods in with it though.

Although i don’t own any, i’ve encountered coffee pod machines before (e. At work) and was a little confused that there are at least 3 different types of pod out there which are all incompatible with each other. This machine requires the ‘dolce gusto’ type; rather disappointingly you don’t even get a single pod included to try it out of the box. The machine itself is pretty striking with the red-accents-on-black and the ‘floating infinity symbol’ design. If you really care about such things, it’s a good-looking addition to your kitchen. The footprint is ‘deep and tall’, but it’s narrow and thus doesn’t really take up a huge amount of space – it’s only slightly wider than a coffee mug. You fill the tank – which feels uncomfortably flimsy; if you’re clumsy you could crush or crack it with just one hand – press the power button, add a pod, and when it’s green, you flip the lever on top to dispense either hot or room-temperature water. The ‘cold’ setting merely doesn’t heat the water; it doesn’t actively chill it either.

A small and compact machine, which is easy to use. The original price point (£100) was very off-putting but now at less than £50, it’s more appealing for a basic coffee machine. The coffee tastes good in my opinion, however, others have reported that it tastes too week so i guess it’s down to the individual.

This nescafé dolce gusto kp170840 infinissima coffee pod machine by krups really looks the part and the design/appearance is quite stunning in my opinion. The footprint is relatively small and the machine sits neatly in our kitchen taking pride of place. The process of operation is so simple. It’s just a matter of opening the front and inserting the desired pod, after first filling the machine with water. Then simply turn on the power switch. It takes seconds to make a coffee, and the option of hot/cold drinks is a welcome addition. This is the first machine of this type that i have owned and to say that i am impressed is an understatement. Having used it for quite a while now the only criticism, and that is minor, is that perhaps the machine is a little noisy during operation. That said i highly recommend this coffee machine.

It’s a nespresso machine, so it’s fundamental function and performance is arguably tied up in the little aluminium or plastic (if you go for ‘compatible’ brands) coffee pods. Nespresso machines, with pods to your taste, make good, strong, tasty coffee – so that’s a tick. Taste in design is subjective, but for me the lanky design of this one isn’t exactly my cup of tea or coffee – it’s fine, but it’s still very plastic not something i’d pay a premium for, which brings me onto the price point. This is one of the more expensive espresso nespresso machines (i. Without a milk steaming function for lattes etc), and you can get similar nespresso compatible functionality for less – so, for me, it depends on how much you like the design. Finally, on ease of cleaning, again it’s all in the pod – nespresso machines are super-easy to clean and look after. I’ve still got my original machine 9 years on – and that’s in london (hard water), with regular use, and having never descaled. One final thing – the bad, bad, bad thing about nespresso is the environmental impact of the pods. The aluminium ‘official’ pods can’t be easily recycled and plastic pods aren’t much better (you have to scoop the coffee out first), but there are now biodegradable pods – i. You can stick em’ straight into your compost – try the eden project nespresso pods – available on amazon.

I am really pleased with this coffee machine. Firstly it looks lovely – very sleek and stylish. Has quite a big footprint but not too big. You just fill up the reservoir with water, add the pod and off you go. You can buy a good range of coffee pods and every one i have tried is really nice. Although more expensive than other types of coffee it is cheaper than coffee shops and much quicker.

Great machine, fits in a corner spot perfectly.

We love coffee and use a filter coffee maker daily but have never tried a machine such as this one. It looks very elegant – slim-line and unobtrusive which is good as it really needs to be out on the work surface permanently. However i do not like the red flex – would much prefer this to be black. The base can be move to suit cups of differing heights – a nice idea. We did not find the instructions particularly helpful – pictures only, no words as they are obviously meant for the international market. Do you put in just the right amount of water for one cup or just guess when is the right time to switch off?having said that the actual coffee was very good. The coffee was pumped through very quickly. The espresso pods give a really intense flavour and the coffee is satisfyingly hot. We like cappuccino coffee but on investigating the capsules they come as whole milk with added sugar. So we will use the coffee and add milk from our electric frother.

Krups – nescafé dolce gusto infinissima coffee pod machine – blackthis is a shiny black and red coffee pod machine in a distinctive infinity symbol design that produces good hot coffee – and also cold coffee if you prefer an iced coffee. It is definitely designed to be displayed on your counter top so you can see the infinity design and see-through water chamber, but will slide into a space 15cm wide if your kitchen is smaller. Please note there are no coffee pods included. === things i like about this product ===* also makes cold coffee, if like me you’re a fan of iced coffee* large water tank (1. 2l) so you don’t need to keep refilling if making several cups* the 15 bar pump pressure is enough to get some nice froth and creme (with the appropriate pods)* easy to clean (most of the coffee grounds stay in the pod, so the machine stays pretty clean)* just 15cm wide, so will slide into a little space if you don’t want to keep it out on display* can take big mugs or little cups underneath due to the adjustable base with its 3 height levels* produces coffee really quickly, so no waiting around* produces nice hot coffee=== niggles ===* red electrical lead. Far better to have a neutral one rather than one that stands out so much – there are going to be few people whose kitchen theme is red and black after all* doesn’t come supplied with any coffee pods at all, so make sure to stick up in advance if you’re buying these for yourself or as a gift so you can get going straight away rather than having to go out to th shops first* no written instructions, just pictorial ones, which can leave you scratching your head about how to use the different types of pods unless there are instructions in the pod box itself (and there may not be on non-nescafé brands)* no instructions on how much water is recommended to use with each pod, so it’s trial and error* generates plastic waste (pods cannot be recycled)* it’s a bit fiddly getting the coffee grounds out of the used pods and into the food waste container* the cost of the pods does add up (though there are different varieties and reusable options)for sale at the time of writing this review at £99.

This is a superbly designed coffee pod machine, which has an almost sculptural look to it. It would really look the part in a modern kitchen. There is much to likethe design. The infinity symbolthe plug, with the distinctive symbolthe red power cablemakes good hot coffeewill also cold brewit is narrow and has a small footprintthe large water tank means it needs filling less oftentakes a wide range of cup/mug sizes (heights)15 bar gives a good pressure, and cremahowever there are some other considerationswhen compared with other coffee systems (nespresso) then quite a few differences come to lightcoffee is a matter of taste, and with nespresso you get a sample of different pods to see which ones you like. You have to guess how long to keep the machine running, which means you can get a longer or shorter drink, but with nespresso the machine gives a measured dose of water. There is no denying this is a smart, good looking machine. However, there are other systems, and in my humble opinion nespresso has the edge with regard to the quality of the drink, and also recycling.

Got the coffee machine for my wife in the sale for a christmas present, love it and use it everyday.

I think i got this at a good price, so i’m happy. My only criticism is that the lid for the water container is very light and has nothing to hold it down. When the pump is running, the lid creates a noisy rattle. Could have done with a silicone layer there.