Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother – Complete Standalone Unit : Big foam

I’d swear they were designed to stop working after a while. It looks the same as all the others so presumably it will burn the milk underneath the frother ring (just as all the previous ones did) and be very difficult to clean.

I brought this for my husband for christmas. We av tried it with normal milk and double cream.

But as with most people the burnt milk slowly builds up over time so the machine loses it’s efficiency and eventually stops working. Mine has now broken after about 2 years. I won’t replace this item as i believe there is a design flaw as it’s virtually impossible to prevent burnt milk from building up, no matter how careful you are.

Bottom line: i’m pleased with it but with some disappointment. Looks good in the kitchen next to other black/silver coffee-relatd equipment. Works well: heated, frothed milk is perfect – the foam is like ice cream. Clever design: the interchangeable spinners (one to froth, one to stir) are easy to switch due the magnetic spigot at the base of the container, and easy to store using the integral storage pod. Doesn’t do enough for even one large latte (i. A large nespresso recipe glass). So, fine if your just making a small-medium luxury coffee for yourself, or heating milk (without frothing) for a single large hot milk drink, but e. Making a number of lattes after a dinner party is going to take a lot of refilling and re-heating.

We bought this to replace the one that came with our nespresso machine which has always been prone to overheating and milk burning on to the base. I’m pleased to report that this seems to be a great improvement and works very well. One point to clarify is that the listing (and other reviews) stated that it doesn’t come with a base, but the one we received did. However it works fine on our nespresso machine base so we’ve put the base away for future use.

Tried for years to get good frothy milk for my coffee. Pair it with a nespresso coffee maker and you need never go to a cafe again.

If you really want foam, this is for you. Almost too much for me, hence the 4 rather than 5 stars. But works really well and heats the milk up nicely.

I’m happy with this product , i take it to work , and even if froffy , it warms the milk for my cereal. And nice froffy warm milk for my coffee.

  • An improvement on previous versions!
  • Big foam
  • Five Stars

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother Black – Complete Standalone Unit

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I purchased this for christmas as my mother cant quite handle the steamer arm on her current nespresso machine. We have tried every type of milk, and none of them froth up. But i called nespresso and heres the catch – irish milk is produced differently to that in the uk, and during the winter months, there is an issue with the milk foaming in this machine, so they recommend using semi-skimmed that is as cold and fresh as possible, but it does work with light soya milk. Which only my veggie sister really uses. So dont bother with it if you live in the rep. Of ireland, our milk may be better, but it aint processed enough for this.

Excellent product that looks great. Currently ¬£50 direct from nespresso so watch the price. Always rinse it after use and don’t let milk residues build up if you want to avoid burn marks inside like i almost did with my aeroccino plus. Latest version only has a single whisk which you have to take off part of if you want to just heat the milk and not froth it – fiddly hence 4 instead of 5 stars.

Certainly takes a cup of coffee to another level, in love with my purchase. Have yet to try out the cold milk options but looking forward to trying that out too.

I love this gadget frothy milk in no time.

I had a nespresso coffee machine but not the milk heater/frother. When you prefer capuccino/latte, the milk makes all the differencethe product arrived within 2 days – much faster than promised.

I received mine as part of a u package in april 2013. All was well until a non nonstick scourer was used on the inside by memilk burnt straight away and i couldn’t remove it. I rang nespresso, they agreed to replace it free of charge and to pick up the damaged one. The guy did say that if you repeatedly scour them they won’t keep replacing and that seems fair enough. After the last use for the day, pop a single drop ofwashing up liquid in it, fill to lower line with cold water and turn it on with latte whisk inside, this removes all milk proteins etc. Nb only use sigle drop or it will overflow with bubbles. Nespresso staff gave me this tip.

Produces perfect frothy milk. Expensive but worth every penny.

Lovely frothy milk, well worth the price.

  • An improvement on previous versions!
  • Big foam
  • Five Stars

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother Black – Complete Standalone Unit

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