NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Piccolo Manual Coffee Machine by Krups – : Brilliant

The nescafe dolce gusto was purchased after struggling with a different coffee maker. I was really surprised how quick the machine was. It was almost as simple as making instant coffeethe best bit for me apart from the great tasting coffee is the ease of cleaning. You just empty the pod holder and rinse any overspill out although usually there is no splillage any drips are collected in the drip tray. It really is simple you just fill with water switch on put in your pod and follow the instructions and hey presto a great latte, or cappucchino, or whatever pod you select. Its in constant use now no more instant coffee for us.

Not sure what the difference is between the new de’longhi machines and the old krups but i chose this as i know other people with krups machines and know that they are reliable. Have been using this a lot and had no problems whatsoever. Only downside is the small size of the tank, holds just enough for two drinks. Its not really a problem as i prefer using fresher water each time anyway so refilling it isn’t an issue.

I love this machine even though it’s the cheaper manual version i think it’s simple and fab. The pods can be a little expensive especially as some require 2 but having tried a few drinks there are a few that only require 1 and are still creamy, for example the cafe au lait. I get great tasting coffee every time and it’s so dinky and modern, it’s not one of the expensive ones so if you want one that is automatic and calculates it for you maybe this isn’t the one for you. But personally i love the manual one as i can control how strong or weak i want it and it’s nice and simple.

A well made a good looking piece of kitchen equipment. Very time consuming compared with putting a spoon full of coffee granules in a cupand pouring on hot water. It does work and it does make a nice cup of coffee, but not as hot as i would like it.

I received this wonderful compact coffee machine as a surprise birthday present. Wow what more can i say i love it. Its so easy to set up & use with minimal hassle or mess would definately recommend. Product tastes very good too which is often the let down.

I bought this for my mum who hates any scuttering with things, this machine is perfect for her, its so easy to use and no mess at the end. I have now went and bought one for myself as the coffee’s are amazing with a huge variety too. This item came perfectly packaged with absolutly nothing wrong with it.

I bought this coffee machine for my husband as a birthday present and he loves it. We have tried the lungo pods and we have subscribed to the americano pods through amazon so we will get 48 pods delivered every month. We have tried the cappuccino and the mocha drinks which are nice but are not as good value as you only get 8 drinks rather than 16 drinks. It is a nice treat to have on our days off as it is nice tasting, good quality coffee. The machine is easy to use and the compact size is perfect for smaller kitchens where worktop space is limited. Overall pleased with our purchase.

I like this little coffee machine. It makes decent coffee and there is a big variety of coffee pods avialable, just remember to check if they cointain sugar or not (most do, unless it’s specified on the box) in case you take your coffee without sugar. The hot chocolate is yummy :).

  • Works great
  • Wonderful
  • Great coffee machine

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Piccolo Manual Coffee Machine by Krups – Black

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This is a great product and if you want a smaller model this is the one for you. Very easy to use and excellent coffee, chocolate etc. The iced cappuccino is very nice. I would highly recommend this to anyone for value and ease of use.

I had been looking out for a coffee machine for some time, when i was at my daughters, and she had one. I was impressed with her machine that i purchased a similar one, same make of course. I have recommended it to friends, so it is in their court to do as they may.

This was purchased as a gift. My parents wanted a pod coffee machine, after doing some research i decided that this one would cover their needs. It is easy to use, looks smart and has a selection of different pods available to be used. They were very happy with the machine.

Was recommended machine and was tempted with special deal. Is easy to use and very pleased, capsules can be expensive but a lot cheaper then going out for coffee. One thing i would say that is that i would have liked to have had a sample of all the different capsules on offer with the machine instead of the very small sample sent with the machine.

Great fun great coffeesave the pots put normal coffee in and it froths it too, look for decent instant coffeethat you like , and use it you wont beat it for speed about 30seconds for a cup of coffee.

I purchased this machine after a friend gave me an amazon gift card. As i am the only one in the house that drinks coffee, the size of this machine suited me. I am very happy with my purchase. The coffee is always hot and delicious.My favorite is the americano. I don’t like the coffees with milk, but my children love the choccocino. Great product, and much cheaper that a coffee at a coffee shop.

This is to replace exactly the same model i have had for years. This time got to chose colour.

What a fab machine, i am so happy with my purchase, wish i had brought one sooner. There are lots of coffee to try, but living here in tenerife it is a bit difficult to get the coffee’s but the cafe con leche is really very good, we love it. You can order on e-bay the mixed bags of coffee pods at a good price.

  • Works great
  • Wonderful
  • Great coffee machine

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Piccolo Manual Coffee Machine by Krups – Black

The pods are easy to find in the shops and the coffee tastes good. Quick to use and you can get 2 cups, just, out of one fill of the reservoir. But enough for most people and doesn’t take up too much room on the worktop.

Ever since i worked in a cafe bar serving cappuccino i have wanted my own coffee machine without spending thousands or even hundreds of pounds. This is the business, as it makes superb coffee ( ive only tried latte machiano so far), with a frothy head really easily. Takes 1 minute to make perfect coffee every time. You dont need to take it apart to clean , other than the drip tray and the capsule holder that needs a rinse from time to time. It cost me £60 quid so im delighted. Only drawback is the pods or capsules you need to buy are quite expensive, around £3. 80 for a box that does 8 cups of latte.

No need to froth milk, all done for you in this simple machine. Sits neatly in corner of kitchen. Anytime i want coffee, takes 2 mins and it’s done. Brother so impressed, sister-in-law bought him one for his birthday.

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