NESPRESSO Citiz Limousine Coffee Machine : One of the best things I have ever bought

Bought this machine, after seeing friend with one, superb in every way, easy to use, easy to clean, quick to heat up, just love it. Bought another one to take abroad to holiday home, first class product.

Bought this for my husbands birthday after agonising over which was the best machine on the market and speaking to loads of coffee loving friends about it. It’s really convenient, quick to use, self cleaning and the coffee is great.

Well where to start, amazing coffee, great looking machine and easy to clean and use.

After glowing reports by my neighbour about her magimix (the smaller version), i looked into a few models and felt this was the best for my needs. I prefer a ‘cafe lungo’ and this machine can accommodate a larger cup and allows for easy adjustment of the volume level. Ordering capsules is easy and making a delicious cup of coffee is childsplay. There is minimum cleaning involved and the machine sits neatly on the worksurface.

First class machine used at least twice a day have tried all the capsules and like them all very good.

A wonderful machine with a small footprint and attractive design that makes perfect espressos without the laborious loading and cleaning required by traditional espresso machines. The nespresso capsules have a wide variety of superb coffee types to make both espressos and lungos. For me the lack of the milk attachment found on some nespresso machines is no drawback as i just warm the cup and the milk in the microwave before dispensing the coffee. The machine’s simplicity and clean operation mean that, in less than a month, i have already enjoyed many more espressos than i managed over a year with my previous coffee maker.

Several of our friends already had this machine and were all saying how good both it and the nespresso coffee were, so we able to try the coffee before we splashed out the money on the machine and knew it was what we likedwe looked at the machine with the milk frother built in but thought it took too much counter space when we use milk only rarely for visitors. We therefore bought the coffee only machine. We have since bought an aeroccino milk frother, directly from nespresso, which has a handle to make pouring easier and can be stored in a cupboard when not needed.

Great machine little louder then other one i have.

  • Lovely looking machine producing great taste

  • Fantastic machine with fantastic coffee as a result!

  • Love it!

Nespresso Citiz Limousine Coffee Machine, Black by Magimix

Colour:Limousine Black
Product Description, The innovative Nespresso capsules contain the perfect amount of freshly roasted ground coffee. The capsule insertion and automatic ejection of used capsule is ergonomically designed. The programmable water quantity allows for small or large cups as does the sliding cup support. The thermoblock ensures quick and efficient water heating.

Box Contains, 1 x Coffee machine1 x Set of Nespresso capsules1 x Nespresso welcome pack

From the manufacturer

Award-winning compact design

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the CitiZ coffee machine easily fits in the smallest urban kitchens. Its elegant, innovative and user-friendly design won the Red Dot Design Award.

Espresso, lungo and more

The two automatic buttons for espresso and lungo can be reprogrammed to customised volumes and are backlit for ease of use. Thanks to the adaptable and folding drip tray the CitiZ coffee maker is also ideal for taller recipe cups.

High pressure pump and optimal heat control system

The 19 bar high-performance pump offers barista-style coffee every time, optimally extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The optimal heat control system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

Energy saving

The automatic energy saving function turns the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity (this period may be extended from 9 to 30 minutes) making your life easier and consuming 60% less energy than a model rated as “A” according to FEA / CECED labelling.

Instant enjoyment

Each machine includes a welcome set with 16 capsules. Try each Grand Cru to find your favourites.

Nespresso capsule system

The Nespresso capsule system delivers exceptional taste and aromas thanks to the preparation of high-quality coffees in hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminium capsules for coffee enjoyment at the highest level.

The Nespresso Club

The Nespresso Club is always there for you; online, by telephone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or in one of their Boutiques. Order your Nespresso capsules, receive personalised advice, and obtain technical support for your machine: whatever you are seeking, the Nespresso Club is with you every step of the way.

They also offer a capsule recycling service to all Club members in mainland UK and ROI.

The Positive Cup

They believe that each cup of Nespresso has the potential to not only deliver a moment of pleasure but also restore, replenish and revive environmental and human resources. In effect, a cup of coffee that can create a greater value for society and the environment.

This is the Positive Cup vision and continues Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 13 x 27.8 x 37.2 cm
  • Water tank capacity: 1 L
  • Container capacity: 9-11 used capsules
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Dimensions of the box (WxHxD): 18.9 x 34.3 x 43.2 cm
  • Power: 1260 W
  • Pump pressure: 19 bar
  • Cable length: 1.10 m
  • Cup warmer: No
  • Removable water tank: Yes
  • Power save mode: Yes

Nespresso CitiZ by Magimix

Created to please both Nespresso coffee drinkers and lovers of modern design, CitiZ represents the union of functionality and inspiration from both retro and modern design. The intuitive and user-friendly CitiZ machine embodies the expertise of Nespresso to suit all coffee-drinking preferences.

Box Contents:

  • Nespresso CitiZ machine
  • Welcome pack containing 16 Nespresso Grands Crus capsules
  • Instruction booklet
  • Information folder

U Inissia Pixie Citiz
Pump pressure 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar
Empty water tank detection
Fast 25″ heat-up
Programmable, one-touch buttons Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo
Movable drip tray for large cups Magnetic cup stand Foldable drip tray Foldable drip tray Foldable drip tray
Energy consumption class A-60% A A-40% A-40%
Automatic power off
Water tank capacity 0.8L 0.7L 0.7L 0.9L
Dimensions (WxHxD) 11.5 x 25.1 x 36.9cm 12 x 23 x 32cm 11.1 x 23.5 x 32.6cm 13 x 27.7 x 37.2cm
Special features Modular design with magnetic cup stand and movable water tank – Automatic brewing by closing the capsule slider – Automatic capsule ejection Light machine – Wide range of fashionable colours Avant-garde design – Compact size – Premium aluminium side panels Retro-modern design

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Was never a fan of instant coffee capsules until my ex partner bropught one of these machines into the house. Unfortunately the machine has now left the house, and when looking for a replacement, i could not find one that looked as good as this – neat, slimline and very easy to use – so have gone for exactly the same model again.

Smart looking machine, came with a sample of capsules and a winter offer of a gift card which you register for , it came quite quickly. It needs a bit of perfecting to get the water hot. Think it will be used a fair bit once i have found my favorite coffee.

One of the best things i have ever bought. Have used it every day for past 7 years and love it.

I originally bought a magimix nespresso machine from amazon which was damaged so had to be returned. Subsequently bought another and love it but am not at all impressed with the nespresso company. I bought the machine when the offer of free coffee was on, did all i was supposed to do and sent the claim form off. Not hearing from nespresso, i enquired, only to be told they had no record of my application and since the deadline for applications had passed, they could not honour the offer. After several e-mails, they still were unwilling to budge and refused to offer anything but wished me a pleasant day, several times. I am not impressed with their customer service and feel that they have the advantage at the moment as it is not possible to buy the pods anywhere else. Until the coffee becomes available elsewhere and you can give your custom to another company, i would reccomend you hold off buying a machine.

Love itit makes the best coffee everytime and is so simple to keep clean. I had mine over a year and bought this one for a family member. They now love theirs too(hint, before using the capsules, prime the water to help heat the unit and the cup)recommended.

The nespresso system creates the best coffee i have tasted in over 30 years of coffee drinking. On top of that this particular machine is both stylish and practical – easy to use and clean, looks classy on the kitchen worktop, and takes up so little space. All this plus top quality coffee available at the touch of a button; great flavour and a lovely crema from the 19 bar pressure. Although coffee capsules have to be purchased by mail order via the nespresso club website, i have found the site easy to use, and delivery very quick and reliable. Not a budget option, but very cheap compared to coffee from retail outlets, and worth every penny in my opinion. 5 stars if possible, only because there are no easy arrangements for recycling the used capsules, but it’s the coffee that counts at the end of the day. Or at the start, or mid morning, or lunchtime etctop marks to amazon, as usual, for price, service and speed of delivery. Time for a coffee now i think.

The design is very sleek and compact without compromising on the size of the water tank. My only complaint is that the pods are not easy to position and between 25% and 30% of the time they don’t engage correctly and the machine fails to dispense coffee. There then ensues the fiddly business of opening up the drawer and to seek out and retrieve the pod that hasn’t been used and to attempt to put it back into the machine. The coffee itself is wonderful – perfect flavours and at the perfect temperature.

The nespresso citiz helps you make really excellent coffee. It is simple and quick to use and requires on the switch of a button.

  • Lovely looking machine producing great taste

  • Fantastic machine with fantastic coffee as a result!

  • Love it!

Nespresso Citiz Limousine Coffee Machine, Black by Magimix

I like the fact that you can set the cup sizes to suit your mugs too. Compact size and looks ace in my slightly retro kitchen. I don’t know anything about coffee but the tasting notes are useful and the ones i’ve tried have been good.

This makes fantastic expresso – better than that in 95% of cafes and restaurants. Ok, the pods are expensive (about 30 to 35p a time), but that is a fraction of what you pay in cafes.

Omg life just got a little bit better. My wife and i are addicted now. Machine works great, so quick, coffees are really tasty, easily to starbucks/costa etc standard if not better. She has her espressos, i drink with warm milk lungo. Coffees also come very quickly direct from nespresso.

Took a little time to set up but overall very easy yo use. Perfect coffee every time, nice selection supplied. Would recommend to coffee lovers. Large selection of coffee to buy online. The free voucher was a bonus. Very pleased with my purchase.

I’ve tried a few different types of coffee machines in recent years but this is by far the best. Such great quality coffee, with a really good mix of options. The machine itself is ready in around 20 seconds, so it doesn’t involve the long wait some people expect of a machine like this. It also looks great in the kitchen as an added bonus.

After trying 2 krups u machines – both of which developed faults within a week of purchase – i had just about given up on nespresso, however eventually they enticed me with an offer of free pods to try a citiz, so i bought this one by magimix. Here are the plus points:* it dispenses the correct quantity* tall mugs will fit with drip tray in place – just flip theespresso shelf up out of the way. * the pods are ejected manually so you can extract a little more from them if you wish. * the water holder is much bigger. Its a simpler machine than the u and does a better job too.

I bought this for my dad as he had admired my own citiz machine (i have the black version). Nespresso coffee is very good, though be warned you can only buy the refills in harrods, london, or brown thomas, dublin or on-line (with a minimum buy requirement which is annoying). My own nespresso citiz is fab but the 2 different buttons on dads dont seem to work properly- they both produce the smaller espresso size. As dad couldn’t be bothered to send it back, he just presses the button twice to get extra water if he wants a lungo (the longer coffee)looks really smart sat in the kitchen, is my favourite design of all the nespresso options- all 3 colours are great though i like the black best.

An excellent birthday present for my son. Absolutely no mess after making your cup of coffee, an amazing taste, what more could you want.

Really fresh tasting coffee at hand, so easy to use. But one, if you love the taste and smell of fresh coffee.

So easy to use and looks good.

Very happy with the machine. It makes great coffee faster than boiling a kettle. Only downside is the time taken by nespresso to send free gift voucher.

I had a nespesso magimix machine for about 6 years and have absolutely loved it. I love nice coffee and enjoy treating friends and visitors with a great cup of coffee at anytime. I live in a very hard water area and although i use a water jug and de-scaled my machine did get worn out and i was gutted. I was completely lost without it and went to find a replacement quickly. The prices had come down since my last purchase quite considerably and a repair would have cost nearly the same as a new one so i looked around for my replacement. Some machines were cheaper and others coffee cheaper but nothing matched up to the standard i’d been used to. My previous coffee machine had a milk tube which you had to switch the machine to milk/steam mode to use and i found it easier to warm the milk in the microwave rather than use the machine (it also made the milk hotter). After searching i decided to stick with nespresso as i love their coffee and have always found their customer service excellent. Their website is easy to use and ordering straight forward and very quick. I opted for the citiz magimix m190 this time without the milk heater (again read the reviews and the comments about difficulty in cleaning) and found it was perfect.

Having had one of these gifted to me 2 years ago, i had no hesitation in purchasing one as a present. The machine arrived ahead of schedhule and at just under £100 it beat the cost of where i could buy it elsewhere. The great thing abvout this machine is how simple and quick it is to use and how easy it is to clean. You will also find that nespresso customer sevice is second to none, ordering capsules and general enquiries are handled with superb efficiency.

I got this for my son for christmas and he loves it. It makes a great espresso or long black very quickly and easily. He also enjoys having a variety of different types of coffee available. The machine takes up a minimum amount of kitchen counter space and looks great.

I brought this machine as a replacement for my old citiz which was just over 3 years old. Nespresso really look after you and care give great customer service. Will definitely be buying another one when this one dies hopefully not for a long time yet though. I have noticed that they have made some improvements with the machine where my old one went wrong so hopefully this one will last a bit longer. My only wish is that the capsules were available in some high street stores but having said that they do arrive quickly so have just got to plan ahead. A good friend of mine has a different coffee machine to nespresso her capsules are available on the high street but i have to say the coffee isn’t as good and it uses long life milk it taste a bit artificial to me. The coffee in this taste just as good as the coffee houses in the high street and in some cases better you can also get a fanastic frother for it too.

Sent as a present and a success.

Slim machine does not take up much space on the kitchen work top, which is important for me as i have a small kitchen. Excellent coffee, i have not found one yet that i don’t like. No fuss, no mess just good coffee perfectly made every time. Machine is quick and simple to clean. I also have a dualit milk warmer and frother which makes excellent capuccinos and lattes but i generally have my coffee black so the milk machine stays in the cupboard until guests visit. The only disadvantage i find is that i can’t get the coffee from the local supermarket however, the website is easy to use and purchasing the coffee capsules online is quick and simple.

I love my new coffee machine and use organic coffee capsultes with it from cru which taste delicious. Doesn’t take up too much space in my small kitchen. Goes very well with my black/chrome dualit kettle. I use it for espresso (press the button twice and you get a whole espresso cup, less trong). Or i use a small coffee cup and press the ‘big cup’ button twice. It’s great to have the flexibility of changing the intensitiy of your drink that way.

Features and Spesification

  • Automatic and programmable water quantity for small and large cups
  • Innovative Nespresso capsules
  • Compact brewing unit
  • Sliding cup support
  • Thermoblock instant water heating system